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Canadian tourist hit with £285 fine afterurinating at top of Florence Cathedral's celebrated dome


Italy'sproblem with misbehaving tourists has continued after a Canadian man was caughturinating at the top of Florence Cathedral's celebrated dome.


Security at the famous attraction spottedthe 37-year-old man as he relieved himself in a porter's lodge and reported himto local police.


Despite the man's complaints that therewere no toilets at the top of the Renaissance dome, police were not swayed andhanded him a 400 (£285) fine.


The tourist had the urge to urinate after climbing 463 steps to the top of thedome, The Local and La Nazione reported.


She used an eyeliner pencil on the marble,but it did not cause any permanent damage.




Lancastrian, Lancashire,3 hours ago
I've been to Florence a couple of times and there are nopublic toilets anywhere. I don't agree with what he did but I can understandwhy.


JRTexas, Gtown, United States,5 hours ago
Chop it off And make him pee in a bag fromnow on.


ers410, Boston, United States,5 hours ago


simon25, Houston, United States,6 hours ago
If this kind of behaviour continues,countries will stop allowing tourists at these sites.


Johnny Euphoric, Sydney, Australia,6 hours ago
Why would anyone want to do this?


Ald69, Stamford, United States,8 hours ago
His name and picture should be included inarticle.


JaneQAverage, Anytown, Faroe Islands, 8 hours ago
Good! What an idiot!


seti, Third Rock From The Sun, United Kingdom,8 hours ago
That is pretty jacked up...should havefined him more and had jail time added.


direwire, Where tinsel is king, 9 hours ago
Not Canada; they're the nice ones!


Tuuts, L.A., United States,8 hours ago
Not always. They're just like everyoneelse. Canadaisn't a place that many people are interested in, so nobody knows or cares whatgoes on there.


The Canadian 87, Toronto, Canada,7 hours ago
@ Tuuts Your lack of intelligence amusesme.


Throw Kitten, Dar Al Harb, United States,10 hours ago
Pretty sure the was a _____-canadian .


pendragon25, Christchurch, United Kingdom, 10 hours ago
What the heck is wrong with people?Frankly, he should have been fined £1000.


AmericanPatriot, Beverly Hills, United States, 9 hours ago
And made to clean his mess up.


privatepilot, Anytown, United States,10 hours ago
I'm sure the people on the ground justthought it was raining!


Sam, Sussex, 10 hours ago
What is wrong with Canadian tourists,earlier in the year a Canadian woman running along the Great Wall of Chinaknocked over and kill an elderly Chinese woman, now this guy urinated on theroof of one of the most beautiful Cathedral in Italy. With incidents like these itreally gives the good Canadians a bad reputation.


m. smith, Kingston, Canada,10 hours ago
Not surprising. Nowadays no respect isshown for God, much less His House.


Limes, London, 11 hours ago
Prepare for an earthquake.


Curlylocks, Northern Virginia, United States,11 hours ago
Was he drunk? I just can't imagine anyonepeeing on the floor in a church. I don't think a fine is adequate punishment.Should be 10 days in jail plus restitution.


hefeweizen, Camb, United States,12 hours ago
And you thought Americans were crude?


Susannah, London, United Kingdom,8 hours ago
You could even be more specific and say Canadais part of the North American continent.


Tennessean, Franklin, United States,5 hours ago
When I'm traveling I say I'm from the U.S., never America,out of respect for the other 25 countries in America.


nellakam, Las Palmas, Spain,12 hours ago
Should have been a $45,000 fine to deterothers.


Yobbie, Los Angeles, United States,12 hours ago
I got a fine in Florence for not having a ticket on a bus;the two inspectors didn't speak a word of English and had Me out through tosomeone at the police station who could speak broken English. In the end I said"just send it to my address in LA"; they never bothered sending it,and even if they had, do you think I would have paid it???


Sam, Sussex, 10 hours ago
Yobbie. You are an arrogant fool. If you donot respect the countries you are visiting, you should not leave your doorstep. People like yourself cause much disrespect to your compatriots.


batibot, San Leandro,Bouvet Island, 12 hours ago
Oh dear. The man was just marking histerritory, c'mon!

CaliforniaKate, San Jose, United States,12 hours ago
$450???? Missing a couple of zeros there


genius, the flyover state, United States,13 hours ago
I've been at sidewalk cafes in Paris and had Parisian menurinate in the street in front of me


Joan500, West Midlands, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago
I am not condoning what the tourist did butEurope DOES have a lack of toilets. I think it is because most Europeans didn'thave toilets until 40 years ago and they are still a novelty. In North America(specifically the USA)toilets are everywhere. Most American homes have at least 3 toilets. I am notAmerican BTW. I have seen it all myself!


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