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英国网民评论:摩苏尔大坝可能随时坍塌杀死150万人 [独立报]

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An employee works on strengthening the Mosul Dam on the Tigris River, north of the Iraqi city of Mosul, on February 1, 2016 AFP/Getty Images




Engineers and other experts have warned that the collapse of an eight mile (13 kilometre) long dam on the Tigris River in northern Iraq is just a “matter of time”, triggering an environmental disaster which could leave 1.5 million people dead and millions more as far away as Baghdad without food or electricity.

工程师和其他专家们已经对位于伊拉克北部底格里斯河上一座8英里长(13公里)的大坝可能坍塌发出了警告,称这只是“时间问题”。这可能引发一场环境灾难 ,导致150万人丧生并且使在巴格达的数百万人面临食物短缺和电力匮乏。

The Mosul Dam, 40 miles (60 kilometres) away from the Isis-controlled city of the same name, holds 11.1 billion cubic metres of water, and has been plagued by problems since its construction in the 1980s thanks to the fact it was built on soluble ground.


It has required constant maintenance to fill the cavities that form underneath the concrete to stop it collapsing ever since.


A 2006 US Army Corps engineering report found the “Mosul Dam is the most dangerous dam in the world” - but the situation has become more precarious since Isis took control of the area in 2014, including, briefly, the dam itself. Many of the 1,500 workers stationed there fled, and the extremists damaged much of their equipment. 


“It is just a matter of time. It will be worse than throwing a nuclear bomb on Iraq,” Professor Nadhir al-Ansari of the Environmental Engineering Department at Lulea University in Sweden, who inspected the initial construction, told Al-Jazeera. 

监督过大坝最初建设的瑞典吕勒奥大学环境工程系教授Nadhir al-Ansari表示:“这只是时间问题,这比用原子弹轰炸伊拉克还糟糕。”

A 2015 study from the European Commission's Science Centre found that even a partial breach of 26 per cent would unleash a flood of catastrophic proportions. 


A wave of water up to 100 feet (30 metres) high would engulf Mosul in two hours, taking with it people, unexploded bombs, buildings and cars, as well as toxic substances from oil refineries and human waste.


The surrounding flood plains are already home to more than one million people living in tents after being displaced by fighting who would struggle to find protection from the water.


Within four days, both the EU and US experts predict, a wave between six - 36 feet (two - eight metres) high would reach Baghdad, 250 miles (400 kilometres) away.


The UN predicted last year that in any flooding scenario, up to four million people will be left homeless, and aid will take up to two weeks to reach those in need if airports, electricity grids and roads are knocked out. Iraq’s oil refineries and up to two thirds of its wheat fields would also be affected. 


New £234 million ($300 million) World Bank funded repairs are being carried out by an Italian engineering company, but the fragile security situation in the area is making completion of the work difficult.



Millions in need of aid as Iraqi forces advance on Mosul


Kurdish and Italian soldiers remain on constant guard for extremist attacks. In October, an Isis convoy armed with explosives tried to approach the dam but were killed by Kurdish missiles before they reached it.


A better and more permanent solution would be to build a second dam - but the political and military instability and lack of funds mean this option is highly unlikely.


Iraqi officials have tried to downplay scientists’ and the international community's fears of an imminent disaster, but Professor Ansari remains sceptical the problem will be solved in time.


“I am convinced the dam could fail tomorrow,” he said.







i seem to have been reading of this imminent collapse for at least 2 years.


I Love Brexit!

If Trump was in charge he'd build a f**ing brilliant damn. It would probably be made of gold and have a 5-star hotel and a bowling alley. 



We have enough human stupidity to deal with in our own country without worrying about the idiocy of those thousands of miles away. 



Build an Ark?

and they went in two by two,

an Iraqi a Kurd and a wandering Jew.




"Within four days, both the EU and US experts predict, a wave between six - 36 feet (two - eight metres) high would reach Baghdad, 250 miles (400 kilometres) away."

So lets presume it hits in 2 days. that's 48 hours.

250 miles divided by 48 hours = 5.21miles per hour average.

but surely the wave would be traveling very quickly when its 30M high, so when it reaches Bagdad 250 miles away and done an average of 5.21mph - the 6ft wave would be going alot slower than 5.21mph.... I don't get it... am I missing something?






I think you have to be right.  These figure do not make sense at all.  It is the usual problem with figures in the Big Media.



I just don't think it works like that, the water level would rise and keep rising, but there is no real wave.



I bet if the dam did fail, it will all be "ISIS" fault and not the fault of the Western governments that let ISIS rapid growth (or alleged backing) go unheeded




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