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英国网民评论:金融时报:MSCI纳入A股导致中国股市创18月新高 [英国媒体]

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China stocks hit 18-month high on MSCI inclusion








Contrarian Investor2 hours ago

Excluding China was a political decision which had no basis from academic research. The consensus of academic research shows that the Chinese stock market is fairly efficient, more so than many MSCI constituents. And in terms of corporate governance, China is actually better than many of the countries already included. 

This was never a club of angels. 



manhandled6 hours ago

This is a private decision taken with a good dose of political arithmetic but I do not want my pension money invested in PRC market directly (I do not want my pension money invested in Alibaba either, but that was for its leading role in promoting fake goods).


KLRJ8 hours ago


Some guys running a stock market index make an opaque decision and five hundred billion US dollars go directly from (mostly) Americans to Chinese retail investors. Just flat out crazy. Why not just send them our bank account info and PINs.

This doesn't take effect for a year. I think the government should shut it down and subpoena everything under the sun in the offices of the idiots who made this decision.

The US is killing itself with ridiculous dogmatic ballz out capitalist laissez faire business and financial decisions like this. The CCP are thugs who threaten us, their neighbors, anyone who doesn't agree with them, economically and militarily on a regular basis. Beijing would never allow a Chinese company to do something like this. Why do we?







Bluesky217 hours ago


Where did the "five hundred million US dollars" figure come from? The real impact is likely to be about $12bn.

"MSCI’s move means mainland equities, known as A-shares, will next year be included in its flagship emerging markets index, obliging the estimated $1.6tn of investment funds that track the index to buy the stocks ... it would add 222 A-share large-cap stocks that will account for 0.73 per cent of its flagship index"

$1.6tn x 0.73% = $12bn

The low amount is due to MSCI applying a 5% inclusion factor; but even without it (unlikely), the amount involved would only be about $240 bn ...



$1.6tn x 0.73% = $12bn


YourCallisImportantPlsHold7 hours ago


Doesn't China already own a large chunk of US treasury papers and by implication those 500B?


KLRJ7 hours ago

@Bluesky21 @KLRJ 

"Where did the "five hundred million US dollars" figure come from?" 

China Business & Finance China stocks set for $500bn inflows after MSCI move

Index starts small but mainland’s $7tn market will soon require heavy weighting



Herr Boese13 hours ago

Wait until bonds get included - have to be invested in China. 



belgeyank13 hours ago

This will make it easier for international investors to receive dividends from two decades of systematic intellectual property theft, aggressive product dumping, and corporate protectionism.


Robert W8 hours ago

@belgeyank May I pose a rhetorical question to ask if you believe that the CCP will use this as an opportunity to give back, or to take more?  .


Global Observer14 hours ago

What China really needs now is Foreign Activist Investors to help implement effective corporate governance policies. The world must stop allowing the Chinese to march around the world buying whatever they want while keeping the foreigners out of China.


MTT14 hours ago

Agreed - or even better strict regulation in developed countries to ban investing in china until they introduce proper governance and establish a multi year track record of effective governance. Now this is just thinly disguise gambling


Robert W8 hours ago

@Global Observer Economic and political reform in China would result in a weakening of the CCP. The CCP will never allow things get anywhere close to that, and so China will remain a fascist state ruled by an autocracy


KLRJ8 hours ago

@Global Observer 

Are you smoking something a PLA synthetic opium manufacturer made? They're laughing their azzes off at these kinds of ridiculous decisions we make. Nothing is going to change those gangsters. 


NBeale18 hours ago

All very sensible. And companies like Facebook and Snap demonstrate that weak corporate governance is not a specifically Chinese issue.


infinityandbeyond20 hours ago

The National Team will be delighted. They can now continue buying A-share blue chips at will to prop up the market through to the next big party congress later this year, and then dump their holdings on international investors and MSCI tracking funds next year.


Robert W16 hours ago

Exactly, and who at MSCI got the payola



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