原文地址:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4022488/Trump-says-U-S-not-necessarily-bound-one-China-policy.htmlPresident-elect Donald Trump has revived quest


President-elect Donald Trump has revived questions over his plans for the US-Chinese relationship by saying he might break the decades-long 'one China' policy depending on trade deals.



At present China and Taiwan both claim ownership of each-other's territories but the US only recognizes the Chinese claim while maintaining unofficial ties with Taiwan.


Speaking to Fox News Sunday Trump said: 'I fully understand the "one China" policy but I don't know why we have to be bound by a "one China" policy unless we make a deal with China having to do with other things including trade.'






ascades99 Gotham United States 9 hours ago

Finally SOMEONE to stand up to this s/tealing l/ying p/olluting bully we know as CHINA.


Chillin Out Santa Clarita United States 8 hours ago

Your lcomrade is a pathological liar. He's is a con man. He wants to get rid of the clean air act. You're describing to a T how this country will be ran.


mk_ultra London United Kingdom 3 hours ago

Well while were on the subject of pollution. When trump decides to deny climate change just think how much chinas pollution will go up


millwright Burnham United States 9 hours ago

37 years of cheap trinkets poorly made that by design put American factories under. Yeah time to change that deal.


McGarrigle Mile High United States 8 hours ago

Oh Amanda bless your little heart. I would rather pay more buy less do without and support my country and it's people more than I want a good deal on something that's not a necessity.


K_Lu US United States 3 hours ago

Wasn't the excuse Clinton and ohers used that China would reform? How'd that turn out? lol


Imnotbuyingit Left coast looser United States 8 hours ago

Don't you think it's about time the American workers got a fair deal from China trade policy?


Chris 1492 Isla United States 8 hours ago

Yes stop buying made in China.


Capt Dan jupiter FL United States 1 hour ago

I agree but it's now hard to find something that isn't.



Mika Brooklyn United States 9 hours ago

Trump seems to not realize that he is playing a game he can't win. All China has to do is demand debt re-payment pronto to totally sink the USA. As of September 30 we owe china 1.157 trillion dollars. Yes that's trillion. It's not a good idea to annoy people you owe that much money to.



Milaaa Universal Law United States 8 hours ago

Hahaha... Too funny! Print "more" worth less... Worthless get it. Hahaha


EverydayImTrolling CheeseAndPickle South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islands 6 hours ago

I love how you all talk about who would be worse off simple fact is you would be both f * *ked.


Alonzo Quijana Miami Beach United States 8 hours ago

Love it! China never saw that coming. I'm so enjoying Trump's sheer unpredictability.


Milaaa Universal Law United States 8 hours ago

Better put your helmet on.


MíoTio OutsideUrHouse Afghanistan 7 hours ago

Wtf has china done to you? Your fellow citizens moved your jobs abroad and didn't give two shts about you not china.


applejacks Anywhere United States 7 hours ago

It's our fault we have given China too much power. May we never give that much away business and soulwise ever again.


BDSIM New Orleans United States 6 hours ago

Dude Bush went to China in 2007 and asked them to help they bought up every bond they could. You act like we are just giving away business them came and cleaned up in 07 buying up everything banks land bonds we didnt give them anything. We opened that door when we asked for financial help so now they direct business back to them keeping there money in their own pockets. First thing we need to do is try to buy some of our own bonds land banks back from them diverting jobs back into our country. That is how you remove their power and influence. Then you deal with them


Signed Integer Lake Vostok Antarctica 7 hours ago

Why does anyone have a 'One China' policy? Currently there is a North and South Korea there used to be an East and West Germany. 'One China' is only kowtowing to Beijing.



kab46 Somewhere United States 7 hours ago

Then let Taiwan deal with it. I thought everyone was sick of us sticking our noses in every countries business. Taiwain is not worth going to war over.


L T Hagerstown United States 7 hours ago

Kab46 he is trying to get us a better deal when it comes to products. Taiwan is willing to do the same work cheaper and better.


Peter Ca. United States 7 hours ago

Trump has a good point. I think we should negotiate with Taiwan to establish an air base there. China is flagrantly disregarding all international laws in the China sea establishing military bases on land that rightfully belongs to other Sovereign Nations. And yes I know China will go ballistic over this issue.


Blue Statement Hudson Valley United States 6 hours ago

That would be like China putting missile silos in Guam or Puerto Rico. 100% certaintly of war.


K_Lu US United States 3 hours ago

The US had bases there before. The ROC and PRC claimed Taiwan was given to China in the San Francisco Treaty by Japan but US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles said it didn't and that Japan just renounced owning it.

美国之前在台湾有军事基地。中华民国和中华人民共和国都宣称《旧金山条约》中已经将台湾归还中国,但是美国国务院的John Foster Dulles认为并非如此,日本只是放弃了拥有台湾的权利。

Two Worlds Columbia United States 8 hours ago

This man is such an idiot it's not even funny. He never truly wanted the job of president he's not prepared for it and he's not intelligent enough for it.


Hoochmooch Phoenix 7 hours ago

With one hand liberals are openly calling for war with Russia because of some anonymous CIA claim they interfered with the election that by the way no evidence has ever been shown that it was Russia. With the other hand liberals are screaming Trump is going to start a war with China because of a phone call with Taiwan. No one takes you seriously!


duddly midwest United States 7 hours ago

Taiwan deserves independence. Otherwise why would we sell them arms???


Mustermann2015 Texas United States 7 hours ago

Does Ukraine deserve independence too? If so someone tell Putin and his boy Donny!

那乌克兰也应该独立?是这样的话,谁去告诉普京和他的手下“ Donny”一下哈!

TheMagician Pangea United States 58 minutes ago

Mustermann...Ukraine voted for to be part of Russia again by a lopsided margin. And unlike the US they required voter ID.


Zig Johnson Portland United States 4 hours ago

Finally a president with backbone who puts America first!!!!!!



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