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British Man Accused of Plot Against US Military in UK


A British man has been charged for allegedly planning a terrorist attack on U.S. military personnel in the U.K., according to a statement released today by Britain's Crown Prosecution Service, which prosecutes criminal cases investigated by the police.

Junead Khan, 24, from Luton, U.K., was arrested on July 14 under the Terrorism Act for being involved in the plan with the intention to commit acts of terrorism.

Khan allegedly was planning to run over a U.S. military member with a car and attack him with a knife, potentially while wearing a suicide vest, officials said at a court hearing in Westminster Magistrates' Court in London today.




Steverino • 11 hours ago
People named Junead Khan and Shazib Khan are not what I envision when I read "British"
This experiment is out of control.
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当有Junead Khan和Shazib Khan这种名字时我是不会想到英国的,这种尝试失控了。

IronDuke-England Steverino • 9 hours ago
Many Muslims have fathers and grandfathers that served in the British army in the Far East and North Africa in the last war. I know a Sikh whose late father fought in Burma, the same as my father did, and who had large pictures of the Queen and King George VI above his fire-place. You wouldn't think that likely unless you'd actually spoken to him and knew his manner. We have Muslim sportsmen - Amir Khan is a world-famous boxer - actors, actresses, businessmen, Policemen, doctors, you name it. None of them have terrorist tendencies - though I have no time for anyone who betrays us.

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在远东和南非的最后一战中很多穆斯林的父辈祖父辈都为英军效力。我认识的一个锡克教徒的父亲去过缅甸,跟我父亲一样他家壁炉也有女王或者乔治六世的大图片,你不认为这样,除非你认识他熟悉他。我们有穆斯林运动员—— Amir Khan是世界著名拳击手——我们还有演员,女演员,警察,医生有这类名字。他们当中没有一个有恐怖主义倾向,当然,我没时间理会那些背叛我们的。

nauseateme IronDuke-England • 5 hours ago
Sikhs are not Muslim.
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geezee Steverino • 9 hours ago
The two appeared in court Tuesday, yet not a single photograph nor description of them.....
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Chuey geezee • 9 hours ago
They need protectión, Lol
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free-2-choose Chuey • 7 hours ago
The British press are calling him a Muslim. What are the odds?
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Toddnews Steverino • 6 hours ago
Neither would I but my mind snapped right back to Muslim after I read "planning terrorist acts"
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saltburner Steverino • 11 hours ago
Then you are living in the past. Britain is very ethnically diverse and has been for some considerable time.
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Steverino saltburner • 10 hours ago
Yes, the past. I love the past. 30 years-ago-past-and-beyond. Up till then, it was England. For hundreds of years it remained unchanged. Then suddenly, the whole nation became un-distinguishable.
I have family in the Midlands. It's changed dramatically (radically) since 1980.
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twohundredthousand ✓ᵛᵉʳᶥᶠᶥᵉᵈ Steverino • 9 hours ago
Everywhere has changed dramatically in the last thirty five years. It's been that sort of a time period.
The UK does currently have a problem with immigration but it isn't the problem that Fox News has convinced all you people exists. The problem is with East European immigrants - white and nominally Christian East European immigrants. They are the ones flooding in, they are the ones taking over some towns. But for some reason Fox News doesn't mention them and so hardly any of you people are aware of the actual immigration problems here.

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IhaveaBoener twohundredthousand ✓ᵛᵉʳᶥᶠᶥᵉᵈ • 8 hours ago
Then explain the flight of UK Muslims to join ISIS? Is that not a problem? Islam and the West are hardly compatible, and Britain is no exception.
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IronDuke-England IhaveaBoener • 8 hours ago
Something like 3 million Muslims live here. What tiny proportion has travelled to join ISIL? Where are the streets running with Muslim blood? Where are the bombings taking place in every city and town in the U.K.? Why do Muslim taxi drivers insist on escorting one of my elderly relatives to her door whilst carrying her shopping? Why when she was seriously ill in hospital did they refuse to accept payment from me when ferrying me there to see her? Why if all Muslims are as evil as you say, did they buy her a huge bunch of flowers? Perhaps you're judging the majority by the minority, which is exactly the mind-numbing treatment quite a few Irishmen suffered here during the Ulster troubles - I've no wish to feel embarrassed by that mentality ever again. The common denominator is ignorance and blind hatred, not a true reflection.
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twohundredthousand ✓ᵛᵉʳᶥᶠᶥᵉᵈ IhaveaBoener • 8 hours ago
There are close to 3 million Muslims living in the UK. And somewhere between 500 and 1,500 have left to fight in Syria. You do the math.
PS There are currently 650 Muslims serving in the British armed forces (Army, Navy, RAF).
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Batwoman Steverino • 11 hours ago
Maybe ME roots by born in UK?
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Steverino Batwoman • 10 hours ago
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twohundredthousand ✓ᵛᵉʳᶥᶠᶥᵉᵈ Steverino • 9 hours ago
Britain is a successful multicultural society. We are the product of a couple of thousand years of wave after wave of immigrants and invaders. We are a mongrel people - 'tis one of our strengths. The "experiment", as you term it, is in fact working very well.
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Steverino twohundredthousand ✓ᵛᵉʳᶥᶠᶥᵉᵈ • 9 hours ago
Surely you can't be serious.
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twohundredthousand ✓ᵛᵉʳᶥᶠᶥᵉᵈ Steverino • 9 hours ago
Absolutely serious. We are the world's most successful multicultural society.
PS London with a population of well over 8 million almost 40% of whom who were born outside the UK has a lower homicide rate than every single US city of 300,000 or more. All 71 of 'em. What we're doing is working a whole hell of a lot better than what you're doing over there.
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WhateverMan Steverino • 9 hours ago
He is. Germanic tribes, Vikings, expansion of their "kingdom" to the European continent, the Romans, and on and on.
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Steverino WhateverMan • 9 hours ago
I meant the "working very well" part.
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Jason Harris Whitfield twohundredthousand ✓ᵛᵉʳᶥᶠᶥᵉᵈ • 9 hours ago
Oh please. Have you ever read up on the Rotherham scandal. Its not only that but your other social experiments are going to fail you. Britain has the highest rate of divorce and one of highest rates numbers of single parents. You're society isn't working that well.
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