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新德里电台-中印结束边境对峙,北京承诺做出“必要调整” [印度网评]

五毛网 印度 2017年08月29日 来源:龙腾网

印度与中国结束边界对峙,北京同意“必要调整”印度消息人士说。 中印两国自6月以来一直在德克拉姆对峙。印度网友:中国会变聪明的,然后长期在边界寻找机会找回场子,但从短期来看,这是印度国际霸权的胜利。 做得好莫迪总理!!

India-China End Border Standoff, Beijing Agrees To 'Necessary Changes'Indian sources said that soldiers from both sides have begun withdrawing from Doklam. India-China have been locked in Doklam standoff since June.

印度与中国结束边界对峙,北京同意“必要调整”印度消息人士说。 中印两国自6月以来一直在德克拉姆对峙。

NEW DELHI: HIGHLIGHTSConfrontation at Sikkim border had entered third monthIndia says soldiers being withdrawn from Doklam PlateauNow China will make 'necessary adjustments and changes', says Beijing


China and India have agreed to end a lengthy standoff at the Sikkim border that began in June, both countries said today. India said both sides are moving to withdraw their troops from the remote Doklam Plateau, a region that both China and Bhutan claim. Beijing said it would continue to patrol the area, but agreed that given today's developments, China will make "necessary adjustments and deployments according to the changes".

今天两国表示,中国和印度同意结束在六月份开始在锡金边界的长期对峙。 印度说,双方正在从中国和不丹声称的地区偏远的德克拉姆高原撤出部队。 北京表示将继续巡视该地区,但认同今天的进展情况,中国将根据(现场)变化作出"必要的调整和部署"。(英文只有change可以理解为情形的改变中国要作出退让,但是根据华春莹的声明,说的好像是现场地形因为这次争执发生了一些变动,要重新部署。不明真相。。。)

The standoff began in mid-June after Chinese troops started building a road on the Doklam plateau. Indian soldiers rushed to stop that, triggering the worst military tension in decades with China.

对峙在开始于六月中旬之后中国军队多兰高地建设一条公路。 印度士兵赶紧终止了这一时间,触发了与中国几十年来最严重的军事紧张局势。

Announcing a breakthrough this morning, India said the truce was reached by diplomatic talks. "On this basis, expeditious disengagement of border personnel at the face-off site at Doklam has been agreed to and is on-going," said the Foreign Ministry in a statement.

印度今天上午宣布有了最新突破,表示停战是通过外交谈判达成的。 外交部在一份声明中说:“在此基础上,边界人员已经同意迅速离开多兰的露天场所并正在进行中。

After that, China's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said, "At 1430 or so on August 28, India withdrew its personnel and equipment to the Indian side of the border line." While stating that the Chinese army's patrols in Doklam will continue, she said China would make "necessary adjustments and deployments according to the changes," without elaborating what the adjustments would be.

此后,中国外交部发言人华春莹说:“8月28日14时30分,印度撤出了人员和设备回到印度边界线。” 而中国军队在多兰的巡视将继续下去,她说中国将根据变化做出“必要的调整和部署”,但并没有详细说明调整情况。

The breakthrough comes ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's trip to China in a few weeks for a summit of the BRICS group of nations. Indian sources said that soldiers have begun withdrawing, but the exercise will not be completed today.

这个突破性进展之前,总理纳伦德拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)在几个星期内前往中国访问参加金砖国家集团的首脑会议。 印度消息人士说,士兵们已经开始撤离,但今天不会撤离完毕。

The conflict, which was the worst in decades, saw 300 soldiers from each side, confronting each other on the remote Doklam plateau in the Eastern Himalayas. India ignored repeated baiting and aggressive rhetoric by China to insist it would seek diplomatic channels to resolve the tension. India had also urged that both sides withdraw troops to engage in dialogue; Beijing insisted on the unilateral pulling out of India's soldiers.

这场数十年来最严重的冲突,来自各方的三百名士兵在喜马拉雅东部偏远的多兰高地面对面对峙。 印度无视中国反复使用咄咄逼人的言论,坚持要求外交渠道解决紧张局势。 印度还呼吁双方撤军,进行对话; 北京坚持单方面撤回印度士兵。

In June, Indian soldiers crossed the Sikkim border to stop China from constructing a road on the Doklam Plateau. Bhutan has no diplomatic relations with China and asked India to intervene. Delhi also stressed that it had forewarned China that the road would be seen as a serious security concern because of the access it opens up to the narrow sliver of land called the "Chicken's Neck" that links India to its northeastern states.

六月份,印度士兵越过锡金边界,阻止中国在多兰高地兴建道路。 不丹与中国没有外交关系,要求印度进行干预。新德里也强调他们已经有言在先将这条路视为一个严重的安全隐患,因为这条路是连接印度和偏远东北七省与南部大陆的一条狭长走道“鸡脖子”。

China retorted that it had every right to build a road in a region that is part of its territory.
Chinese media and spokespersons repeatedly warned of military escalation, a possible "countdown to war" and of a repeat of India's humiliating defeat by China in 1962.


Then, two weeks ago, Chinese and Indian soldiers clashed at the picturesque Pangong Lake in Ladakh in the Western Himalayas. On camera, soldiers were seen hurtling stones at each other. Delhi said the two-hour conflict was triggered by China attempting an incursion onto the Indian side of the lake.

然而两周前,中印印度士兵在西喜马拉雅山的拉达克的风景如画的洞湖地区相撞。 视屏上,可以看到士兵们彼此想呼推搡,新德里说这两个小时的冲突的起因是中国军队企图入侵印度边境湖区。

Anonymous | 4 hours ago
Thanks Modiji for not backing down


Anonymous | 4 hours ago
回楼上This is why India prefers Narendra Modi than Rahul or any other Indian third class leaders.


vijay | 4 hours ago
@Anonymous: I wish Modi should have been our PM at the time of independence. Rulers of past 60 years make our country feel week, though we are strong. Where are those leftist apologists?

我希望莫迪在我们独立的时候就是我们总理。 六十年代虽然我们很强,但当时国家领导让我感觉国家很弱。 那些左派的道歉者门在哪里?

Navtej Singh | 3 hours ago
@Anonymous: Know the facts before hailing Modi Ji. We have retreated by 2:30 pm but Chinese soldiers are still there and determined to complete their road work.


Anonymous | 3 hours ago
@Anonymous: May be, as per the Putin advice !! but Trump and his allies can not get sleep for few days at least!!!


Anonymous | 3 hours ago
Selfcreated issues to divert gullible public attention from real issues of unemployment tanking economy social unrest and frustrated illiterate youth migrants to cities.


Anonymous | 2 hours ago
He back down. Now china will be patrolling that area. Shame.


Anonymous | 4 hours ago
@Anonymous: Third party interest mitigated!


Anonymous | 1 hour ago
Read between the lines stupid. India is withdrawing not china.


Anonymous | 1 hour ago
Accepted defeat by coward Indians


Anonymous | 1 hour ago
@Anonymous: Your comment reminds me of PM's Pak visit, Illiterate Bhakts were claiming it a master stroke. Here we had a sound defeat but as expected Bhakts clapping and portraying it a big victory.


Basabjit Chowdhury | 2 hours ago
Perhaps, the withdrawal of troops is from both sides but China is too proud to admit that. So, the Chinese will keep saying that only India withdrew troops. It calms their bruised ego.


Raj | 1 hour ago
@Basabjit Chowdhury: You are right.. It is status Quo as India wanted...
Both of China wanted - it could not achieve.. Road construction and India's unilateral withdrawal...
Now, all the countries can enjoy patrolling area - which China claims it's own.. 
But, Google map, open street map and other printed maps shows in Bhutan...
India could make China to bend in a 3rd country..

中国想两者得兼 - 这绝b无法实现,-修完那条路和印度单边撤军...
现在,所有国家都可以享受巡逻那片中国声称属于他们的区域 。
但是,Google地图,OPEN STREET地图和其他印刷地图都显示在不丹...

Anonymous | 1 hour ago
Or India too scared to admit its defeat India is nothing compared to china might


sankaranarayanan | 4 hours ago
CONGRATULATIONS !!!! That's the spirit of grate Nationalism of India and China !!! I congratulate and appreciate the great statesmanship of both the countries and Salutes !!! This shows the complete maturity and high degree of Statesmanship !!!

恭喜!!!! 这就是印度和中国的爱国主义精神! 我祝贺,欣赏并致敬两国的伟大政治才能! 这展示了成熟和高水平的政治手腕!(无论如何,为了和平,来自民间的必要奉承是必须有的)

Anonymous | 3 hours ago
@sankaranarayanan: This is different between Rahul and Narendra Modi and why India respect and has faith in our sitting PM

这就是甘地和莫迪的不同之处和 也是为什么印度人尊重和信仰我们总理

Anonymous | 3 hours ago
@sankaranarayanan: Yes, the loser are PAK and Americans! As they wants full scale war between The Future Super Power Nations.

是的,巴基斯坦和美国是输家! 因为他们想要2个未来超级大国发动全面战争。

Anonymous | 1 hour ago
Next step back off from Kashmir or you will be crushed Indians


K G Surendran | 4 hours ago
China will be smarting and will look for opportunities along the long border but in the short term it is a victory of sorts for India for standing upto an international bully. Well done PM Modi!

中国会变聪明的,然后长期在边界寻找机会找回场子,但从短期来看,这是印度国际霸权的胜利。 做得好莫迪总理!!

Anonymous | 4 hours ago
This is what is expected of two mature nations


Anonymous | 4 hours ago
@Anonymous: Yes, thanks to the BRICS formation, which is the core reason for avoiding any clash between the two nuclear armed and future super power nations.


J Singh | 2 hours ago
Both China and India will withdraw troops. China and Royal Bhutan Army will continue petrol that area. China will not do any construction activity in that area including road constructions. Both China and Bhutan will maintain the "Status Quo" as per prior to June 2017.

中国和印度都将撤军。 中国和不丹皇家军队将继续巡逻那地段。 中国不会在这地带进行任何施工活动,包括道路建设。 中国和不丹将保持2017年6月以前的“状态”。

Anonymous | 1 hour ago
@J Singh: India is wining!!!!


Indian | 4 hours ago
A very good move!


Sj | 3 hours ago
So the Chinese will not build road now?


NDTV will NOT publish | 4 hours ago
A much needed relief indeed, hopefully sane chinese people must have understood, India was right and is right. And this is big win for humanity and sanity

的确迫切需要解除危机,中国人民必须明白,印度是对的,正确的。 这是人道和智慧的一大胜利!
Dipanjan Basuthakur | 4 hours ago

Jai Hind! 印度万岁 

Anonymous | 2 hours ago
BJP is not good in ruling India 


Surya | 1 hour ago
@Anonymous: While saying the same, just think about your family, how they are suffering after 70 years of freedom


Star | 3 hours ago
China will stay????? what it means???? Means our PM bowed down???


papa | 4 hours ago
Congratulations. Great News. 
No war.
Peace and Prosperity for India and China. 
Both sides to be praised equally.
It takes 2 hands to clap.


Sunil | 5 hours ago


Anonymous | 3 hours ago
India backed off my fellow illiterate Indians.... Its shamefully...


Is it a mutually agreed beneficial solution especially where China says they will continue to exercise sovereignty over the area?


Anonymous | 2 hours ago
Shame, India chickened out.


Sammy | 2 hours ago
PRC is a Paper Super Power which can give empty threats and can project its power through propaganda and lies....India side would patrol the area too..China has agreed for bilateral withdrawal of troops...Its laughable the petty ,childish tactics of PRC to show their people & the world that only India withdrew the troops....PLA is in position to mess with the Indian Army...Huge diplomatic victory for India & a refereundum on Modi's leadership..Modi tames the Dragon.

中国就是一纸老虎只会吓唬人,通过宣传和谎言让他的力量放大。。。印度这边也会巡查这片领域。。中国已经接受双边撤军。。而中国对世界和面对他的人民说是印度单边撤军。。。中国解放军现在惹恼了印度军。。。印度外交的大胜!全民为莫迪公决投票! 莫迪驯服了中国龙 

satyameva | 3 hours ago
So, it's a lie told by our government. Ultimately, only India is withdrawing and China's is staying. In other words, India is backing down, China is only staring.


sameer | 4 hours ago
Standing up to regular Chinese threats was not easy. A big moral victory for Modi, Govt. & Army for showing spine against a very strong country. They did not let India down. 


satyameva | 4 hours ago
Much ado about nothing!!


Anonymous | 3 hours ago
China is the ultimate back stabber and cheeky buggers. They will eat ur heart out if u presented it to them.


Libral Culture | 3 hours ago
China has gained upper hand if we have agreed to let them do patrolling in the disputed territory of Doklam. Implicitly we have accepted Chinese right over Doklam.


Anonymous | 2 hours ago
They should have issued a joint statement. Our ministry should be careful before presenting to media. Both announcing on own is trying to mislead.

他们应该发表联合声明。 我们的外交部开记者招待会前要谨言慎行。 双方各自媒体都在尝试误导公众。

Anonymous | 4 hours ago
China will remember for eternity "Pride goes before a fall". Well done Indian Army and GOI. Dont mess with what you dont understand!


Star | 3 hours ago
@Anonymous: What is India's stand since start? India want both should go but China still stay there means they did not change their stand our government did. Shame on Modi Ji.

@Anonymous: 印度一开始的立场是什么?印度想要双方撤军但中国仍然在那里,意味着他们并没有改变自己的立场,而我们政府跪了,莫迪姬该羞耻。 

raju subramanian | 3 hours ago
One has to be careful about China. It is a country with expansionist designs and uses all might i.e economic, military and psychological weapons. We should not lift our vigil and at least on such issues all political parties , media, civil activists should wholeheartedly be with the government. country is bigger than any one of us.

任何人都要小心中国。 它是一个极具扩张主义国家并且可能利用一些可能性-经济,军事和心理武器。 我们要保持警戒,至少在这些问题上,所有政党,媒体,民间活动家都应该全心全意地与政府保持一致。 国之事大于个人利益。

Anonymous | 2 hours ago
MEA is used to tell lies. They flee unilaterally while lie as "bilateral withdraw". MEA admit that our India invading China to divert peoples attention, to cover up messy of domestic contradiction. Anyway, we love peace, put your attentions on solving domestic problems!

外交部习惯性说谎,我们军队是单方面逃离,却谎称“双边退出”。 外交承认,我们的印度入侵中国是为了转移民众的注意力,掩盖国内矛盾。 无论如何,我们爱和平,把注意力放在解决国内问题上吧!

Anonymous | 4 hours ag 
Rahul see this the leadership you lack that Narendra Modi has.
A strong minded only thinking for his country.


Anonymous | 2 hours ago
You are talking as if you defeated China.


Vinu Krish | 1 hour ago
China lost its face here. They can only say "we will patrol the area" which was their position before June 16th. Both Indian and Bhutanese Army will patrol the area. And Chinese wont build a new road. So, there we are at pre-June 16th position.


Anonymous | 3 hours ago
I suppose no one who commented on this new actually read it !!! God chamcha's I understand u guys are payed but do some reading before commenting 

我猜没有一个在发表言论前认真的读过新闻!!!老天 我知道你是水军但请看看新闻在发表评论好不。赞20踩7(看到这里忽然觉得真相了。或者真的不是阿三智商低,至少我遇到几个都挺高的,而是水军智商低)

Dennis | 3 hours ago
Why is this good news?


Raj | 3 hours ago
A very wise and good decision by both countries. Let there be more co-operation and travel opportunities for ordinary citizens across the border

两个国家非常明智的好决定,让边境的公民有更多的合作和旅行机会 赞18踩3

Anonymous | 3 hours ago
Another feather in the cap of Modiji !!! 


Sunil Dixit | 4 hours ago
Really bold and mature stance taken by India. This standoff may be well the tipping point for India to establish herself as assertive nation that doesn't cower in face of silly shenanigans played out by a desperate school bully.

印度采取了真正大胆和成熟的立场。 这场僵局可能是印度成为一个自强不息的国家的突破点,这个国家不会因为一个胆大妄为的学校恶霸的鬼把戏而畏畏缩缩。

Anonymous | 4 hours ago
Indian Citizens had full faith in leadership of India. China failed to intimidate even a single citizen of India. We should learn a lesson and never forget that "we should never ever trust China". Continue with our decision to boycott Chinese manufactured products.


writer | 3 hours ago
Not knowing what they are talking but this photo is a total winner.


Anonymous | 4 hours ago
If only we were not so scared and stood our ground! Seems like we can only bully Nepal, Bhutan, SriLanka but not China or Pak!

Muhammad Abul Hossain | 4 hours ago
Very good news indeed! 真是极好的消息! 

Anonymous | 3 hours ago
Why do we withdraw all our troops n they still patrol the area?


aa | 4 hours ago
Big win for Modi. Subdued dragon without firing a bullet


Anonymous | 4 hours ago
Don't trust the Chinese. They will be back and more well prepared..India must make provisions for that.


Anonymous | 1 hour ago
India is win!!! Oh Yeah!!!! 

印度赢了 oh yeah!!!!

Rafiq Baba | 4 hours ago
Finally indian forces will withdraw from Dokhlam. This was the basic demand of Chinese government.


Simon Dan | 4 hours ago
Modi realises that it was a mistake and have to back off while the world is watching in amusement. Of course his worshippers will spin for a face saving exit.

莫迪意识到,这是一个错误,必须在世界观看笑话时感觉退场。 当然,他的崇拜者也会马上变脸来救场。

Bharat | 3 hours ago
Something is phishy, did we made any compromise? We need a official statement from Army not BJP. How come china agreed overnight and so easily


Doubting Thomas | 4 hours ago
Seems 56 inch has surrendered the chicken's neck!


Sk | 4 hours ago
Jai Hind.. Best Govt India ever had.. Thanks to china for being a good neighbour. 


P Prasad | 3 hours ago
@Sk: If you are senior citizen it's good for you. Your FD interest will be 0% from 1 Jan 2018 and all your FD money will be confiscated. If you are tax paying citizen you will be paying taxes at 25%, 35% and 50%. Enjoy life with out eating. By the Apr 2019 you will not be seen on mother earth, because you will be penniless.


Gautam | 4 hours ago
Step To defeat China with out firing a bullet.
1) We should all stop n reduce 
importing made in China products.
2) Manufacture in Indian and compete 
China in export market and take over 
there export market.
3) Develop and acquire high end hig 
value technologies n export them.
4) Stop exporting iron ore and make our 
own steel.
5) Don't neglect friendship n relationship 
6) Increase our role in Afghanistan 
defence n development this will cut 
Pakistan n China threat.


Prem Kumar | 3 hours ago
NDTV to confirm whether Chinese troops are moving out of Dhoklam. I want NDTVs confirmation and not MEAs.


Humanity | 4 hours ago
As Expected . . . .High voltage drama by Feku for Political Gain . . . . .


pardeep chodha | 4 hours ago
This is a very well thought decision taken by both the leadership of India and China to bring back the normalcy in their bilateral relations.
Congratulations to the peoples of both nations.


Aarti | 1 hour ago
India Lost even before the war could start, we were so enthusiast and our victory was guaranteed.