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Shocking moment spoilt Chinese boy violently kicks his mother as she tries to stop him from playing on his phone


A Chinesemother was brutally attacked by her own son as she tried to stop him from playing on his mobile phone.



The 10-year-old boy, from Guangzhou, southern China's Guangdong Province, repeatedly kicked his mother in the torso when he was told to get off his phone, reported People's Daily Online.  


The boy's grandmother, who was with the pair at the time, tried to stop the child from assaulting his mother, but to no avail.






tmcp, Sydney, Australia, 1 day ago

The problem being... the mother doing absolutely nothing....


Regular Reader, Metropolis, Australia, 19 hours ago

Perhaps he comes from a violent household. If this is his best behaviour in public, what's he like at home? Or perhaps his father is his role model?


jellet, Perth, Australia, 17 hours ago

An angelina Jolie type mother...


Catherine, London, 1 day ago

Wow, if my son ever behaved like that he wouldn't know what hit him.


Jskim, Australia, Australia, 1 day ago

If I was the mum I would have have smacked him down. Dodging it only encourages the child to act more violently.


LadyMcGregor, Sydney, Australia, 23 hours ago

Problem with that is she would have been reported to the authorities and so the cycle continues.


Hughjazz, Melbourne, Australia, 1 day ago

And i thought the Snowflake generation was bad! What would this kid do to someone he doesn't know, if that is how he treats his own mother.



Vicki, South Australia, Australia, 1 day ago

Unfortunately, if he's not pulled into line now, that will be how he treats his wife.


RFR, near the gum tree, Australia, 14 hours ago

Runts like that are selective who they assault. You only attack those you know won't hit back. I bet he doesn't do that at school - the other kids would sort him out quickly - quicker than his mother!


Bex959804, Australia, 23 hours ago

Holy cr**, if any of my kids tried that on me they'd be picking up their teeth afterwards.


HZ, Tampa, United States, 10 hours ago

When I was a kid if you even talked back you would get slapped across the room and no doubt be murdered if you physically assaulted mom. Not by her tho. She would let you wait for dad to come home and do the deed.


angelina, Qld, Australia, 1 day ago

Shocking sign of the times so much so that if someone was in a coma & came back to life they would not believe what they see today. Twenty years ago when this nonsense of authorities not allowing us to discipline kids (& all at the hands of the few who abused some children) this is when it all went downhill. This, along with people who have kids & then think its someone else¿s job to teach kids. Kids need boundaries for their own sake otherwise they spiral out of control & what happens then is that they are a menace to themselves & everyone in society & so there we have what we have today.


JKG1988, adelaide, Australia, 1 day ago

I wasn't allowed to even have a phone until I had some sort of job, now 10 year olds have phones ha. That boy needs to learn some respect!


anubis8, Sydney, Australia, 23 hours ago

I had to ask permission from the parents to make a phone call (from a real phone) until I was about 17. Not to mention a bag of other restrictions placed upon that that many youngsters today would be seeking assistance from the various Govt social welfare authorities complaining a whole swag of excessive maltreatments


raefinn, Somewhere, Canada, 21 hours ago

This is what happens when a society doesn't value women but treats it's boys like little kings. In Canada that kid would face charges of assaulting his mother.



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