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五毛网 印度 2017年09月11日 来源:三泰虎

India speeds up border road work to avoid future Doklams


NEW DELHI: India's capacity to counter challenges like Doklam is likely to get a significant boost in the next couple of years with stepped up pace of work on India-China border roads likely to result in several critical high altitude links being completed well before the 2020-21 deadline.

新德里:印度应对如洞朗这样的危机的能力未来数年将得到显著提升,因为印度加快了中印边境道路建设步伐,数个主要的高海拔公路可能在在2020 - 21的最后期限之前完成。

A sense of urgency has been injected into BRO projects as the need to close, or at least narrow the logistics gap, between Indian and Chinese forces along the border has been brought home by the serious threat posed by incidents like Doklam to India's strategic interests. The proactive action of Indian troops in moving into territory disputed by China and Bhutan needed a strong and reliable supply line.


Another factor that worried the government and spurred construction of roads was reports of local populations migrating to the Chinese side in search of better economic activities. "This was the fallout of earlier policies of not building roads out of concern that they may end up aiding Chinese forces," said the source.



Sreenivasa Pai-10 hours ago
This government is far sighted and focussed on defence issues. To keep China in check is much required.


Rajat Lahiry-8 hours ago
UPA govt. was so busy looting the country that they neither could spare time or money for the security of the country.


Anand -4 hours ago
this is the main difference between the Congress and the BJP. BJP gives security it's due place while Congress doesn't. Much needed step by the govt.


Virendra Kumar Verma-Sydney Australia-4 hours ago
Congress kept the public in dark,had no concern about country''s security,glad that this Govt. is trying its best to secure the borders.
Now we must make sure that Congress is doomed and finish.



Truth Vs Reality-4 hours ago
Decades of Congress led failures being remediated now by BJP


Johny -Hyderabad-5 hours ago
Earlier Government - Congress focussed only how to loot or how to cheat our India. But this Govt is focussing on the overall development of the country.


dvsikka-9 hours ago
A welcome step.


Ashwani-2 hours ago
Parliament should frame a law prohibiting media from publishing defence secrets of India.


Prashant Mishra-2 hours ago
FYI ... I''m not a bhakt and neither am I a paid agent of BJP....but had the Doklam issue happened during the previous government...Chinese would have by now built a road and placed a regiment there, overlooking the Siliguri corridor...



Prince-SA-4 hours ago
a bigger budget and Govt support was what was needed.. The present Central Govt is exactly doing that..


Aaaa-India-7 hours ago
This government has got its focus right.


NAVIN CHANDRA-9 hours ago
Development and employment opportunities for residents along the border should be a priority.


jaguar ji-India-6 hours ago
Please think both ways... the border supply during peace time an be sent slowly but enemy entering india can get huge advantage 0fspeed by well built roads. Chinas roads can help us speed up our entry into china .


Brahmdeo Singh-6 hours ago
Every thing needed to confront China so that in future they can not dare to threaten India with use of force. Only weak nations get threats.


Sandeep-8 hours ago
This govt cant repair pot holes in cities like mumbai and we taking about roads to Chinese border.. what a joke


Aum Shanti-9 hours ago
modi government is of for and by people of PROUD INDIANS


Rajeev-3 hours ago
well done. No one should trust on china.


Indian-3 hours ago
The difference between us and China is China does work fast and silently, India does it at Snails Pace but ever so eager to scream and tell the world..... Talk less work more.....


Shiteej Tandon-4 hours ago
great job.. But can you also assure
that the road will not be of poor quality that it will be there for some time...


Sudeepto Das-5 hours ago
Boycott Chinese goods and services. Period.