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China's giant new aircraft carrier sailed into Hong Kong waters today its latest show of growing military might at a time of rising regional tension.


Tourists and residents gathered to catch a glimpse of Beijing's first carrier on its maiden visit to Hong Kong part of celebrations marking 20 years since the handover of the city from British to Chinese rule.


The Liaoning was accompanied by two destroyers and other ships from its strike group with jet fighters and helicopters visible on the flight deck alongside hundreds of crew dressed in white uniforms.


The 1000ft ship started life as one of the Soviet unx's last carriers under construction before being sold by Ukraine as a stripped down hulk to private Chinese interests in 1998. 






Simon Surrey United Kingdom 1 hour ago

Russian built Chinese adapted...what could possibly go wrong?! lol


Monalisa Oak London United Kingdom 48 minutes ago

All Chinese ships are bought from Russian scrapyards!


Looisham London United Kingdom 1 hour ago

Well it may be a Chinese copy of a Russian vessel but at least it is finished and has aircraft unlike our little QE migrant ferry.


nigglyfridge earth United Kingdom 1 hour ago

@detvet that's correct especially if they can't fly in wet weather blow up when their weapons fire and cost more than the carrier itself so we can only afford one or two of them.

@detvet  如果他们的飞机无法在潮湿天气起飞、武器一开火就爆炸,而且武器比航母贵的多,那么我们也只能养得起一两艘

James Morris Birmingham United Kingdom 45 minutes ago

@nigglyfridge Didn't realise you could only conduct sea trials with air planes on board?

@nigglyfridge  没明白吗,海上试航是需要战机参与的。

LukeMcC278 Belfast United Kingdom 1 hour ago

Is that not the clapped out old soviet carrier?


Matin1969 Hull United Kingdom 50 minutes ago

No it was the cancelled replacement for that clapped out old soviet carrier. People forget that Russia is only just inside the top 10 countries by size of economy is not capable of being as big a threat as the USSR was it just tries to be.


MrTesla London United Kingdom 32 minutes ago

Martin you have no idea of their capabilities. In many areas of physics they are beyond USA and Europe.

Martin 你对他们的力量一无所知。在物理学很多方面,他们甚至超过美国和欧洲的水平。

Mustafa Leak Sin City United Kingdom 43 minutes ago

oh look an aircraft carrier with aircraft on board thats a novel idea...MOD take note


Skibsta Manchester United Kingdom 30 minutes ago

It displaces 55000 tons full load (not tonnes) the QE displaces 78000 tons full load. There is no comparison at all between a state of the art 21st century warship i.e. the QE and a 30 year old refurbished 1970's designed scrap heap. The aircraft for the QE are on the way making the Royal Navy second only to the US Navy. So all you anti British/Military stop talking rubbish and carry on selling the big issue!

辽宁舰满载排水量55000吨 而伊丽莎白女王舰满排78000吨.女王号是21世纪的国家级的杰作而辽宁舰不但是有30年舰龄的翻新货 而且还是20世纪70年代设计出来的垃圾. 伊丽莎白女王号的舰载机将会使英国海军仅次于美国海军.所以你们这些反对英国军事的人停止胡说八道和争论吧.

MrTesla London United Kingdom 28 minutes ago

Not to mention BA systems are developing a rail gun that can be fired from space.


Tofana Fulchester United Kingdom moments ago

Indeed. Let's also not forget you don't just build a carrier and that's it. Successful carrier operations are built on years of operational experience of which China has precisely none.



hampshirehorace Gosport 57 minutes ago

Bet it didn't cost 6.5 billion pounds.


Rob WATFORD United Kingdom 50 minutes ago

By the time we have our two aircraft carriers operational China will have many built with aircraft and fully manned


Julian and Sandy Dagenham United Kingdom 50 minutes ago

Can we borrow a few of your aircraft?


cynicaltaxpayer perth Australia 50 minutes ago

Just another chinese artificial island that happens to float.


Blunderz London United Kingdom 38 minutes ago

According to Wikipedia the liaoning is the ex Russian carrier laid down in 1983 and is not a new Chinese carrier


rogerbur Burbage 1 hour ago

bout the same size as QE.


mike london 39 minutes ago

Its a second hand clapped out old fashioned piece of junk.


Derek Southampton United Kingdom 21 minutes ago

Migrant ferry lol!


MrTesla London United Kingdom 34 minutes ago

Nothing a spacebourne directed energy weapon couldnt disable within a few fleeting moments. Waste of money when push comes to shove.


Time Travler Europe United States 23 minutes ago

Why did England invade Hong Kong


Skibsta Manchester United Kingdom 17 minutes ago

England didn't invade Hong Kong


Edward Quinn Manchester 13 minutes ago

Hong Kong was ceded to Great Britain by the Qing dynasty of China after the First Anglo-Chinese War (1839¿42)


Manich Cornwall United Kingdom 7 minutes ago

Old as it may be it still looks impressive and a lot more capable than our Queen Elizabeth.


Skibsta Manchester United Kingdom moments ago

Ha Ha Ha Ha! That's funny...I liked that one


big LD London United States 38 minutes ago

Bet the whipped this up in a month?



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