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英国网民评论:马云会见川普,承诺创造百万就业 [每日邮报]

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President-elect Donald Trump met Monday inside Trump Tower with Jack Ma the head of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba – as the company touted a plan it said would create 'one million jobs.'

侯任总统唐纳德·特朗普周一在特朗普大厦与中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴的总裁马云会面 - 该公司宣布了一个据说将创造“一百万个工作岗位的计划。


The company accounts for three-quarters of all online sales in China a burgeoning market. It wasn't immediately clear if there was anything else on the agenda besides the jobs plan.   Trump escorted company head Jack Ma to the lobby of Trump Tower and appeared briefly with reporters after their meeting.

在中国这个新兴市场中,该公司占所有线上销售份额的四分之三。 目前还不清楚议程上除了上述工作岗位的计划之外是否还有其他事宜。 会后特朗普陪同总裁马云出现在特朗普大厦的大厅与记者们简会。

The president-elect called it a 'great meeting.' 


'We had a great meeting and a great great entrepreneur one of the best in the world and he loves this country and he loves China' Trump said.


'Jack Ma and President Elect to meet today to discuss how $BABA will create 1 MM US jobs by helping SMEs sell to China' the company wrote.







A MILLION agricultural jobs! THANK YOU President Trump. Plenty of labor intensive jobs for US citizens AND illegal immigrants.



The company is currently under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for its accounting practices that's O.K. we still haven't seen Comrade Humpty's Tax Returns yet. A million jobs you say doing what exactly and at what wages and will it include free health care yes this man knows it is cheaper to employ Americans "WHAT" we are ready to believe you.



So all one has to do is make up job numbers and get Truump to greet you. Alibaba is the worlds largest scam



This is not only good news for American businesses but consumers. I look forward to more competition between good value products and lower prices in Aliexpress.



Here in U.K. brexit leaders are saying don't worry about sterling dropping and everything going up in price including food brexit will create more jobs What's the point if you are paid slaves wages and barely able to make payments. Hope it doesn't happen in USA Also note all brexit leaders have gone once brexit happened.. I really hope Trump creates real job with reasonable wages....



Flood the U.S with even more cheaply made products from withing our borders. Brilliant!


Grace -> futura03

They would be selling the same things Amazon sells and more thru small businesses. I think he said wine agriculture stuff. in addition


futura03 -> futura03

Grace Amazon has put a stop to a lot of Chinese knockoffs. Alibaba has not. Research it yourself.



One thing about trump he talks the talk and don't walk the walk! He runs unlike Obama. Excuse Excuse and then blame. Excuses and blame are typical with a poor up bringing.


Spring-heeled Jack -> Waffen

Obama doesn't run? What about his infamous "line in the sand" in Syria?




So chinese goods will continue to be sold here? I thought Donald wanted to stop that?


chris8 -> lilpad

I didn't read details about Chinese imports but if they were sold here Trump was threatening a tariff (which the government will collect to offset high-end tax cuts). This was dealing much with jobs created for exports to China - primarily agricultural exports so Trump supporters can get jobs working in the fields which they wanted to get after illegal immigrants got booted... looks like there will be plenty of field jobs for everyone now. Not sure how much they'll pay but probably at least minimum wage.

我没有阅读关于中国进口的细节,但是如果他们在这里出售,特朗普就要威胁征收关税(政府将征收这些关税以抵消高端减税)。出口中国很大程度上创造就业 - 主要是农产品出口,所以特朗普的支持者可以在非法移民被解雇后得到他们想要的工作...现在看起来大量的各领域工作在等着大家。不知道他们会支付多少薪水,但可能至少有最低工资额度。

hmm111 -> lilpad

$15/hour. Not bad for picking tomatoes! How about all the new college grads that start out at 15 and reach the stars at $20? PLUS the thousands in student loan debt. They will retire before they break even. Ridiculous move

15美元每小时。对于摘西红柿来说还不错!但是对于所有新的大学毕业生来说呢?从15美元开始,到20美元开始? 再加上成千上万的学生贷款债务。他们甚至会在收支平衡之前就退休了。可笑的举动


The red hat Trump wore was made in China. People need to get their heads out of Trump's as s. Then maybe they'll be able to see what's going on.


Grace -> Libra

that is a lie. Trump's hats were made in USA Was a story concerning a company happy to get the business. Maybe the knockoffs could have been not what the campaign sold.


chris8 -> Libra

"Official" MAGA hats were made in Southern CA but not the knockoffs. All the rest of Trump trinkets (crystal ties shirts etc) are made overseas... the only thing he had made here were hats because profit didn't matter (wholesale cost was paid for by the campaign).

“官方”MAGA(make america great again )帽子是在南加州制作的,而不是仿冒品。其他所有的川普的饰品(透明领带衬衫等)是在海外制作的...他在这里唯一做的就是帽子,因为这点利润并不重要(批发费用是由竞选支付)。


Yes...Flush the TPP...stop outsourcing American jobs to cheap slave labor countries....keep American jobs at home....8 years of outsourcing jobs and depressing wages is over...that is why the DNC lost the election...the Blame Game is Over.


chris8 -> eugenes

It's normal for countries to lose manufacturing jobs as the population is educated (note what happened with Japan and Korea changing from "trinkets"/clothing to electronics/cars/software). The US is different because we have a lot of people living in red states that don't want to get educated - this is fine with the GOP because they do better with a lesser educated electorate (who believe statements that go against fact like "trust us when we say that high-end tax cuts/trickle down economics will create jobs in rural America"). 



Yes because trump branded products are manufactured in China.



At Chinese wages too!



DC Resident

This screams conflict of interest and his followers cheer while being scammed by the con in chief. Perhaps Trump should pay the contractors that renovated the DC Trump hotel first. They just issued a 5 million dollar lien against the property for unpaid bills. He disgusts me.


Grace -> DC Resident

Has to be more to the story. I will wait and see. U will probably be disappointed



Trump is enterviewing every corporate head in the world looking for bailout for his income juggling.


Burnt -> Factoids

If your worth over a billion he will see you nasty piece of work.


robert powers

Good...Amazon needs some competition! We need the jobs and besides the owner has been a DI CK towards Trump!

很好...亚马逊需要更多的竞争!我们需要这些工作,再说,这老总对川普来讲就是个白 痴。


Nope...not tired of winning yet.



Umm. Weren't you Trump fans AGAINST Wall Street influence in govt? Make up your minds.




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