来源:龙腾网 译者:chuhao123原文地址:http://www.dailymail.co.ukThe glass cubicles have been installed for men to kill time in eastern China中国东部地区的商场安装了

来源:龙腾网   译者:chuhao123


The glass cubicles have been installed for men to kill time in eastern China


Customers can play video games, watch TV programmes or listen to music 


However, some women worried their husbands might not want to leave



Research showed that men get bored after just 26 minutes of shopping, and one Chinese shopping mall has come up with a clever way to keep them happy while going out with their wives.


The Global Harbour in Shanghai has launched a number of ''husband storage pods'' so that female shoppers could leave their bored spouses to enjoy themselves.


Each of these transparent self-service pods is equipped with a TV screen, a keyboard and game consoles.


These pods were spotted by reporters from The Paper at the atrium of the mall on July 11.


The pods'' official name is ''Private Lounge'' and they can be reserved through QR codes. 


Each of these single-seated pods offers a computer and video games to the user.


It is specifically designed for male users who are going shopping with their partners.  


The users can play video games, watch TV programmes or listening to music.


A male customer surnamed Wu told The Paper that he didn''t enjoy going shopping with his girlfriend and the pod was a win-win.


''My girlfriend will get angry whenever she sees me looking on my phone while she goes shopping. Now she can be rest assured that I won''t bother her and I can play games,'' he said.


However, some users complained that the space was cramped and the pod had no air conditioning or ventilation.


One user said he was drenched in sweats after sitting in the pod for five minutes.


While men were happy to spend time playing video games, their wives however complained that ''there is no fun shopping alone''.


One female shopper told the reporter: ''Boyfriends are here to carry bags, open water bottles and give opinions on whether or not I should buy the clothes.''


Another woman feared that her husband might not want to leave the pod when she finishes shopping.






Whitestones, Le Thor, 15 hours ago 

They have them in the UK, they are called "The Pub"!    


——PercyVere, Worcester, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago 

Most Saturday mornings in the footie season, one of the pubs in our town has a sign outside that reads "Husband Crèche. Leave him in our safe hands while you go shopping."  


H0llowPoint, Minnesota, United States, 13 hours ago 

Real men just stay home........


——blocksof, Cen sored by DM., United Kingdom, 6 hours ago

Real men follow their wife or sleep on the sofa.


Matilda Bruce, Dun Roamin, United Kingdom, 13 hours ago

i don''t like shopping either - I''d much rather sit in one of these pods.


sussex man, Somewhere in Sussex, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago

All I want is a comfortable chair, a free wifi lix and no screaming kids and I will happily go shopping with my wife. Until then, my love, you''re on your own.


John, Swindon, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago

A long and happy marriage is guaranteed if you do not got shopping with the Wife.......at anytime


The sane one, London, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago

Needs a beer tap


Sylviane47, Stevenage, 12 hours ago

Great idea.


JoshJosh, London, 10 hours ago

Needs beer and whisky dispenser, reclining chair, and a credit card balance display


Los Angeles Native, Los Angeles, 9 hours ago

@Josh. How is it that it takes women 2 hours to buy shoes when i can go in, buy underwear, 

and be out in 10 minutes? We need those pods here in the States. NOW.


Herboneus, Chesterfield, United Kingdom, 15 hours ago

This is their best idea yet!


gpuk, Now in Spalding, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago

The ultimate man chair.



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