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Vast scale of British slave ownership revealed


46,000 Britons were slave owners on the day that slavery was abolished in 1833 and all received a share of a £17 billion compensation payout from the Government


Records from the Slave Compensation Commission show that some 800,000 Africans were freed upon abolition after being kept as legal property.


A cartoon lampooning British Prime Minister Arthur Wellesley over his objection to the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 


Upon their liberation the Commission paid out the modern equivalent of £17 billion in compensation to the UK's tens of thousands of owners – the largest government pay-out since the 2009 bank bailout.


The colossal sum represented 40 per cent of government expenditure in 1834.


Researchers from UCL led by Professor Catherine Hall and Dr Nick Draper have published the files into an online database which is available for the general public to access and search for the names of all those who received compensation.


Both David and Samantha Cameron have ancestors who recieved money from the billions paid to slave owners in compensation 


John Gladstone, the father of prime minister William Ewart Gladstone, who owned nine sugar plantations, received the most money in compensation being paid £106,769 or the equivalent of £80 million today.


The great-grandfather of novelist George Orwell, Charles Blair, received £4,442 or the modern day figure of £3 million in compensation.


It is now thought that 10 per cent of Britons who died in the 18th century benefited from slavery and that up to 15 per cent of the British elite were connected to the trade.


A new BBC documentary named Britain's Forgotten Slave Owners, reveals that slave ownership was not just reserved for Briton's wealthy gentry however.


Shackles which were used to tether slaves 


The two part programme, presented by historian David Olugsoga shows that middle-class families with occupations ranging from home country vicars to iron manufacturers also had a stake in the trade.

这一节目分为两个部分,由历史学家David Olugsoga出品,显示了从祖国牧师到铁业制造商的中产阶级家庭都曾与这类交易利益攸关。

Other surprises included the discovery that 40 per cent of slave owners living in the colonies were found to be women who had inherited what was then regarded as human property through their partner's wills.


Rather than being restricted to the UK's major ports slave owners were also found to reside throughout the country, with Scotland containing the highest rates of slave ownership in proportion to the population.



ElZorillo 16 hours ago 
UK Pop in 1800s was 10.5mil. So 99.5% of UK population were not slave owners and should feel no obligation to compensate or feel guilt over slavery whatsoever.


John Mills 2 days ago 
A BBC documentary! What a surprise, let's beat ourselves up about the past and ignore the new slave trade brought back by multi-culturalism!


Give us a wave Teddy!! 2 days ago 
You can't change history....but aleast learn and respect the millions that were slaughted and kept as slaves. Interesting, how some people are saying we should not drag up the past.....and yet we never fail to commemorate WW1 & WW2 every year. But I guess they are two different things. Food for thought.


44054 2 days ago 
Even in Africa a tribe would take other tribe members as slaves.


Joe Baker 3 days ago 
Inherited wealth has to come from somewhere. It's just better when the state provides it.
In two hundred years our descendants will be reading about the vast wealth given to bankers by government in the early twenty-first century. The only difference being that the slave owners actually gave up their slaves.


Gym 3 days ago 
This is an article about the British slave trade but the Arabs are somehow to blame. the slave trade was as disgusting as the things the Nazis did to the Jews. Need to face up to this fact.


blksista 2 days ago 
After a while, they did not need the Arabs as middlemen. The Arab slave trade was a lot different than that of the Western slave trade. You need to do more reading.


skint 3 days ago 
0.2 % of the population at the time.


Bob_International 3 days ago 
Ah, ha, that explains why Cameron is trying to turn the poor into his slaves.


Bob_International 3 days ago 
We should at least get the 17 billion back though.
At todays worth.


unbiased 3 days ago 
Seems lots of commentators have a predilection for syntactical accuracy while escaping the intention and exegesis of the journalist.Notable families have attained their wealth and position from the misery of slave labour.So what's new?


SCOTTG 3 days ago 
for goodness sake stop dragging this issue out yet again and attempting make we brits guilty. No nation on earth did as much as the British to rid the world of slavery .... if you want to criticize write an article or many bloody articles about the Arab world both past and present


REP 3 days ago 
From reading some of what the commentators have said. You can only be guilty of slavery if you are white. 
Sounds pretty much like what Bahar Mustafa wrote, "I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender and therefore women of colour and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist, since we do not stand to benefit from such a system."
Coming from an ethnic background, I can honestly say that we have quite a few racists among our own.
A c**t is a c**t, no matter where you are from!

听起来非常像Bahar Mustafa所写的,"我,一个少数民族女性,不能对白种男性有种族歧视或是性别歧视,因为种族主义和性别主义都是要基于种族和性别的特权结构之上的,因此有色种族女性和少数民族女性,不能当种族主义者或是性别主义者,因为我们不会从这样的系统中受益。"

dnmurphy 3 days ago 
Frankly who cares? Slavery as the norm at that time, and Africans and Arabs held black people as slaves. It been estimated the the barbary corsairs and others took around 2 million christians as slaves into the middle east. Empires such as the Zulu and N'Dbele destroyed and conquered whole civilizations.
NO one alive today was a slave or owned slaves, so its time this whining was stopped.


sabcarrera 3 days ago 
Adam Smith concluded that slavery wasn't such a money spinner, and a free labour market allowed factory owners to lay people off for nothing during slack trade periods. 


Susan Antony 3 days ago 
"...Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha, Benedict Cumberbach, Ben Affleck and author George Orwell are just some of the high profile ancestors of the slave owners revealed in the files..."
"...Upon their liberation the Commission paid out the modern equivalent of £17 billion in compensation to the UK's tens of thousands of owners – the largest government pay-out since the 2009 bank bailout..."
Did some idiot write this article?

"……首相大卫•卡梅伦和他的妻子萨曼莎, 本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇,本·阿弗莱克和作者乔治·奥威尔都只是文件中所透漏出的有着奴隶主祖先的高调人士中的其中一些。……"

dnmurphy 3 days ago 
Clearly the author was a semi-literate moron with an axe to grind.


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