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Regrettable tears streamed down her face as 63-year-old Mrs. Cui sat in a Beijing courtroom to hear the verdict on Friday.


No one would believe that the benevolent-looking grandma strangled her own husband, a man who wouldn’t have survived without her, and then later would attempt killing herself. Her husband, Mr. Zhou, had been paralyzed since 1999 due to cerebral infarction, a type of ischemic stroke resulting from a blockage in the blood vessels supplying blood to the brain.


Over the past 15 years, Cui spent most of her time taking care of her husband. In the last couple of years, she felt increasing pressures as her husband’s condition worsened and eventually left him in a vegetative state.



Left with no other choices, Cui quit her job and became an occasional street vendor, in order to give him full-time care. Even though she received some financial support from her village, she still struggled to make ends meet.


Her life became even harder when the very same disease struck her in 2013, making it increasingly hard for her to provide care to both herself and her husband. At this particular time the woman became very pessimistic and dark sentiments started to take over her thoughts.


In the morning of March 6th, the disillusioned Cui found a tight rope and wrapped it around her husband’s neck, putting an end to the old man’s misery. Both guilt-ridden and despair, she tried to cut her wrist several times. As she was bleeding, the pain helped to bring her back from the brink of death and she finally called her daughter for help.


The judge decided to give Cui a three-year imprisonment with a three-year reprieve, given her dedicated care for her husband and the poor family background. The sister of Cui’s husband said she and his family can understand Cui’s act, and know life had become very difficult for her.




Gary Luney
Sad story but a good decision by the judge.



Shiela Frial Irinco
We sometimes have wrong choices in our lives but it doesn’t mean we can’t change our mistakes and move on. I pray for her and her husband. May you both find happiness in your hearts.



Jay Tan Her
husband is already dead.



Shiela Frial Irinco
Oh..may he rest in peace then …



Elnora Avn Mella



Skylo Veelo
she is just depressed n helpless i guess..pray for her smile


Arjay Septimo
if i were the husband, i want her to take me to a hospital where they can put me to sleep permanently… i know it’s bad but, i dont want to be a burden… i want to rest and meet the maker…



Skysky Loh
Who are we to judge her and say that her action was wrong ?



Perila Schiffer
I won’t judge her for her crime. This woman deserve some peace that she never had ,whatever is left of her remaining days behind the bar.# sad.



Ernz Lim
I feel so sorry for her.. She must have been through so much and for one that stays by her man for 15years when he’s been ill all these while, that’s not hate but 100% pure love. It mentioned about her calling her daughter for help when she slit her wrists and the pain brought her back.. Where is her daughter all these while during her down times..



Patience Domakyaareh
It not easy taking care of a sick person, especially when you are sick yourself. It takes a lot of courage to do what she did and my heartfelt sympathy goes out to her. May we all forgive her



Rowland Kelvin
Life is an experience of both JOY and PAIN. She did it out of fraustration. I watch on CCTVnews on how China gives Millions of Dollars to foreign countries, but, there are lots of Chinese citizens in a verge of destitute.



Frankie Chin
Life is harsh, may she find peace within herself



Yixian Pan Brown
It’s a very sad story. What would you do if you put yourself in her shoes. No one can ever understand and imagine what she has been through over the last 15 years. All I want to say is Cui did her best and I feel empathy for her! May her mind will be free one day.



Jodi Alavazo
My heart broke. I can only imagine their struggles during the tough time. I pray for their soul that both can have peace here and in the next life



Emeka Eze
Oh my good God, what a sad and touching story, dis world of sin and sorrow, only Jesus Christ is our hope, he only can save and heal our wound, heaven is our goal not the grave, take heart cui, The Lord is ur strength




Justin Choo 15years of 1 sided unconditional love and care. How many here can do what she did?


Sujata Salve
Its not astonishing what she did. It was her condition.. Poority.. Her self ailments.. Husbands ailments…who made her to do. I don’t say it was right.. Person to whom she looked after ..did a strangulation..
It is not live story of only her. There are lacs n crores of live stories which are running in each poor house…they are tolled because of poority. Their children’s negligence.. Some are left as an orphan.. It is story of each people who are people…poority is the stigma which pushing back each country in socioeconomic development.. It is pity ..that still in our country some families are there where they are struggling for meal of one time.. Health problem is much later issue deal with for poor people…
God has developed earth….why he has made such differences poor n rich..I hope no one should be without food in any house..
Some stories disappears without noticed by any one.. Just they took birth.. Survive in bad condition.. N leave this earth without noticed by anyone….



Christian Abbosey
Sad story … Rich people in China don’t care I guess …



Ajay Mahindrakar
Come what may no one has right to kill any one.. All my good wishes to the lady.



Fallen Jan
mercy killing.



Sandy Dwi Prasetyanti
No one knows our pain better than ourselve.



Pramesh Pramesh
If society was not there to help,
Why is it now there to punish her?
System is not perfect?



Noel Valentine
This made me tears



David Ephraim
China you are the lifeline of world economy- please look after your poor and elders, don’t follow Western lifestyle



Arfian Yusof The judge is to judge … And the judge is a human being whom can think. If it is just to determine whether it is right or wrong, anyone can do it — don’t need judges.




Danny Nguyen It is a sad situation. Now if the table was reversed. If it was a man in that position, how would the court and the public react?


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