No cash for last rites, body taken to bank拿不出现金举行最后的仪式,遗体被送往银行NOIDA: A 62-year-old woman who died on Monday afternoon was yet to be cremated t

No cash for last rites, body taken to bank


NOIDA: A 62-year-old woman who died on Monday afternoon was yet to be cremated till Tuesday evening as her family members had no cash to perform the last rites. They alleged that the bank they went to refused to give them money saying they have no cash.


The family members of the woman, Phoolmati Devi, then protested with her body in front of the bank. Later on Tuesday, the bank delivered the money but the family could not perform the last rites in the evening owing to religious belief. The family members of the dead woman said they had low balance in their account, and visited the bank on Monday and Tuesday but returned empty-handed.



Phoolmati Devi lived with her family members in Sector 9. Her husband, Munnilal, is a vegetable seller and son, Yamuna Prasad, works as a tailor. The family had shifted to Noida five years ago from Basti.


Prasad said he had Rs 16,000 in his account but was unable to withdraw the money. “We had no cash in hand. We did not know how to perform the cremation. This was a complete failure of the system,” Prasad said. The family members started protesting at the spot demanding immediate withdrawal of money.



On being informed, the police reached the spot and Dilip Singh Bisht, sub-inspector in charge of the Jhundpura police post, gave Rs 2,000 of his own accord to the family for the cremation. As the news spread, a local politician also reached the spot and offered Rs 10,000 to the family. However the family members persisted in their demand for permission to withdraw their own money.

获悉后,警方抵达现场, 副督察迪利普拿出2000卢比。消息进一步传开,当地一位政客也过来拿出1万卢比给这家人。然而,这家人坚持要求取出自己的钱。

A team of police officers intervened and spoke to the bank’s branch manager, Shishupal, who said the bank had no cash available on Tuesday. “The relatives of the dead woman came for cash withdrawal in the morning. Since we had no cash, we could not give it to them. In the afternoon, we managed to give them Rs 15,000 from their account,” he said.


Prasad said it was too late when the family finally received the money. “They gave money in the afternoon. For cremation we need to buy wood and other items. We cannot perform the cremation after sunset. We will perform the last rites on Wednesday morning,” he said.



District magistrate N P Singh said he has ordered an inquiry into the matter. “If the bank officials deliberately refused cash withdrawal, we will take action,” he said.




NoMo NaMo
We will neither let you (the common man) live peacefully nor let you die peacefully – Thank You Mr. PM
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Ujwala Prajapati




Mir Ali

A very unfortunate incident. They did not have to go through this in this grief stricken time for the family.
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Prem Pujari
Modi ji had said the last rites can be performed by old notes. What is the problem. Why not the last rites done. I am against this. The demonetization is good but where are the arrangements by the govt. Even they don”t know how much notes are required take care of this huge nation. Very pathetic arrangements which has troubled the people too much.
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Mohit Dhamija

Mr. PM, u needed to plan first then implementation of the same.. This is wat our country lacks.. Hire a person like me, and I’ll show you, how things get done… Our country needs a smart, young and educated leader.. Not that am trying to insult PM, but it’s not just the way..
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Chingakham Dina
Good decision to curve corruption by Modi but very bad management. No formal instructions to bank/financial institution as it sounds. Confusion everywhere and things will U-turn only when extreme torturous and confusion happens. Govt needs more homework/groundwork.
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Sanat Limaye

It”s going to take several mnths to replace all notes. Disgusting ! Modiji see if currency notes can be imported as face saver.
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Sandhya Nair
The money needed for last rites would have been a small amount. Unbelievable that the bank did not have cash.
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Vasi krish
They should have buried or cremate the body infront of the bank ..
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Sanjay tomatosauce
incredible India
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Tere NaamKaKuttaPalu

Looks like family politicizing the incident.
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Subhash Chandra Choudhary

This act of banker is not perfect. They should watch the situation and deal the issue.
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Anamika Tarjani
Looks like the family had no good relations with anyone who can give some money for last rites.
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Using a dead body of family to protest!? Wow. That”s a new level of low. Last rites are done so that the decesaed finds peace. What peace is the deceased getting when this family is using her as a puppet in their show. So disgusting.
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Wall Paper

When will govt wake up??
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Korpal Sp
This just can’t happen in India . TOI should refrain from Publishing bull shit. I am sure Indian people would have pooled cash for the last rites. Please dig deep and then publish news. don’t be in information. business TOI. it’s quite unbecoming of a reputed Publication like TOI.
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shame that these people could have make payment through credit card or paytm to crematorium. Unnecessary blaming modiji will not help.





This sounds so very filmy. I cannot believe this to be genuine news.



Vishwa Kumar
Very sad and unfortunate incident, Banks should have helped the family early



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