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英国网民评论:中国称川普的说话方式像新手,并称他的台湾立场是可鄙的 [每日邮报]

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President-elect Donald Trump 'speaks like a rookie' China's state-run media said Monday describing his suggested use of America's position on Taiwan as a bargaining chip as 'despicable.'



The nationalist tabloid Global Times published an editorial blasting Trump's strategy and saying China would have a strong response to any reconsideration of the 'one China' policy. 






RedRumRedRum Kansas City United States 19 hours ago

China's treatment of Taiwan is despicable. The US and UN going along with it is despicable.


Bevenion Calgary 14 hours ago

China is bitter cuz they spent HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS on Hillary and LOST BIG!!!


Candy Bars The Edge United States 13 hours ago

Bev - they paid millions to Trump too but Russia paid more.


WorriedBrit Southampton United Kingdom 19 hours ago

China has been stealing technology and IPR from every advanced country in the world for many years. It's about time they were challenged.


Zoltar Speaks London United Kingdom 17 hours ago

Every f v c king penny of Chinese new wealth comes from flogging tat to the West ordered by Western companies. An embargo would collapse their economy. Any administration in country with a long history of revolution and civil war would be very foolish to precipitate more of the same because the man on the street will blame his government when things go wrong. They are just like the EU big mouth but they need us more than we need them. There are plenty of other poor countries where we can get our tat made forcus but they won't find another punter like the West.


Senkun Musashi Damascus Syria 11 hours ago

Zoltar speaks the truth!


chopp nyc 19 hours ago

I support Taiwan!


SAY WHAT YOU SEE Liverpool United Kingdom 19 hours ago

Trump knows how to rattle China's cageTaiwan has been independent of China for 70 yearsit had been bullying Taiwan for 300 years prior China should recognise Taiwan's right to "self determination "well said Mr Trump.


Poplap Pretoria 14 hours ago

Free Tibet also while you are at it...


A ENGLISH LEEDS United Kingdom 10 hours ago

They worried much? --- There's a new sheriff in town --- & his name is D. J. Trump !

他们会担心吗?镇上有个新警长--他的名字叫D. J. Trump!


CommonsenseAgain Boston United States 18 hours ago

No... actually the unqualified ROOKIE president is just about to leave office. Trump is the guy who knows what he is doing.


AitchAre Cheshire United Kingdom 15 hours ago

Misquoted; they said lucky ;-)


nhooterville Suffolk United States 14 hours ago

Yeah he knows what he is doing. Since the election he has flip flopped on numerous things he said before the election. Oh yeah and most presidents right off the bat hire generals that disagree with him. I do find Conway entertaining though. She is on the morning news shows claiming one thing then 3 hours later he twits saying the exact opposite. smh


farmshop Pandemonium United Kingdom 17 hours ago

China have had it all their own way far too long manipulating markets manipulating currencies manipulating trade tariffs.


Poplap Pretoria 14 hours ago

Exporting people...


marie Dublin Ireland 12 hours ago

EU regulations out the window so they can peddle their lead poisoned products to you now after Article 50


HillaryLst Nunya United States 18 hours ago

For those putting trump down. What happened when obama went there.


marie Dublin Ireland 12 hours ago

you know the world needs to do some major re arranging of people because reading these support e mails to trump the world is over run by stupid people .. a war may get rid of a good few as they throw themselves behind trump


TwelveStrings Ohio United States 11 hours ago

Money No Have- We have either been at war or an occupying force the entire time Obama has been in office. This has NEVER happened before. He has bombed SEVEN countries. Bombs 24/7. Over 26 thousand bombs dropped in 2016. Now we have troops in Poland.


Pipeman Baccytown United Kingdom 18 hours ago

To be fair China's intransigence over Taiwan and Tibet is unhelpful in the 21st Century. These countries were stand alone nations before China annexed them and should be left to their own devices now.



Lovely world glasgow United Kingdom 17 hours ago

"you can't talk to them because the aren't out friend" says China. It sounds like something straight out of the playground.


Butlerian Revolt Dune United States 19 hours ago

I guess there will be a big argument on the tarmac and no red carpet if Mr Trump goes to China.


Zeroballs City Vatican 18 hours ago

Who cares what China says or thinks?


bundysmom Las Vegas United States 14 hours ago

CHINA is despicable!! Importing their junk. Stealing copyrights and producing knock off clothing electronics & cars. Polluting their country. Duing their currency. Pretending to be friends of ours while spying & hacking our country. Need I go on??? I am not interested in anything they have to say.


emma b manchester United Kingdom 14 hours ago

@dabbles. Give it a rest you have failed just like Ob ozo

@dabbles.省省吧你就像Ob ozo一样是个卢瑟

Pete Shepherds Bush United Kingdom 19 hours ago

Of course he speaks like a rookie. He IS a rookie.


abuelopitufo madrid Antarctica 17 hours ago

These Chinese goons are about to find out their happy days are over. Once Trump dictates trade terms to China they'll know they're scre.-wed. Apple is already considering moving to the US.


Pete Shepherds Bush United Kingdom 17 hours ago

But Mr Trump provides Chinese junk...


Mathew777 Amsterdam Netherlands 16 hours ago

U mean just like Trump "considered" to show his tax returns?


Momof3girls La Habra Hts. Ca. United States 15 hours ago

I don't like China thinking the run this country. Barry gave everyone too much power over us. I'm so glad his sorry a$$ is out in four days.



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