英国网友评论;中国的债务狂欢可能摧毁全球经济 [英国媒体]




Surging debt in China could cripple the world economy unless its Communist leaders take action now the International Monetary Fund has warned.


Consumer business and government debt has surged to around 240 per cent of the country's economy ? sparking fears of a high-risk bubble which could burst at any moment.


The new Chinese middle class is a vital driver of global growth and a financial crisis in the country could plunge the planet into a fresh recession it is claimed. 


Unchecked borrowing growth on the scale experienced in China has often led to a sudden collapse the IMF said.


'International experience suggests that China's credit growth is on a dangerous trajectory with increasing risks of a disruptive adjustment and a marked growth slowdown' researchers argued. 'Decisive policy action is needed to deflate the credit boom smoothly.'


China's government debt is growing as a percentage of GDP according to figures from the IMF

The organisation claimed that annual growth has been propped up by free-and-easy lending to firms and families.


It said that without this debt-fuelled spending the Chinese economy would have grown an average 5.3 per cent per year from 2012 to 2016. Instead it typically grew by 7.3 per cent.


In a chilling echo of the West's own crisis a decade ago which created space for the Chinese economy to become increasingly important analysts have argued that banks were behind the problem by coming up with more creative ways to make money. 


In the US and Europe this led to disaster when highly complicated bundles of debt which few people understood were underpinned by worthless mortgages.


'Complex and primarily short-term funding structures underpinning rapid credit growth are a key vulnerability' the analysts said.


They added: 'Banks' rapid asset expansion has relied on increasingly complex funding structures extending beyond deposit funding to interbank markets and wealth management products and via complex and interlixed networks of entities.


'Complex funding structures and sizable opaque off-balance sheet investments suggest that a deleveraging process in the financial sector could be bumpy.' 


The authorities in China are seeking to double the size of its economy between 2010 and 2020 and accept debt will play a key role.


Chinese borrowing has quadrupled since the crisis and hit ?22trillion at the end of last year ? bigger than the annual output of the UK US France and Germany combined.


According to the Washington-based IMF the nation's debt pile will be more than 290 per cent of the size of its economy in 2022.






Prediction by the IMF ........ mmmmmm

Simples bundle it and sell it to some next government jobs a good one

简单 打个包扔给后面的政府就万事大吉.



It won't hurt Chinajust the stupid west for climbing into bed with them.

不会对中国有什么伤害 愚蠢的西方正和他们睡一张床上.



It's all just '0000s' on a spreadsheet nowadays and the financiers/economists have lost all sense of reality.

只是表单里的一串0而已 金融家经济学家们现在已经对现实完全无感.



Imature economy its not matter of If but when downfall will arrive.I suspect a credit downgrade should get it started.

经济不成熟 萧条时候就有得看了 我看给他们降降评级就能开始这过程.



I thought Communists shared the gravy why are Communists now all of a sudden Capitalists with bells on ? Didnt Communism work then ?Seems they are making a hash of capitalism as well so no doubt purges millions of deaths and they will close the door for another 20 yrs and start again.Chinese eh ...yer gorra larf. 

我以为中国都是共有制的 怎么一下子中国都成了从头到尾的资本家了? 难道共产主义不灵了? 他们搞掉了几百万人灭了资本主义 说不定过个20年又会闭关自守. 中国人 ... 笑死了.



No Remaoners have blamed Brexit yet?



andy dufresne

The big one is coming. 



Bread man

It's not just the UK with massive debt problems then it must be a world problem that can be written off at some stage or governments would be a little more responsive to national debt! National debt don't worry about it.



Modern Robin Hood

This debt is Wong on so many levels!



JDLR -> Modern Robin Hood

Good one 




China's debt problems has been flogged to death for the past few years by the City & Finance section of the DM - and in that time we are all told that it's good time to invest in China that British exports to China are on the increase as China's wealthier middle-classes take an interest in all things British etc. In any case Britain has borrowed money & is in billions pounds worth of debt still. Italy's financial woes are worse as a year or so ago they wanted more cash from the EU as there were fears they may end up like Greece with their banking crisis (or something like that). DM has a million-pound deal with China's biggest newspaper The People's Daily (since Aug. 2016) to publish China's news stories in the DM Online website - so things can't be that bad in China. 




Bothered ? nope

受困了? 不


nickmcvey -> elysteve

You should be!




wealth management products and via complex and interlixed networks of entities. WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN ?



Azure-BlueFireDragon -> vanmancun1

@vanmancun1: In the world of city & finance nobody ever speaks in plain English. You are meant to be intimidated by their ultra-high intelligent superior financial & mega long binary numbers formula complex knowledge speak - to the point that you dare not ask what it all means. It's like going to a restaurant & the menu uses a lot of French terminology and you dare not ask what it all means as you don't want to appear stupid - especially as you have chosen to go into that restaurant because of its superior class image which is reflected (& so justified) in their expensive menu & wine list prices just so you can impress a fancy date a potential business client etc. 

@vanmancun1: 城市与金融部那帮家伙都没人说人话。你估计是被他们给吓唬住了,他们整天拿些超高智力的超级金融和又大又长的二进制数学公式等复杂知识来说事——这样你就不敢问到底怎么回事了。就像是你跑进一家餐厅吃饭,一看菜单上写的都一堆法语写的菜名术语,而你又不敢问都是什么意思,因为这会让你显示很白痴——特别是当你因为看重他们的菜品和红酒都非常昂贵,能体现(或判断出)更优越的等级形象,所以才走进他们餐厅,而这样你就可以给美丽的约会对象或潜在的生意伙伴留下美好的印象,等等。


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