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巴基斯坦网友评论:超过35个国家参加“和平17”海军演习 [巴基斯坦媒体]

五毛网 印度 2017年02月12日 来源:五毛网


International naval exercise 'Aman-17' will be conducted in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Karachi from February 10-14, with more than 35 countries participating in the event, according to China.org.cn.




Themed 'Together for peace', the 'Aman 17' naval exercise has helped clear the Arabian Sea of pirates, Commander Pakistan Fleets Vice Admiral Syed Arifullah Hussaini told a press conference in Karachi.

主题为“共创和平”和和平17海军演习有助于打击阿拉伯海上的海盗势力,巴 基斯坦舰队指挥赛义德·阿法拉·侯赛因在卡拉奇的新闻发布会上说。

"These exercises help the participating countries come together and further their relations," he added.


The joint exercise will be conducted by navies from 12 countries including Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Maldives, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States while envoys from 31 countries will observe the exercises.


The exercise will feature harbour and sea phases, during which participants will witness a variety of drills, where participants will witness a variety of exercises, including search and rescue operations, gunnery drills, anti-piracy demonstrations, replenishment at sea and maritime counter-terrorism demonstrations.


'Aman-17' will include ships, aircraft, helicopters, Special Operations Forces (SOF), Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD), marines and observers from regional as well extra-regional navies.


Pakistan has held Aman naval exercises every alternate year since 2007. The exercises aim to demonstrate the allied nations' capabilities to fight terrorism and other maritime threats, as well as to provide a platform for participants to hone their skills, and build cooperation and friendship to promote peace and stability.







Pakistani Feb 08, 2017 02:35pm

Good going Pakistan is expanding its partnership to include countries like Russia. Excellent.


Imran,Lahore 3 days ago

Country with longest coast line on Arabic sea and largest navy in this region is missing here.


Asad 3 days ago

We need to get out of this security mental complex, and develop an economic, educational, tourism, sports soft image.

We have made whole country as a security state instead of a welfare state.



AKKS 3 days ago

@Pakistani, and also USA, Australia, Japan. Malaysia etc ! Your diplomatic influence is amazing ! Hope you get a NSG and UNSC permanent membership soon !


immo 3 days ago

@AKKS you sound jealous are you jealous?

@AKKS 听起来你嫉妒了是吗?

taimoor khan 3 days ago

@Imran,Lahore Nice catch :) . But all global powers are involved. It will be a good opportunity for like the likes of China, Russia and America on the other side, to sit together and discuss things.

@Imran 但是几乎所有的世界强国都到了。另一方面对于像是中国,俄国,美国来也是一个坐在一起讨论问题的好机会。

Neon 3 days ago

@Asad Agreed. Rather, if it would have been spent on education, there would have been some prosperity. But coming of the current carrying reputation is not easy and will take many many years

@Asad 那当然,如果花费在教育上就会产生出一些繁荣。但是就目前的声誉来看并不容易,而且将会花费很多很多年。

Bhai 3 days ago

@Asad absolutely right.

@Asad 完全正确。

kamran 3 days ago

@Asad . absolutely right. finally i have someone who shares the same thoughts.

peace !!!!! LOOKING fwd to major developments

why cant we and our neighbors live peacefully, why cant we develop trade relations, why cant be become tourist destination? why is it always about security and weaponary and wars?

@Asad .完全正确,最后,我知道有些人分享了同样的想法。



mAST 3 days ago

Is it just me or can you guys smell isolation here? Ouch!


Imran bajwa 3 days ago

Now this is something interesting.


Pakistani 3 days ago

@AKKS . By being sarcastic, it shows how much it has affected Indians. Be nice and we might include you in the next exercise.

@AKKS 你的讥讽展示了这场演习对印度人产生的影响。友好一点,下次演习或许我们会带你们玩。

Ramon 3 days ago

@Imran,Lahore , Mr. asad has a reply down below !!

@Imran,  asad先生的回复在下面!!

Vijay 3 days ago

Aman starts from within. Spend on education, health and wellbeing. .. That should be real Aman...



kanwarch 3 days ago

@Imran,Lahore Hopefully that country man are reflecting on their efforts to isolate Pakistan. Feeling sorry and sad for them.

@Imran,Lahore 希望那个国家的人反思他们孤立巴基斯坦的举动。为他们感到抱歉难过。

goon from the moon 3 days ago

And India wants to isolate Pakistan!


Maverik 3 days ago

"Isolated Pakistan" anyone?


Saif Zulfiqar 3 days ago

@Vijay, Is your comment is for all the 35 countries? You are not very clear.


Azmeen 3 days ago



Vectra 3 days ago

@Imran,Lahore "Country with longest coast line on Arabic sea and largest navy in this region is missing here."

The international naval exercise "AMAN-17" (AMAN means peace in Urdu) will be held in KARACHI



n 3 days ago

@Imran,Lahore Dont worry. Sri Lanka, Japan and Russia are its proxies which are part of this exercise

@Imran,Lahore  不要担心,斯里兰卡,日本,和俄国是这次演习的代表,他们都来了。

Chirag Patel 3 days ago

biggest navy in araban sea is India and you guys haven't invited India....thats bad


Duster 3 days ago

What about Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE? They have substantial navies and are located at short sailing distances. Why can't they attend?


Duster 3 days ago

@AKKS We don't want it.

@AKKS 我们不想这样。

Salman 3 days ago

Man we are so isolated :D


Rashid 3 days ago

@Neon Literacy rate of Syria and Iraq is far more than Pakistan but they failed to defend their countries.

@Neon 叙利亚和伊拉克的识字率远高于巴基斯坦,但是他们没能保卫他们的国家。

SAEED MASOOD 3 days ago

The more countries will involve in these exercises more peace will be guaranteed.. Good luck peace loving countries...


Naveed 3 days ago

Where is chest thumping guy who was dreaming to isolate Pakistan


Sami khan 3 days ago

Regardless of political differences, it is in the interest of the region that India should have been included.


Iftikhar Husain 3 days ago

Very good news for Pakistan navy.


Hasan 3 days ago

We have successfully isolated pakistan from the world except 35 countries plus few hundred other countries


Muhammad 3 days ago

@Imran,Lahore pl ask them who stops to join


Harmony-1© 3 days ago

@Chirag Patel - "biggest navy in araban sea is India and you guys haven't invited India....thats bad".

You are right but when Modi bullies us with 'no dialogue' with his hypocritical preconditions then what can one say?

@Chirag Patel “阿拉伯海中最大海军是印度海军,你们这些家伙没有邀请印度,,,这样不好”

你 说得对,但是当莫迪用他的虚伪的先决条件欺负我们的时候,谁有说什么呢?

Jai Pak 3 days ago

@Vijay practice what you preach.

@Vijay 你要说到做到。

Contradictions 3 days ago

Seems like Modi's isolation strategy is working immensely well?


zak 3 days ago

@Imran,Lahore We will do with Iran next. Dont worry.


a blot on escutcheon 3 days ago

Hasn't Pakistan isolated India as a result of this exercise?


Ali 3 days ago

Pakistan Navy's leadership role in the global War on Terror has been lauded by the world. Pakistan Navy has commanded Combined Task Force 150, ten times, which was mandated by the UN Security Council to clear sea lanes from Pakistan's coast to the Strait of Hormuz down to Somalia.

Terrorists and pirates threatened this vital world oil lanes. The threat of terrorism can't be underestimated as terrorists had struck US Navy guided missile destroyer USS Cole in Aden waters killing 17 and injuring 39 sailors. PN's exercise "Aman-17" promotes regional peace and security.

巴基斯坦在全球反恐战争中的领导作用受到了全世界的赞誉。巴基斯坦已经受联合国安理会委托十次领导了联合特遣队清理从巴基斯 坦航道到霍尔木兹海峡到索马里的航道。

恐怖主义和海盗威胁这个世界石油生命线。恐怖分子的威胁不能被低估,他们在亚丁湾袭击了美国导弹驱逐舰科尔号,杀死了17人并致39名水手受伤。巴基 斯坦和平17军演促进了地区的和平与安全。


Pak 3 days ago

Go Navy! God bless Pakistan!!


Raja farhat Abbas 3 days ago

@Maverik ...Isolation from India/Afghans/BD has made us even more popular in the world ,i like this isolation. lolzz


Raja farhat Abbas 3 days ago

Pakistan i love you,you are a gift from the almighty for us.



none of the arabs. Pakistan must find another market for its labour because the arabs are now showing their true face. Exporters of terror living happily in their sheikhdoms. Not for long.


Sarwar, USA. 3 days ago

@Imran,Lahore ..Yes missing because of it unfriendly attitude to every thing that is Pakistani. Now that missing country is being islolated.

@Imran  ,是的,缺席是因其对所有巴基斯坦事务的不友好。现在那个缺席的国家被孤立了。

deepu 3 days ago

Whole military budget of pakistan is lower than india's navy budget..jago


sukhera 3 days ago

Its fantastic that super powers USA, China and Russia are participating in the naval exercises in the arabian Sea close to the Karachi. If all the nations cooperate to resolve issues peacefully among themselves and fight against the common enemy of poverty and hunger. The arms race will end in Southeast Asia which will save billions of dollars to help the needy and the poor. Arms race between India and China is going out of control and both are purchasing the same weapon systems from Russia. Any miscalculation by nuclear neighbors could be devastating for the whole region. India's deployment of Brahmos missiles on Chinese border is seen by the Chinese as a recent escalation of tensions. The Chinese will not sit idly on the latest provocation.

超级大国美国,俄国,中国 都参加了这次临近卡拉奇的海军演习了,真是好极。如果所有的国家和平协力地解决问题,对付共同的敌人贫穷和饥饿。军备竞赛将从南亚结束,这将省下数十亿美元来帮助穷苦的人。中印之间的军 备竞赛已经失控了,他们都从俄国进口相同的武器系统。任何核邻国间的误判都会给整个地区 带来灾难。印度在中印边境布署的布拉莫斯导弹被中国视作最近的紧张升级。中国人不会坐视最新的挑战无动于衷。

sHANGhai, china 3 days ago

Good one Pakistan. keep continue.


Indian muSLIM 3 days ago

and yet Pakistan stands Isolated, brags Modi and BJP Leader. Always fooling and misleading its own nation.


irfan bALOCH 3 days ago

Isolate that

Mr Modi


莫迪 先生

Rashid 3 days ago

Pakistan, please include India too.

巴基斯 坦,也请带上印度

Kris 3 days ago

All these countries are joining because of CPEC. They all want to be a part of it.


Karachite 3 days ago

@Vijay Same goes for your state too.

@Vijay   同样也适用于你 的国家。

Aftab 3 days ago

What an obsession of our media and govt to such non productive bravado.


Well wisher 3 days ago

Well the arabaian countries from where the oil is coming are missing- Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia.


sana-1 2 days ago

@Imran,Lahore Sorry, This is for the friends only...

@Imran,Lahore 抱歉,只邀请朋友,,

Siddhartha 2 days ago

Pakistanis' and Indians become so happy with a little success or even no success which is amazing!!! No wonder corrupt politicians on both sides are exploiting people for so long and will keep doing for years to come if we don't increase the level of our expectations and standards.


Princess_of_DHUMP 2 days ago

Isolated Pakistan!


SDA 2 days ago

Great job and co-operation between the countries.


SDA 2 days ago

Raja Farhat Abbas 2 days ago

@deepu ...With such a big budget your soldiers still going hungry,think before you boast.

@deepu   有这么庞大的预算,你们的士兵仍处于饥饿中,吹之前先想想吧

Raja Farhat Abbas 2 days ago

@Aftab ..Your self esteem must be tiny,judging from your comment.

@Aftab  你的思维很狭隘,从你的发言就能看出来。

Raja Farhat Abbas 2 days ago

@sHANGhai, china ...Long live China and Pakistan Brotherhood and friendship.

@sHANGhai, china中巴兄弟友谊天长 地久

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