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英国网民评论:新生幼崽在街上被售卖,狗妈妈不愿离开 [每日邮报]

五毛网 英德 2017年04月21日 来源:五毛网


This is the heart-breaking moment a mother dog came to guard her caged puppies which were being sold on the streets.



The sad-looking dog comes to see her newborn puppies barely a month old at a night market in China every day.


When two of her puppies got sold she even chased after the buyer for some distance unwilling to let her puppies go.


The pictures were taken on April 17 in Hangzhou. 


The photographer told MailOnline that he was on his way to take pictures for another assignment when he saw a crowd of people gathering around the mother dog. 


The dog aged three is called Le Le.


The stall owner claimed that Le Le had given birth to four puppies about a month before and two of them had been sold said the photographer who wished to stay anonymous for privacy reasons.


The two puppies were put into a small cage as the vendor waited for potential buyers.


The photographer added that whenever people showed interests and pointed at Le Le's puppies the mother dog would turn her head around and looked at the potential buyers seemingly protecting her puppies.






bellapops Surrey United Kingdom 16 hours ago

Just heartbreaking. No animal welfare there. I can't stand that.


BeDiem Vancouver Canada 13 hours ago

DM stop running these stories. So heartbreaking and it makes me hate that country even more!


stewmath Tamworth United Kingdom 13 hours ago

Sadly its China so they are most likely being sold as food.


dailymailonline New York United Kingdom 9 hours ago

That only happens in certain areas and is becoming more and more outdated. That comment is the same as saying every time British people go to another country they steal sell drugs exploit and then leave it in war and in ruins. Stay in your own country.


Middletown D theoneinwhichilive United States 7 hours ago

I was going to correct you but as you state being in NY we all know it doesnt matter what the truth is to you.



Shurman Amsterdam Netherlands 15 hours ago

Poor Poor dog


tacitus Los Angeles United States 8 hours ago

One of the many reasons why I will never visit China and try to avoid buying Chinese-made products- how they treat their animals.


Albany London 16 hours ago

They'll be sold to someone who 'truly likes dogs' alright but probably for dinner....


D-H-G Singapore Singapore 15 hours ago

So sad...


Chris Norfolk United Kingdom 13 hours ago



THaywood Rocky Mtns United States 8 hours ago

I cannot hunk of anything worse than being born a dog in China :(


Destine Shreveport 10 hours ago

Poor momma. That is a bit to early to sell them anyway and I only hope that they are going to be pets not food.


txbicow east london United Kingdom 11 hours ago

there goes to show dog has feeling too but then again in China Vietnam and Korea they don't seem to care for dog or cat or another human.


UKVaper London United Kingdom 16 hours ago

You don't have to go all the way to China to see this happening. It's going on all around us every day.


BrianP New York United States 9 hours ago

If that doesn't break your heart; I don't know what will.



rks vadodara India 14 hours ago



Rammed Earth Cavewell Antigua and Barbuda 6 hours ago

There is nothing colder nothing more heartless nothing more evil than the mind of a person who will justify such a thing as this. A pox on top of a curse on your life you cold blooded shrew.


Dean23703 Chesterfield United States 11 hours ago

Looks like the person who's selling these puppies seems only concern about profit. He should have least allowed these puppies to be wean from their mother properly so they have the best chance for survival. Unfortunately because China has only in the past 20 years westernize allowing individuals to have and own business for profit they forgot their dealing with living feeling creatures. It''s sad the value system which use to be instilled into the young is now missing. We in the west seem to have forgotten a lot of the same value system we hope China will adopt when it come to the treatment of animals. All life has meaning and not just a food source. I don't know if they understand the impact their having on these animals but one can only hope. Unfortunately we're all hypocrites because most of us still love a good steak chicken or ham and the slaughter houses are horror houses these days!




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