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五毛网 印度 2017年09月11日 来源:三泰虎

North Korea's nuclear arsenal threatens China's path to power


China has made little secret of its long-term goal to replace the United States as the major power in Asia and assume what it considers its rightful position at the center of the fastest-growing, most dynamic region in the world.


But North Korea, which defied Beijing by testing a sixth nuclear bomb on Sunday, has emerged as an unexpected and persistent obstacle.


Other major hurdles litter China's path. The United States, despite signs of retreat in Asia under the Trump administration, remains the dominant military power. And India and Japan, China's traditional rivals in the region, have made clear that they intend to resist its gravitational pull.


"North Korea may not be the biggest problem to China, but it does add a unique and very serious dimension to China's task of supplanting America in East Asia," said Hugh White, a former strategist for the Australian Defense Department. "That's because it is the only East Asian power with nuclear weapons."


Even if the United States steps back from the region, White added, "North Korea's capability means China can never be able to dominate the region as much as its leaders today probably hope."


"A balance of mutually assured destruction in Northeast Asia will not be a satisfactory situation for anyone," said Bilahari Kausikan, a former foreign secretary for Singapore. "But it will not necessarily be unstable, and it may be of some small consolation to Washington, Tokyo and Seoul that the implications for Beijing are somewhat worse."


On occasion, Chinese scholars and retired military officers agree to participate in the sessions. But Phillip C. Saunders, the director of the Center for the Study of Chinese Military Affairs at the National Defense University, said they usually emphasized two well-worn points:
The North Korean government is stable, and China's influence over North Korea is limited.




Om One-Bharat-14 hours ago
Who ever want to me No 1 Superpower just do not mess with India Period. Still I will prefer US over China as its True Democratic Country Allows for freedom of speech etc. on Other hand China is Closed , Authoritarian Government where people have no right to Religion, Speech they treat there own people Like bonded Laborer . India is most Democratic with Freedom for media and People. China has just one Political Party and India has so many that itself explains :-D


Mahesh Neelakantan-14 hours ago
China cannot become power - they are sitting in bubble economy. But chinkus wrong activities are good for india.


Bidhan Sahu-Bangalore-14 hours ago
China has been mentoring all these rogoue countries. It will soon realise when you feed milk to a snake it will strike you first.


Manoj Pushpala-Hyderabad,-16 hours ago
Though talks happened at BRICS summit . Never believe China , you will never know how china will change its allies. Whatever happens between China and other countries ,China will always indirectly support Pakistan and North Korea . US ,Japan,Russia,Israel,Afghanistan are always India''s best allies. Justice prevails.


Ch Prasad-16 hours ago
chinks are the main backers of nk and porkistan


Maharaj-14 hours ago
This article firmly establishes China guilty of major nuclear proliferation. What is the UN doing about this? Why is China still a permanent member of the UNSC with veto power? Why don't the other member countries demand that China be expelled for its sins of creating two rogue nuclear powers who could destroy the world one day.



Rajesh-Gurgaon-14 hours ago
China lacks many things to be a No. 1 super power. So it will be a distant dream for Chinese communist party.


Krishna-Bangalore-17 hours ago
Copy from NY times


Souvik-1 day ago
This is far fetched ... but increasingly we feel that North Korea is another victim of US politics of reverse play. With this it's US that is allowing North Korea to grow and so that they can intervene in Asia at will defying China's ascendency to global dominance.


Patriot-1 day ago
Bully can never be a leader bully can be leader of bully gang


Halius-Kuwait City-1 day ago
China created NK to needle.US , pak to control.India. No doubt china is the world leader now itself. A fool is white house and a feku is in red fort.


Kameswaran-1 day ago
North Korea will try to show the world that it is more powerful v


Vin-1 day ago

Japanese and Korean leadership should think about the Nuclear Option


Hemant-1 day ago
Chinese are the gross violators of Nuclear technology going to Pakistan and North Korea. It's ironical that it tries to obstruct India's entry in NSG. THE snakes that China created will bite them and Chinese dream of numerouno position will never materialise.


Tap K-1 day ago
US very well knows where the plutoniums r coming from.



Hardeep Singh Sondhi-1 day ago
It''s good that China has a real problem at its doorstep.....let''s see how it deals with it....