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美国网民评论:报告:中国到2020年将拥有351艘军舰 [美国媒体]

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Report: China Could Have 351 Navy Ships (Bigger America' Navy) By 2020 



Ongoing U.S.-China tensions in the South China Sea regarding Chinese artificial island-building are leading many at the Pentagon to sharpen their focus upon the rapid pace of Chinese Naval modernization and expansion.


While Chinese naval technology may still be substantially behind current U.S. platforms the equation could change dramatically over the next several decades because the Chinese are reportedly working on a handful of high-tech next-generation ships weapons and naval systems.


China has plans to grow its navy to 351 ships by 2020 as the Chinese continue to develop their military's ability to strike global targets according to a recent Congressional report.

根据最近的国会报告,中国继续发展其军事打击全球目标的能力,计划 2020年海军增加到351艘军舰。

The 2014 U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission recommended to Congress that the U.S. Navy respond by building more ships and increase its presence in the Pacific region – a strategy the U.S. military has already started.


Opponents of this strategy point out that the U.S. has 11 aircraft carriers the Chinese have one and China's one carrier still lacks an aircraft wing capable of operating off of a carrier deck. However several recent reports have cited satellite photos showing that China is now building its own indigenous aircraft carriers. Ultimately the Chinese plan to acquire four aircraft carriers the reports say.


The commission cites platforms and weapons systems the Chinese are developing which change the strategic calculus regarding how U.S. carriers and surface ships might need to operate in the region.






Noah Hunter

In the end there will be no war because of the threat of nukes. China is a land power flanked by three other land powers that are a far more issue for them....India Iran and Russia. They need to spend their money on land forces and they know it. The US is a sea and air power as it's not likely that any combination of enemies will land military forces on the coasts of California or New Jersey. We have no business trying to be a land power except in the most narrow situations....Iraq and Afghanistan not among them.

China may build a lot of ships but once built they require a massive amount of upkeep and continuous replacement...and for what? Normal trade relations with the world gets them more of what they want and need than a bunch of floating targets. For a long time to come the US Navy will control the oceans of the world for the benefit of the world....and that includes China!










China doesn't have a land border with Iran there's Pakistan Afghanistan and those former USSR republics between them the one with India isn't conductive of land maneuver warfare because of geography and last but not least Russia isn't the Soviet unx the bulk of their conventional forces are deployed in Europe to deter an expanding NATO which keeps getting closer to Moscow in order to fulfil what Napoleon and Hitler could not.





Thomas Fung

It seems to this person that China's naval buildup is entirely natural. China evolved from an isolated nation with no international trade to a nation that relies extensively upon maritime trade. As such the need for a navy to protect that economic interest goes back to similar moves by the USA Great Britain Venice Rome the Phoenicians and so on.

The principle of Peace through Strength is not exclusively American.




Reminder: China build the highest bridge in the world with 145 million opened last week while US spend 15 Billion building the same bridge in the US. So budget spending does not tell you much.


dave miller

This all because obama cut our military and weapons development for 8 years which allowed our enemies to surpass us Obama is a traitorhe's Muslim before anything else and protects them.he should spend the rest of his life in prison



Numbers in military mean less that technology and equipment. Even if China could approach the U.S. in ships (or planes etc.) it's the ability that matters.



Art Mc Donald

What matters is the correct mission package and a properly trained and motivated crew not necessarily numbers of boats (from a Navy vet.)



china will outgrow everyone their growth is steady while the other countries are either stale or declining


Paul H

well like they say "Bigger is not always better" it all about how good the equipment personal and training.


Joshua Rathbun

try telling Hitler that before he got Red Army'd



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