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'You better not come back to China': Student is forced to apologize after her speech about 'fresh air and freedom' in the US compared with her home country goes viral



A Chinese student in the US was forced to apologise after a controversial speech on fresh air and freedom sparked online outrage in her home country.


Shuping Yang, an University of Maryland graduate, said American air 'was so sweet and fresh, and oddly luxurious' compared to China's air at a commencement ceremony on May 21.


Her remarks, which also addressed 'fresh air' of democracy and free speech in the US, had received overwhelming criticisms from millions of Chinese online users for 'belittling' the country.






Xeniajack, Ohio, United States, 14 hours ago

A world power threatened by the words of a college student. Pretty pathetic.


Aunt Ruby, Here and There, Nauru, 10 hours ago

'control' has always been the name of the game (a theme on planet Earth). Fear monger and power monger rule the day.


RVII, San Diego, United States, 13 hours ago

She is not wrong. Choke on the truth, China.


figaro0314, Nowhere, 13 hours ago

The sad part is she discovered freedom of speech here and then was forced to apologize for her comments. I can't believe she apologized for what she believes to be the truth. I understand that her visa will now be revoked by China and she won't have any choice to go back but I wouldn't apologize.


Kocour, London, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago

I criticise my home country, the UK, all the time. The roads are awful, prices are high, wages low, I could write a book about the improvements it needs.


MissTexas, Washington DC, United States, 13 hours ago

Right! Just because you criticize something, that doesn't mean that you don't love it. There is so much room for improvement among every country in the world! Including the U.K. and the US :)


perlcat, Omaha, United States, 13 hours ago

That's right! We're the greatest country in the world in terms of having room for improvement!

对的!我们是这个世界上最伟大的国家 ,就进步空间而言!

John A C, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago

Truth hurts!


wargalley20011, Pensacola, United States, 14 hours ago

Now she can stay in the US as a political refugee.


nycexpat, Chicago, 11 hours ago

I suspect she'll contribute more to the US than you will, considering she's got a current education.


Yankee Nationalist, New England, United States, 10 hours ago

China's loss, our gain.


Anti44, South West, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago

Ah the land of the free, so pointing out that China is the pollution capital of the planet and a communist dictatorship means you have to publicly abase yourself.


dean, sweetwater, United States, 14 hours ago

Social media is worldwide. Don't blame U.S.A.



nycexpat, Chicago, 11 hours ago

China hasn't been "communist" in quite a while, and they have regular elections and change leaders, so it's not exactly a dictatorship either. Please learn the meanings of your buzzwords, Donald.


PlantBased, xxx, Canada, 13 hours ago

Having lived in North East Asia myself she just spoke the truth.


smoker, Small Town, United States, 13 hours ago

If she goes home to China the PSB (Public Security Bureau) will meet her as she steps off the plane. She might be in their custody for a long while.


James, San Diego, United States, 13 hours ago

I guess the truth hurts. China needs to do something about it's air pollution because it's just going to get worse and worse.


SAMSUNG GALAXY S8, A beautiful place in Manila, Philippines, 13 hours ago

Some big cities in China, yes. However if you go all the way to rural/remote areas in China, their air qualities have been getting better each year!


cane toad, Hawaii, United States, 12 hours ago

She's just saying what is true. Why would she want to go back to China.


PatCal, Niles, United States, 14 hours ago

She will now need to be granted political refugee status and for good reason


mendacityuncovered, Hampton, 11 hours ago

She apologized for appreciating free speech? How ironic She should not have apologized.



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