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英国网民评论:英国新的62亿英镑航母容易受到廉价的中俄长程导弹攻击 [英国媒体]

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Britain's new £6.2billion aircraft carriers are vulnerable to relatively cheap long-range Russian and Chinese missiles a report has revealed.



Multibillion-pound defence projects are at risk from technological advances by potential enemies of the UK the think-tank study found. 


Missiles costing less than £500000 each could ‘at least disable’ Britain’s new £3.1billion HMS Queen Elizabeth it claimed. 


The report noted: ‘Key Western military assets had become vulnerable to targeting and disruption and destruction by long-range precision missiles to a degree that had hitherto been unthinkable.’


 It warns the Government has focused more on offensive systems over protective capabilities.


There has been a growing imbalance within the attack-defence military equation driven by the spread and speed of applicable technologies’ it adds.






dumitrescu Bangkok Thailand 8 hours ago

Why would Russia and china attack England? They own all the properties in London! It's like them attacking their own assets!


sparky4422 cardiff United Kingdom 1 hour ago

Since when has this Island just been England!!


Richard Moved United Kingdom 1 hour ago

Rots. You mean like the French continued selling exocets to the Argentinians. Know your friends.


MRW1256 Cardiff United Kingdom 8 hours ago

Another non story. Aren't most things vulnerable to "precision missiles"?


Andrew Broken Britain United Kingdom 3 hours ago

And its not like the carriers operate on their own. They have a fleet of escorts for handling anything that could possibly threaten it.


Mohammed London United Kingdom 6 minutes ago穆罕穆德于英国伦敦.6分钟前.

Andrew thats the thing.. We don't have sufficient support fleets.


David Harding Rojales Spain 6 hours ago大卫.哈丁于西班牙罗哈莱斯 6小时前

The shear ignorance of the DM and its reporters no longer amazes me just its arogance in printing such utter c r a p. All yes All aircraft carriers are vunerable they always have been . Its why they are the flag ship of a BATTLE GROuP consisting of destroyers frigates a mine sweeper and supplyships and a sub or 2 . The job of the battle group is to supply the defences that the carrier is missing that cant be supplied by its aircraft because you cant cover it with missile defence batteries because if you did it would look like a destroyer and wouldnt have space for the deck for the runway for its aircraft. Go read up on carriers you dum dm reporters and leave the running of the navy to proffesionals.


Vambo Glasgow United Kingdom 1 hour ago

All it takes is one of those advanced "Exocet" missles and its bye bye! Just remember how efficient they were in the Falklands conflict.


Bagpuss25 Barnstaple United Kingdom 1 hour ago

@Mighty try practicing what you preach or at least learn to spell "free" correctly.


handymoney2 Oxford United Kingdom 8 hours ago

They built the carriers but have insufficient surface ships (frigates and destroyers) to protect them.


Aviator Shenyang China 2 hours ago

Primary air defence of a carrier is its' aircraft it as none in a few years it may have 12 not the 36 . The aircraft are short range due to VTOL requirements with this carrier also there is no airborne early warning aircraft..It is not a "stealth" aircraft the F 35.




Rosiebunny Argyle United Kingdom 23 minutes ago

Yawn - err . . .no they don't they have plenty!


Korky the Cat Hinckley United Kingdom 7 hours ago

Potential UK enemies. Last time I looked our enemies mow people down on bridges or blow themselves up at concerts....


Rosiebunny Argyle United Kingdom 21 minutes ago

last time you looked you clearly didn't understand the threats that the UK have to face!! Lets keep defence to those who understand the nature of Defence requirements and leave you to what you understand such as Geordie Shore eh?

上次你注意到的时候,你显然还不明白英国所面临的威胁! 我们应该让那些了解国防需求本质的人负责国防,就正如你了解《乔弟海岸》(英国实境秀节目)那样。

Howard Snell West Yorkshire United Kingdom 8 hours ago

No escort ships left in a fleet. WW2 was a long time ago but notice they never sent AC Carriers out there without a fleet escort of several frigates or destroyers. These escort ships can jam missiles put up ordinance to shoot down a missile. Screen against enemy submarines. It's not rocket science.

一支没有军舰护航的航母编队.虽然二战已经过去很久了  但是要注意的是他们从不在没有几艘护卫舰或者驱逐舰舰护航的情况下单独派出航空母舰.

这些用来护航的军舰会各司其职: 干扰和拦截导弹.阻拦敌方潜艇.这并不是多复杂的事情.(直译是火箭科学.比喻很复杂困难的事情)

aveasay Portsmouth United Kingdom 4 hours ago

Actually thats a good pun - it is rocket science

其实这是一个很好的双关语 - 这确实是火箭科学

Mack London United Kingdom 4 hours ago

As i understand it she is on sea trials not active duty hence no support ships.

按我的理解 她这次航行之所以没有护航军舰 是因为她还没有正式服役.

Old Iron Levin New Zealand 8 hours ago

Apparently you've managed to forget about the hundreds of people who mentioned this very self-evident fact when you were praising it last week.

看来上星期你大肆赞美女王号的时候 选择性忽略了有几百人提起过的这个显而易见的事实.

AverageJane London United Kingdom 8 hours ago

You're welcome


Craig London Nauru 6 hours ago

They understand she would be sailing as part of a flotilla with layers of air defense as well as Sea Ceptor missle one of the best anti-missle systems in the world.


The Truth Brighton United Kingdom 8 hours ago

But what about those pesky French?


BlahBlahBlah lyon France 5 hours ago

Wot ? Someone said Beetlejuice ?


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charlie stockport manchester United Kingdom 3 hours ago

Why do we need to spend all this money on military defence when we are incapable of simple border control as our country and culture is being invaded and made unrecognisable by thousands upon thousands of economic migrants ...



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