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五毛网 印度 2017年09月09日 来源:三泰虎


标题:Eat beef in your country and then come to India, says tourism minister


BHUBANESWAR: Newly sworn-in Union tourism minister K J Alphons has an advice for foreigners visiting the country: Eat beef in your own countries and then come to India.

BHUBANESWAR:新宣誓就职的旅游部长K J Alphons对在国内旅游的外国人提出建议:在你们自己国家吃牛肉,再到印度来。

Talking about the tourism sector, Alphons said his ministry had sought innovative ideas to promote tourism across India. "We are getting people to come and give us ideas and within a month we will have a plan for action soon," the minister said.



Ayan Biswas-15 hours ago
Absoulutely right ! When we visit certain countries we dont get to eat what we are used to. So why this fuss ? Travel to europe and see veg meals are almost dream. Respect the country of visit & what it offers.


kittarao-15 hours ago
law of the land should be respected and followed by everyone.....


Big-15 hours ago
agreed let the haters bark....this is our country our laws....


Nandita-9 hours ago
First ensure safety of tourists. Many foreign women tourists are gang raped. Just a day ago an Uzbek national was gang raped in a car in Delhi. Shameful. Instead of concentrating on actual issues of safety, beef, cow and gobar are all these BJP leaders talk about.


In South India we get tasty tasty beef. Such a delicious dish.


Siv Sarkar-10 hours ago
It''s our country, we will decide it. Those who want to eat beef, leave India permanently. No mercy for beef eaters.


Santhosh Abraham-14 hours ago
Is india a beaf banned country? These religious fanatics will spoil our good name of India. Feeling sorry about such leaders!!!


md jibrail Ansari-8 hours ago

India is on the brink of destruction by Hindu terrorist.


Kanwal Gill-Surrey-7 hours ago
New Minister has to make a stupid statement to raise his standing in BJP.



Dinesh-10 hours ago
what a joke. I am a Hindu but I don't mind a bit of beef.


Johnny-14 hours ago
Eat beef in your country which is exported by India. Our beef export has doubled in 3 years and who's prices have dropped by over 40% for you because we don't allow Indians to eat Gau Mata anymore. Can you find any other greater protector of our religion anywhere in the world? Fake in India. Jai Gau Mata Di. All our great policies will take India's GDP at lightening speed backwards.


Bangla-7 hours ago
Another clown in Modi's circus. Well done BJP.


Pipe Kasuko-Location-14 hours ago
Strange comment coming from a minister of a nation that is the worlds 2nd or 3rd largest exporter of Beef and Beef products.


Kirnbir Grewal-15 hours ago

Simply tourist stay away from india , there are many countries which are clean , do not have to worry about rape, running into cows and clowns running the county . Let india take care of its cows


Dennis Khuraijam-coimbatore-15 hours ago
who is he to tell what people can eat ? stick to your tourism portfolio. people can eat whatever they want as long as they can afford it. I live in dubai, pork is sold openly here. why is the Indian govt so fickle minded in this regard ?


Imran-7 hours ago
Hindu are allowed to eat beef , slaughter cow export beef and make leather belt of cow skin


wizard-9 hours ago
I fail to understand how Animal worshippers Consider themselves as modern people. .. Don't they still understand An Animal can't b Our God.... Shame...


Yolanda Roberts-9 hours ago
The ministers comments are silly. But I can''t think of many tourists who would insist on eating beef in India. So the question is also silly.


Ac Mathew-Dubai, United Arab Emira-6 hours ago
That''s like saying, ''Spend all your money in your own country and then come to India'' Does he want to make India like Pakistan, Afghanistan and some other backward countries?


Anonymous-bhaktslayer-15 hours ago
What next is this idiot going to say? Use toilet paper in your country and then come to India???