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印度网评:印度因气候变化 政府每年花费超过100亿美元

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 NEW DELHI: Extreme weather events are costing India $9-10 billion annually and climate change is projected to impact agricultural productivity with increasing severity from 2020 to the end of the century.


In a recent submission to a parliamentary committee, the agriculture ministry said productivity decrease of major crops would be marginal in the next few years but could rise to as much as 10-40% by 2100 unless farming adapts to climate change-induced changes in weather.
By 2030, it may need 70 million tonnes more of foodgrains than the expected production in 2016-17.


The ICAR-National Institute of Agricultural Economics and Policy Research has projected food demand of 345 million tonnes (MT) by 2030 - almost 30% higher than in 2011. Referring to its projected demands for fruits, vegetables, milk, animal products (meat, eggs and fish), sugar and edible oil, the panel said the demand for these products by 2030 is estimated to be 2-3 times more than that in 2011.


Though foodgrain production has increased from 259.29 MT in 2011-12 to 275.68 MT (estimated) in 2016-17, the country still needs to take multiple measures to match the projected demand of foodgrain by 2030.



Ramesh-1 day ago
More population more forest will destroy
Adop one child policy to save country

Ramesh-1 day ago
Control population only solution

Ramesh-1 day ago
Control population one child policy
Should impose to save country
And all problem of citizens more
Public more resources will use

Swatant Shakti-1 day ago
Build electric!!

Swaminathan-Hyderabad-1 day ago
The govt.itself toxifys & polute 80%,
water bodies & River Polution
toxics fumes released into air by Industries.
if strict law is implemented,they can avoid such rape of nature.

MrBoobs-Right Here-1 day ago
Simple reason is total absence of any unified coherent vision for the country. Everything is disconnected and everyone seems to be doing their own thing.

Sanjoy Pandey-Kolkata-1 day ago
All out effort is needed to protect the environment.

Vipul Jain-1 day ago
If a tree in front of every house is made mandatory.....it will make a huge difference.....ye rone se kya hoga?

Puneeth-1 day ago
Stop encroaching forests so that no more damage is done. develop lakes and try preserving water. Else the situation will be out of control and our future generations will blame us. Save trees, save environment, save the future generations.

R Venkatesh Govind-Gurgaon-1 day ago
Govt is preparing ground for "Climate Change Cess"! Next tax drama coming up. Rapacious fellows.

Be U-For U-1 day ago
Reduce production of plastic and imports for plastic with so work on the way of bringing in less use of plastics.

Be U-For U-1 day ago
Stop pollution and close all old industries emitting huge amount of gases and toxic in air and water.

Praveen-1 day ago
India and indian''s have to adopt greenery. Plant more trees, plants etc where ever possible.

Karthik Boggarapu-Location-1 day ago
Population control is a must. Or else its going to be food wars and water wars in 2040 Take my word.

Pratul-1 day ago
It is a bitter fact and along with various abhiyan to lure public votes our government also focus on the climate and environment because it surrounds all of us and all of us is affected by it .

Babu Rajendran Chandran-Chennai-1 day ago
It seems climate change may bring further misery for our farmers who have to grow crops that don''t need much water and at the same time insure their crops and animals.


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