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五毛网 印度 2017年09月10日 来源:三泰虎

China, Pakistan take swipes at Trump's Afghan policy


BEIJING: The top diplomats from China and Pakistan took swipes at President Donald Trump's newly unveiled Afghanistan policy on Friday as they called for new talks with the Taliban to resolve the 16-year conflict.


Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said Beijing stood firmly behind its "ironclad friend" Pakistan, even though "some countries" did not give Islamabad the credit it deserved in fighting terrorism, a pointed reference to the US


Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif's first trip abroad to Beijing this week appeared to highlight how ties between the two all-weather allies have grown even closer while Pakistan's critical relationship with the US is disintegrating amid mutual recriminations and distrust.


Wang and Asif announced that China, Pakistan and Afghanistan will hold a new series of three-way talks later this year in China to push forward settlement negotiations with the Taliban while the US doubles down on its military campaign.



Saurabh Shekhar-16 hours ago
Pakistan or rather poor Pakistan. Immediately after the BRICS summit poor Pakistan rushed to lick China.


Venkatesh Iyengar-16 hours ago
Pakistan is going from the frying pan to the fire .


Appa Durai-16 hours ago
All their sins are bearing fruits.VINASHA KAALE VIPAREETHA BUDDHI


Sangita Banerjee-Sangita-14 hours ago
It is not clear who is fooling who but It is clear that this all weather friendship will soon become seasonal friendship and perhaps after some years may not be friendship at all and after even some more years may become enemies. China''s strategy of using Pakistan to counter India will come at a great price and headache and international isolation



H P P-GUWAHATI-16 hours ago
Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said Beijing stood firmly behind its "ironclad friend" Pakistan. why India following Gandhian''s policy?


do not Reply-16 hours ago
Pakistani are just like MINIONS ... looking for the new master. It was US --> Now China --> Future may be NKorea.


R Venkatesh Govind-Gurgaon-14 hours ago
Pakistan surely needs China. They have engaged China to clear & manage garbage in Karachi. Evident that Pakis cannot clean their own sh*t.


Xubi-16 hours ago
China & Pakistan cannot survive without US & Allies including India


R I-Rajesh-17 hours ago
China playing double politics as usual. Stupid Pakis will soon be without any funding from US, besides being in total debt of China. In their quest for Kashmir, they have screwed their own nation.



Balaji-21 hours ago
these Pak terrorist should do something heavy damage to Chinese ,then Chinese will become alive of ground reality & suffering of its neighbours


Satish Kulkarni-21 hours ago
This is a friendship based on Pakistans need of begging money and aid from someone or other and it''s philosophy of beg, borrow or steal.


Nam Singh-22 hours ago
A beggar nation is looking for new donor to take cafe of its daily survival !!


Naresh Y-Hyderabad, Telangana-21 hours ago
China is openly fooling Pakistan.. just last week they declared china as terristic heaven in BRICKS and now with Paki Minster they talk differntly Chinese are more dangerous tahn chemeloeon



Shriram-20 hours ago
Trump will address China and pakistan to stone age.


Vaibhav-Mumbai, Maharashtra, Ind-21 hours ago
China's stand against terrorism seems to fool the world but all knew about Chinese policies. They just want to grow their own business from slave Pakistan and earn market and money.


Pranab Das-India-19 hours ago
How can China sail in two boats at the same time: one is BRICS that denounces Pak based terror groups and the othe Pak who shelters thos terrorists? Is that not opportunism carried to the extreme?


Rakesh-20 hours ago
Pakistan and North Korea are two arms of China .


Chandra Shekhar Sood-A blind political sc-6 hours ago
Pakistan has found a new god father so it can shout back at uncle Sam!


Braj Kishore-INDIA-18 hours ago
It clearly shows that even China is fear of USA.