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五毛网 英德 2015年06月11日 来源:五毛网

Japan is looking into installing toilets and emergency water in lifts after discovering up to 17,000 people could be stuck in elevators when the next big earthquake hits.


Officials announced that they were considering the plan after dozens of people were trapped inside broken lifts following an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale last week.



A meeting between officials from the infrastructure ministry and elevator industry bodies agreed to look into providing toilets for use in an emergency, according to an official from the Association of Elevator Makers.


Saturday's quake was centred on a remote spot in the Pacific Ocean around 550 miles south of Tokyo, but was felt throughout the country.




Gordon, kungsbacka, 13 hours ago 
Imagine 20 people in a lift and sitting on the toilet in front of them.


sebby491, Oxford, United Kingdom, 10 hours ago
When you got to go, you got to go 


LBBA, Perth, Australia, 6 hours ago


Chester_Drawers, Richmond, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago
This is just wrong.....................on so many levels.............


Gordon, kungsbacka, 13 hours ago


LikeItOrLumpIt, Wakefield, United Kingdom, 12 hours ago
I shouldn't be laughing. Sorry.


Dr Zordas, Slough, United Kingdom, 12 hours ago
Lifts in this country have been used as toilets for decades... 


Funda Mental, Back to Basics, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago
Especially in Slough!! LOL


Mack, London, moments ago
Slough yep, and cark parks, doorways, hedges, walls, phone booths, well just about any vertical or horizontal surface.


Peter44, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago
Not sure the Japanese will now feel reassured knowing they can take a poo with everyone watching


jay eff, yorkshire, United Kingdom, 13 hours ago
If I was sat on it I can assure you the others would be screaming to get out!!!


JayF24, London, United Kingdom, 13 hours ago
To be fair, if there was ever a place to be when an earthquake strikes it would most definitely be in Japan. Everybody is trained to respond ideally in times of crisis. If I were trapped in said lift I would be so grateful. Stop this r a cis t mockery of Japanese 


chris, cambridge uk, 13 hours ago
bloody good idea


SunnyGirl, Texas, United States, 13 hours ago
I think I would start taking the stairs.


keith lewis, maidstone, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago
Don't tell me that some people won't use these toilets when there isn't an earthquake !!!


Madone2849, Boston, United States, 11 hours ago
Next they will add a bed, a fridge, and TV. But wait, in Japan that would rent for thousands as a prime apartment.


Bill Loni, Ipswich, United Kingdom, 10 hours ago
Some places in Japan have already done this I was on holiday there a few months ago. Should have seen the look on the rest of the occupants in the lift when I took a dump in one.


Korotki, Devon, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago
Sales of concertina waste tubing are set to hit record levels imminently...


Julia H, Calgary, Canada, 11 hours ago
If I am in an elevator in Japan during an earthquake, I am not going to bother using a toilet, I'll just do it on the floor because I don't care. I'd be so frightened I know I'd have no pride left.


Poppy, Londonderry, 9 hours ago
can you really imagine using a loo in front of strangers ?


IndexSniper, Singapore, Singapore, 2 hours ago
Its always nice to see a proper 1st world country, making proper plans. Japanese people must be proud of their leaders.


Just call me queen., Over the hill and far away, United States, 11 hours ago
Aren't the Japanese super shy about using the loo in front of others ? Can't imagine them using a toilet on a lift full of people


McLOVIN, Managua, Nicaragua, 7 hours ago
Hope you're alone in the lift if you remain stuck inside !


Pippskey, London, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago
Abut extreme. What about folding disposable potties like the ones used for camping. Kept in an emergency cupboard.


Mini The Moocher, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 13 hours ago
Japan still has many 'squat' toilets - so they just have to drill a hole in the floor of the lifts and place a bucket at the bottom of the shaft.... (after seeing some of their game shows, they've probably already featured Poo-ing From Great Height as a challenge anyway)...


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