美国雅虎网友评论:闺蜜丑闻,韩国抗议者要求总统下台 [美国雅虎]

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South Korean protesters call for president to step down



SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Thousands of South Koreans took to the streets of the capital on Saturday calling for increasingly unpopular President Park Geun-hye to step down over allegations that she let an old friend, the daughter of a religious cult leader, interfere in important state affairs.


The evening protest came after Park ordered 10 of her senior secretaries to resign over a scandal that is likely to deepen the president's lame duck status ahead of next year's election.






A11sfair 1 day ago

President Park is a cultist lune. She let her "step-daughter" shakedown Samsung, Hyundai, LG et al. for over a $100 million in less than a year, in addition to letting her run the country. It's time for her impeachment, conviction and sentencing.


TaxAxe 1 day ago

Sounds like another Hillary.


peter 1 day ago

Women seem to have issues handling classified materials.


Algis 8 hours ago

All the Asian Tigers operate in a state of absolute corruption and the media always turns a blind eye. It's Pay To Play and Washington DC is heading the same way.


Michael 1 day ago

I live in Seoul, this has been building for weeks



Mike 1 day ago

North Korea's laughing at this


CHARLES 2 days ago

She doesn't have an army, like her daddy did, to take over the government, for life. So, she has to do it this way. Wake up, Korea!


Air Falach 1 day ago

The South Koreans can count their luck that they aren't brainwashed like the North and have freedom of speech, otherwise half the country would be in jail....................?


novus_ordo 1 day ago

South Korea needs a couple of things. First and the most important is to get their FREEDOM from their American occupation. All their Prime Ministers they have are all American sills and Korean people traitors, Second, S.Korea MUST act without US to joins and unify with North Korea. USA is always against the unification because of divide and conquer


John 1 day ago

Women leaders are inept and can't think for themselves, so they are easily influenced, let this be a lesson if you are thinking of voting for Killery. Go back to the kitchen and make some kimchee.


FiveCents 1 day ago

Problem of women bosses. They develop 'a close circle of friend-advisors' and close themselves off from the rest of the world.



stumpedII 1 day ago

no more outragious than bush and his god smodge. Actually less than bush. cus Park hasnt gone around the globe killing hundreds of thousands of people.


Yahoo Reader 4 hours ago

America! Take heed of this article because this is EXACTLY where we will be post election results if Hillary Clinton would win the election. She is crooked, her staff are crooked, the Clinton Fund is crooked, and she WILL undoubtedly be charged with perjury and blatant destruction of her e-mail servers, computers, cell phones, etc. The only recourse she would have is for Obama to pardon her, or, she pardon's herself?


Algis 8 hours ago

As you well know, women have only been allowed to participate in all realms of society for a mere hundred years. For that reason they are still largely incompetent at getting along with people, making friends, telling jokes, being bosses, especially being bosses. But give it another hundred years and they may grow into the role


Bill 4 hours ago

I’ve lived there for 15 years. S. Korea is totally controlled by Samsung, Hyundai, et al and corruption is absolutely everywhere in the country. Park is an incompetent President, but she's got herself in a real mess over this bizarre situation. In most democracies, she’d be gone, but don’t underestimate the power of big business, brazenness of the political system ………. or citizen apathy here.


James 1 day ago

South Leader should find the leading protesters to lock them up and make things calm down, don't hesitate use forces if violent broke out, do not resign because they do spy for North leader to destroy the South and make its collapse. President Park should stand up and strong to clean up this mess without hesitate to use the forces. No communist spy in your country, if they do, lock them up until find them not a guilty. Good luck to President Park!