美国网民评论:科鲁兹和艾伯特会见台湾领导人后,中国发出警告 [美国雅虎]

原文地址:https://www.yahoo.com/news/china-warns-cruz-abbot-meet-taiwans-president-084424185--politics.htmlChina warns after Cruz, Abbott meet Taiwan's presid


China warns after Cruz, Abbott meet Taiwan's president 




BEIJING (AP) — China reiterated its opposition Monday to any contacts between U.S. officials and Taiwan's government following a meeting between Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Greg Abbott and the self-governing island's president Tsai Ing-wen.


Cruz and Abbot met with Tsai on Sunday while she was passing through Houston on her way to visit Taiwan's Central American allies.


At a news briefing in Beijing on Monday Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said China was firmly opposed to any contact between Taiwan's leader and "anyone from the U.S. government." He said such contacts threaten to disturb and undermine relations between Washington and Beijing.






Ossam 16 hours ago

If China does not respect the ruling on South China Sea by the International Community then China does not deserve any respect either with regards to their territorial claims. They have themselves revoked their rights by their own actions.


Apeman 13 hours ago

Screw China. We do not need to recognize resolutions and can do what we want in the South China sea but you better do what we want because we say so. Time to take a stand and show them who the real big boys are!


Craftsman 12 hours ago

Sorry China your pawn is leaving the White House. You no longer run our trade and economy. Globalism and the fascist liberals lost.


J 15 hours ago

TOO BAD CHINA!!! My wife is Taiwanese and WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED!!! PEOPLE make their choices NOT CHINA!!!


Jin 12 hours ago

Taiwan - 23 million people. China - 1200 million people. Can you do math? Silly Republican ideologues. The more people the more moolah at stake.


Sophie11Rose 15 hours ago

Letting my former Senator "Creepy" Cruz meet with anyone is a big mistake.


West 11 hours ago

Many things we buy used to be made in Taiwan but now in China. However that may change with time as labor costs go up on the Mainland.


lee 10 hours ago

Do the US need to listen to China? My Answer and many would agree is NO.



jesse 15 hours ago

China who?


RETEL WORLD 9 hours ago

Do China run the United States of America as a SAR like Hong Kong? China think we are part of PRC like Hong Kong. Stupid statement always come out of China nowaday. Really funny !


Norbert M 10 hours ago

China you push the U.S. or Taiwan and we will push you back to the stone age.


Jon 9 hours ago

I don't see Donald Trump backing down on anything. America's navy just fired warning shots Iranian ships. Any nation who wants to take on America will find a much more aggressive adversary under America's new leadership.


Rus 10 hours ago

China thinks they could bully everyone like what they do to Philippines!!


Klenneh Eastwood 16 hours ago

A governor only represents his state interests. Gov. Greg Abbott can only discuss national interests at state level with Tsai Ing-wen such as economic exchange with Texas. He has no authority to discuss the whole nation's interests. I don't think China has any obxtion.


Cold Hard Truth 6 hours ago

China chooses which laws to ignore and which to obey. They ignored Tge Hague's ruling but can't stand when another country disagrees with them. Will never have your cake and eat it too especially with your wimpy military full of old Soviet and stolen US technology.


x 5 hours ago

Why is Cruz meeting with anyone? He is nobody.


Tulip 10 hours ago

Trump will eventually meet Tsai. The 2 "T" will take turns to hammer china.


Kok 15 hours ago

See ..I told you so. US will send someone important to met her as a show of strength. However it is unlikely China will do anything else beside warning. Political playbook 101 China knew that anything extra like issue threats + some revenge they will see Trump fly over to Taiwan.


Luan 6 hours ago

Tsai Ing-wen a daughter of Taiwanese traitor can certain teach Cruz and Abbot a few tricks on how to lie in election campaigns. Tsai's approval has dropped from 70% to merely 26% within 7 months of being a Taiwan leader from May 20 2016. She has been following her father's foot step to deny history and status of Taiwan just like her father servicing Fascist Japanese fighter planes to bomb and kill million of Chinese in mainland.


Ben 7 hours ago

It is absurd for China to flaunt international maritime laws in the South China sea then dictate American policy in Taiwan. Has America lost its mojo? Do we now fear China so much?


Chet G 15 hours ago

A Texan to China.....we are a State not the Federal Government so chill out on this warning #$%$!!!! Remember this warning.....everyone in Texas has at least 10 guns and several thousand rounds of ammo so you better land in the northeast ha.

一位德州人致中国......我们是个州不是美国联邦所以你的警告放松点@#¥@¥#!!!!! 记住这个警告.....德州的每个人至少都有10把枪和几千轮弹药,所以你们最好在东北登陆哈。

Drew P. Balls 15 hours ago

Cruz trying to get his name back in the papers. Doesnt care who he gets killed in the process.


Fan Of Hogan 6 hours ago

China needs to grow up damn the bullied S0B I cannot believe why sons of Mao tse Dung are so uneducated and inhumane Welcome the President of Taiwan to the US = the Land of Freedom of the World !



NowUknow 11 hours ago

China dont have the ding #$%$ to attack US. period


Cold Hard Truth 6 hours ago

Shut up PRC!! You're okay with Taiwan electing a president so how can you still claim the island as your territory? The PRC has enough land; let Taiwan the real China have their independence.


Gregg 2 hours ago

China unilaterally declares the South China Sea is theirs without regard to what the rest of the world says? China deserves NO respect! Ignore them. If they want to stop trade so be it. We will be better off.


Ken 13 hours ago

Old Chinese saying: Country with big talk has no teeth.


Bob 16 minutes ago

Why is it any of China's business?


jjohn 3 hours ago

The Drama Queen President-elect can't control his penchant to throw stones.


jane 4 hours ago

Why is the Texas Governor in Taiwan? Texas is full of crime shouldn't he spend his time fixing his state?


ROBERT 6 hours ago

Let me remind chinese have been humiliated 4 times in known history the mongels harrassed back 3000 years ago reason china wall was built boxer rebellion world war ii korean war U.S.A. was involved last three should count vietnam cause it took assistance from russia and china to aide north vietnam but we had incompetent military civilian college grads whom knew more than our military leaders that was a disaster.


george 6 hours ago

Where is Texas rice going to go from now on?


Craftsman 11 hours ago

fake news


j 1 hour ago

go ahead make trouble for china. They do have nuclear missiles and they will use them to obliterate our western cities. Is that what you all gop flag wavers want? That is what you idiots will get with your bravado talk. You clowns do not even know what the Taiwan Relations Act of the us congress even says. It says there is ONE CHINA not two separate china. We are supposed to defend Taiwan from invasion of China but only if Taiwan refrains from separatist activity and keeps in the spirit of one china.



j 2 hours ago

I lived in Taiwan in the early 1990's. Taiwan had a separatist president Lee who claimed Japanese was a more beautiful languaage than mandarin. Lee just loved the idea of an independant taiwan. So I watched China build up its military and its missles across the taiwan strait. And I watched China fire a few missiles to pin point land in the front of the two taiwan ports. That was China's way to give Taiwan a demonstration of how china could blockade their two ports anytime they wanted such as when Taiwan got the urge to get on any internatioal soap box and claim they are not a chinese people and that they are a free nation like Canada or Japan. When the military build up happened together with the missiles dropping just off the two taiwan ports the taiwanese people immediately shut up and got weak kneed. China had to show them what it meant to separate from the motherland. The taiwanese had to be given a real live military demonstration of what could happen before they understood the seriousness of trying to be separatist to china. As for ted cruz and the gop they want to lose trade with a 1.2 billion people nation and gain trade with a 23 million people province of china. That is stupid to the nth degree these gop and their stupid followers.



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