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你喝过虫子奶吗?Goop网发布了诡异的可挤奶动物指南,包括长颈鹿、驴,甚至蟑螂! [英国网评]

五毛网 英德 2017年09月10日 来源:龙腾网
Would you everdrink milk from a BUG? Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop publishes quirky guide todifferent animals that can be 'milked', including giraffes, donkeys, and evenCOCKROACHES

Gwyneth Paltrowwants you to know: milk comes from many different kinds of animals other thancows — even cockroaches.


The 44-year-oldactress's lifestyle website Goop published a guide to ten different types ofanimal milk and, needless to say, not all of it is appetizing.


The pieceincludes input from 'resident Goop nutritionist'Shira Lenchewski, MS, RD, andexplains the benefits and uses of milk from all manner of animals, includinggiraffes, yaks, donkeys, and yes — cockroaches.

这篇文章来自“Goop社区营养专家”、理科博士、注册营养师 Shira Lenchewski,阐述了各种动物奶的用处和好处,包括长颈鹿,牦牛,驴,还有,是的——蟑螂。

One of the mostloathed creatures on the planet — particularly for city-dwellers — roachescould produce delicious fat-free chocolate and most people still wouldn't gonear them.


According toGoop, roaches do actually make make milk however — just not enough to drink. Infact, it took researchers years to figure out that the bugs make milk at all,since only one type does so.


Like manymammals, Diploptera Punctata, the only species of roachthat gives birth to living offspring, as opposed to laying eggs, produce milkto feed their young, which has 3.5 times as many calories has cow's milk.


But being sotiny, they don't make a whole lot of it.


Yet that didn'tstop Goop from including roaches in their animal milk guide, with the feature revealing: 'As might be expected,the process of “milking” a cockroach is precise and laborious—but the outcomeis flashy: When researchers in India analyzed thecrystal structure of the milk in 2016, they discovered protein sequences withall the essential amino acids, plus proteins, fats, and sugars—andthe milk turns out to be 3.5 times more calorie-rich than cow’s milk.'


Actually'milking' a cockroach however, is certainly no easy task, and not one that theaverage person, or even the most skilled dairy farmer, will be trying any timesoon.


'The only way [tomilk a cockroach] would be to make cultures of yeast withthe genes in it for making this milk,' said Barbara Stay,Ph.D., professor emerita at the University of Iowa.'But that's pie in the sky, if you ask me.'


Some of the othertypes of milk in the Goop guide are somewhat more appetizing, though stillunusual to most people in the Western hemisphere.


People in Russiaand Central Asia drink milk from horses and donkeys, and it is thought to be hypoallergenicand therapeutic.


Where cows can'tsurvive in Eurasia, people drink reindeer milk, which is quite similar.Meanwhile, Camel milk is consumed in areas to dry for cows.


'Researchsuggests that camel's milk is pretty much the closest you can come to a humanmother's milk, particularly in terms of immune-boosting proteins likelactoferrin and immunoglobulins,' explained nutritionist Lenchewski.

营养专家Lenchewski说 “研究发现骆驼奶非常接近人类的母乳,尤其富含诸如乳铁蛋白和免疫球蛋白这类免疫增强蛋白。”

Yak milk, whichis mostly consumed in western China and Mongolia, is high in protein and aminoacids, while buffalo milk is the 'predominant dairy animal' in India and Pakistan.


There's alsogiraffe milk, which young giraffes drink from their mothers but is not commonfor human consumption.


Finally, thearticle lists two types of milk slightly more common in the US and Europe: goatmilk and sheep milk.  



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