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China's Type 055 Super Destroyer Is A Reality Check For The US And Its Allies



China's launched its first Type 055 destroyer today—the most advanced surface combatant Beijing has ever designed and fielded. Pictures of the visually striking ship whipped around the internet, with many people being surprised that China was producing such an impressive warship. The truth is, the Type 055 is the J-20 stealth fighter/interceptor of the high-seas, and it not only is a showcase of China's rapidly evolving surface warfare and weapons development capabilities, but also a sign of what Beijing's overall maritime strategy will be in the not so distant future.


When it comes to the Chinese Navy, the Type 055 is very roughly analogous to something between the American Ticonderoga class cruiser a Zumwalt class destroyer, in that it has similar capabilities and size to the Ticonderoga class, but it also packs new technologies that will impact the future of Chinese surface combatant design like the Zumwalt class does. The ship's stealthy exterior and its enclosed sensor mast are situated in between the latest Arleigh Burke class destroyers and the Zumwalt class developmentally speaking.


The Type 055 could just as easily be classified as a cruiser than as a destroyer. It's 590 feet long and displaces between 10,000 and 12,000 tons. That is 81 feet longer and up to nearly 2,500 tons greater than America's latest Arleigh Burke class destroyers, making it closer in size to the US Navy's Ticonderoga class cruisers than anything else. It also packs a Ticonderoga class's magazine size, with 128 vertical launch cells available. The Arleigh Burke class has 96. These cells will be stuffed with land attack (YJ-18), and anti-ship missiles (YJ-12), as well as anti-submarine rockets (CY series). Yet, just like America's Ticonderoga class cruisers, area air defense and slinging surface-to-air missiles will likely be this ship's overwhelming mission set and it's specially outfitted with a high-end sensor package that will exceed in this role.


This new ship relies on a dual-band radar system similar in concept to the one that was supposed to be deployed on the DDG-1000 Zumwalt class and that is currently equipping the USS Gerald R. Ford. Two sets of active phased array radars, one being the larger S-band arrays on the vessel's super structure and the other being the smaller set of X-band arrays in the ship's enclosed sensor mast, equip the ship. The S-Band system is used for long range search and track, while the much more sensitive X-band system is used for tracking smaller, stealthier and high-speed objects with greater fidelity at lesser ranges. There are cross-over in capabilities between the two sensor arrays, which also adds to redundancy. No other ship in China's inventory possesses such a high-end radar system.


The ship is likely to be primarily armed with a sea-going version of the HQ-9 long-range surface-to-air missile, as well as the HQ-16 medium-range SAM, and possibly quad-packed DK-10As. The DK-10A is based on the PL-12 air-to-air missile, and would act as a intermediate-range air defense missile roughly similar to the U.S. Navy's RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM). As time goes on, these ships will likely field other air defense missiles, like weapons capable of swatting down endoatmospheric hypersonic vehicles or China's own mid-course ballistic missile defense interceptors. These more exotic missiles could make good use of the ship's dual-band radar, advanced combat system, and plentiful VLS farm.


The ship's anti-submarine warfare capabilities will also surpass the capacity of other Chinese warships, including space for two helicopters (eventually likely ASW variants of the Z-18) in its rear hangar and an expanded flight deck size. The ship will also likely use towed and variable depth sonar for hunting submarines, and will have its own torpedoes and rocket assisted torpedoes to prosecute marauding underwater threats.


A H/PJ-38 130mm main gun and a H/PJ-11 30mm close-in weapon system (CIWS) round out the ship's major armaments. It will also likely receive China's "FL-3000N" version of the RIM-116 rolling-airframe missile system mounted in a turreted canister on the rear of the ship's superstructure. This combined with the 30mm CIWS will give the big surface combatant a strong close-in defensive capability against sea-skimming missiles, low-flying aircraft, and small boats.


These ships are rumored to be equipped with integrated electric powerplants, whereby the ship's turbines provide electricity to drive electric motors that then turn the ship's screws—a major advancement in Chinese warship design if confirmed. They also feature the latest in electronic warfare capabilities and the most advanced mission systems deployed by the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) to date.



Regardless of the Type 055's multi-mission capabilities, these ships are being built to be the preeminent escort for the Chinese carrier battle group, acting in a similar role as the Ticonderoga class cruiser does today. This will include being the command and control hub for the battle group's anti-air warfare operations. In this role the Type 055 will fulfill something of a missing link within the People's Liberation Army Navy's order of battle, with the Type 052D destroyer being the most capable surface combatant before it—but one that is far more limited in capability and weapons capacity than the Type 055. 


With the PLAN slated to field a fleet of at least four aircraft carriers in the coming decade, the reason for building four of these ships at this time is clear. There will be at least one for each carrier battle group, and when the carriers are not sailing, these ships will be able to show the flag by themselves far from home, and bringing high-end multi-mission and command and control capabilities to smaller PLAN task forces. It is also likely that another four Type 055s will be built at some time following the initial batch, as China's aircraft carrier fleet expands.


In the end, China's new Type 055 destroyers are another indication of the amazing strides the country has made in their attempt to reach some sort of parity in multiple domains of warfare with the U.S. and especially its regional allies. That's not to say these ships and their weapons are as capable as their American counterparts, because in many ways they are not. Even China's shipbuilding capabilities are rumored to be lacking, especially in terms of quality, when compared to their American counterparts. The level of integration between their ship's sensors and weapons, the reliability of their missiles—especially when countermeasures are present—and their missile's overall performance abilities remain a question mark as well.


But that's not really the point. The point is that China is preparing for a future of major naval power projection, with this vessel class sailing closely alongside their aircraft carriers—two of which are built. Together they are the most visible centerpieces of a much more aggressive and farther reaching naval strategy. This may not leave the US Navy shaking in its boots, but when it comes to regional powers such as India and Japan, that is a different story. These ships and the carriers they will support will likely end up having a persistent presence in the South China Sea, Taiwan Strait, Indian Ocean, and East China Sea—all places where tensions are high and territorial issues are top of mind.



The Type 055 is also another signal that China can no longer be viewed as a potential adversary living in a perpetual "catch-up mode" technologically speaking. The Chinese are increasingly doing things their own way and even tacking big independent technological risks, such as incorporating a dual-band radar into a picket ship before the US does. So the Chinese military, and the industry that supports it, still be copycats when it comes to defense concepts, but increasingly less so in terms of discreet hardware and integrated weapons systems themselves.


As time goes on, this change will leave the US and its allies reacting to Chinese military developments more than in the past. And China's weapons developments, which were largely based on questionable facsimiles of US or Russian systems in the past, are now becoming far less predictable and as a result are more concerning.







Well, I'd like to see how well it fares tangling with a MK1 Stealth Container Ship.I heard they can sneak right up on you.

想看看它跟MK1 Stealth Container Ship交火会怎么样?听说他们可以潜行到你眼皮底下。——MK1 Stealth Container Ship是艘什么船啊?有了解舰船知识的小伙伴告诉下。




The PLAN sooooo progressive!



the ship has been named "CREME OF SUM YUNG GAI "


(知道"CREME OF SUM YUNG GAI "这种肯定不是什么好词,但是查了一下真的叫白皮猪恶心到了)

The War Zone

This is a wonderful thread! Thank you to all who are participating.  



A couple other things I left out—apparently this VLS system will accommodate larger rounds than US versions, even the Mark 57. I believe it is a cold launch system, or has the ability to do both. This could mean some big missiles with very long-long range could equip the ship in the future. The Chinese are likely working on 3rd party targeting/cooperative engagement capability like the US. As such this ship can act as a remote magazine for long-range  anti-air and surface to ground missiles. Would help J-20 and J-31 with limited magazine depth. Even J-15 could benefit which can have their launch weight penalized due to non assisted takeoff.

有几点需要补充:这个VLS系统的弹容量要比美国版的大,比Mark 57还要大。我认为它采用冷发射系统,或者双发射系统。因此在未来很可能装备超远程导弹。中国人很可能拥有与美国类似的三方目标/协同作战的能力,这艘船也可以用作远程防空和舰对地攻击。用有限导弹辅助J-20,J-31,甚至因为非弹射起飞而载弹不足的J-15也可以获益。

AerialImagingLeaderThe War Zone2d

Your articles on China seem to stir things up. Any guesses on how many hulls this class will end up being?


JS DreyerLeaderAerialImaging2d

I thought the article said four hulls for this class.


AerialImagingLeaderJS Dreyer2d

Yes... four hulls being constructed concurrently in two shipyards. I was hoping for a guess on the total run.



It's a concern yes but unlike Russia, China has a real stake in smooth relations with the US and the West. I just can't see an even somewhat rational Chinese leader wanting to start a shooting war in their region or with the US. The way the trade balance is right now China is doing well so how is it in their interest to mess that up. We just have to be firm with them and set boundries like with NK. NK now is a stone around their neck but they don't want to deal with it for the most part. 


I still think the Russian Far East is an easier target for China. Chinese are migrating to the RFE at a recent rate of 800k-1m a year. There are only 6 mil white Russians in the RFE. China may end up getting the RFE without a shot being fired just through


JS DreyerLeaderBhess2d

You may have been in the jungle for the past several years and missed all of the developments occurring in the South China Sea.  Welcome home.


Shorter China: Fuck UNCLOS, SC Sea is ours.

中国小矬子: 去TMD  UNCLOS(联合国海洋法公约),南海是我们的。



GodzillaJS Dreyer1d

F*ck UNCLOS? isn't that patented by the US?

去TMD UNCLOS? 那不是跟我们美国一样?

LowlifeJS Dreyer1d

The US f*cked UNCLOS first


Quattro BajeenaLeader2d

The Chinese are building four of these ships simultaneously. Two ships are built per naval yard,  on two yards. The second Type 055 should be launched from this same same naval yard late this year. Initially it was said that at least 8 ships of this class were ordered. Right now the rumors say 12 ships have been ordered. They still continue to build the smaller Type 052Ds in what seems will be a high-low 055/052D combo.


The propulsion system on these ships is not electric. The Chinese naval leadership themselves have said so. It uses a similar propulsion system to the 052D but with twice the power. It does not have enough electric power generation for a high power railgun or laser even if that weapon was available. While there are rumors a future version based on this ship might include such a propulsion type I think that is highly unlikely without a major redesign.


The Chinese basically launched all the ship types they were rumored to be designing so far, with the exception of the Type 075 LHD. Their Type 002 CATOBAR conventionally powered carrier, submersible arsenal ship, and next generation submarines are rumored to be in the design stage. The Chinese recently finished constructing a new high capacity submarine construction facility so I would not be surprised if we saw their new nuclear new submarines over the next two years. However their nuclear submarine program is a lot more secretive so do not expect a public fancy parade on the launch like what was done here.


RingostarQuattro Bajeena1d

well, the Chinese already confirmed that they're building type 075 LHD, though I'm not sure what type they will assign to the ship.



The US navy is still the most intimidating force by a long margin. BUT, this one can still potentially become a huge threat because the PLA weapons development projects , in recent years has shown much greater  ability in tackling things their own way. Just like they did copying in the past if not better.


you can't call it a copycat when the thing it supposedly copied is no where to be found, can you?


Bruce EdwardsContributor2d

Is anyone else gettting a pre-World War 1 battleship race vibe from this, with the US as England and China as Germany?


Amusingly the displacement of some of these 'Destroyers' is approaching that of the early Dreadnoughts.


AK79LeaderBruce Edwards2dEdited

Yes, there seems to be a general 1905-1913 kind of feeling to many aspects of world and military affairs these days.


Brian WrightLeaderAK791d

Damnit...I was hoping I was the only one with this feeling.  Please please don't anyone go and assassinate the Crimean/Ukranian PM.


Furbačoto PollonLeaderBrian Wright14h

Angela Merkel ... !!!!!! Dude, shes progressive enough!

安格拉 默克尔....!!!兄弟,有她就够了!

Evan AdamsLeader1d

the true revolution is the exuberant display of the newest countermeasure: rainbow chaff.  It is a newly proven deterrent vs our powerful pixie kick and unicorn punch


Sons of LibertySeaDog831d

Have you watched Or studied China? They have modernizes their economy faster tahn any nation in history and are taking over as the wirlds largest economy. If anything the US has the more limited capabilities. China has the ability to stand up whats needed in deepth. We are limited by a smaller more expensive work force and lack of large scale maritime industry.


this is not the US of the 1940-50s.



Damn, they've built this ship already? They are not even done fulfilling orders for the Type-052D.

These guys are growing their Navy fast.



JS DreyerLeaderT.I.2d

Unlike us, they don't spread their production across 48 provinces to keep their senators elected.



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