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美国网民评论:中国回击竞争对手的“极端”关税 [美国媒体]

五毛网 美国 2017年01月24日 来源:五毛网


China has criticised “extreme” tariffs on its exports amid concerns in Beijing that Donald Trump will embark on a policy of protectionism as US president.




Trump has pledged to hit Chinese goods with tariffs of up to 45% and said cheap imports are “killing” US manufacturers.


The president-elect has also appointed one of China’s fiercest critics to key trade post and said he will label the Asian country a currency manipulator on his first day in office 20 January.






LillyGallagher 19h ago

This article would be complete if it simply looked at the up to 60% tariffs China imposes on imports.

It's payback time China. Suck it up



CaptainGrey  LillyGallagher 18h ago

Quit. Never thought I'd say it but "GO TRUMP". I wish our lot here would do the same.


Gelion  LillyGallagher 18h ago

All this will do is make prices of goods and services inside the US more expensive for all 300000000 Americans.

Just as removing Obama's health care will and just as allowing states to choose their own minimum wage rate will do too.

It's only Alt-Right economists like Putin's ... sorry! Trump's! - pick here who believe that free trade is a bad thing.



theredbear  CaptainGrey 18h ago

go Trump? his own merchandise is made in China. what a hypocrite...


Ghec71 19h ago

How can you write an article on the punitive effects of tariffs imposed on China's exports without reference to the punitive tariffs China  imposes on other country's exports?


mde_bkk  Ghec71 18h ago

I agree a very one-sided story but the main aim of the story was I think to have another pop at Trump.


nevergetoutoftheboat  mde_bkk 17h ago

As much as I loathe him some of the "Fear The Donald" lixs in every other Guardian story are a jussssssst a bit of a stretch.



joe5000  Ghec71 16h ago

Trump is anti-China therefore according to the left-wing press China can do no wrong. This is what happens when you have no principles or integrity you'll back anyone or anything if it suits.


SirTalbotBuxomly 19h ago

What do they expect if they flood the market with state-subsidised cheap goods!


Petepetepete  SirTalbotBuxomly 19h ago

Forty years of growth?


strategem  SirTalbotBuxomly 19h ago

I sometime wonder if those who criticize China should up their game.

The Future Technology CES show taking place now has barely any British innovation representation.

50% of that show is from China.

You can now buy a small drone from china for as little as £10.

Maybe in certain areas we need to be more like China






LillyGallagher  Petepetepete 19h ago

And our jobs. I work in a charity shop


krissywilson87  Streatham 18h ago

Imposing protectionist tariffs is generally considered to be an economically "left-wing" thing to do yes.


DavidHAMeron 19h ago

i like how we voted brexit while the eu was supporting the british steel industry by imposing tariffs on chinese steel while the uk government was against the measure

我太喜欢我们干的事情了:我们公投脱欧,欧盟支持通过对中国钢铁实施关税来保护英国钢铁行业, 同时英国政府却反对这一措施 (反讽)。

ChaosInc  DavidHAMeron 18h ago

*Trying* to impose tariffs. The British government continued to block EU steel tariffs for several months after the referendum. Couldn't have anything to do with the UK's dependence on Chinese investment?


robin1980  DavidHAMeron 18h ago

Just not true but hey who cares about the truth?


EternalWhizzKid  ChaosInc 18h ago

The UK is now Putin and China's fifth column within the EU.

英国现在是普京和中国在欧盟内的“第五纵队”。(译者注:fifth column 指专门在敌人内部搞破坏的团体,来源于西班牙内战时期)

bartelbe 18h ago

Well they're taking the p*ss. China the country that manipulate's its currency ignores copyright steals other countries intellectual property and subsidises its industry. The reason for the steel tariffs is the fact China is dumping below cost steel on world markets.


In some ways we shouldn't blame the Chinese we have let them get away with this stuff. The rich got greedy seeing massive profits in low cost China combined with selling in the West. Not caring that in the long run it was hollowing out economies in the West.


This is one of the reasons Trump won people are fedup of unfair trade. I doubt Trump will keep his promise but people like Hilary who should be standing up for ordinary workers have let the Chinese walk all over us.



ChrisD58  bartelbe 18h ago

Perhaps worth a mention is their horrendous human rights 99.9% conviction rate 'justice system' oppression of free speech and execution rate...


EU_Fanatic  ChrisD58 18h ago

Yes because human rights and their police state will no doubt get better when the Chinese population are unemployed due to foreign tariffs...


GMH123  EU_Fanatic 18h ago

I always thought that the story round here was that sanctions led to improvements in countries' respect for human rights. Or was only in relation to regimes that Guardian readers don't like?


praxismakesperfec 19h ago

Oh no my heart weeps for the communist apparatchiks


Streatham  praxismakesperfec 19h ago

Oh no my heart weeps for the communist apparatchiks

I don't think these apparatchiks have been 'communist' for some time whatever the board of directors at the top like to call themselves.


LillyGallagher  Streatham 14h ago

I'd say mafia but communism always leads to mafia


jamesmit 19h ago

How china can deny dumping is laughable. They know they have too much capacity due to overzealous state bank and corporations and not the domestic demand to fulfil it in their home markets so they've sold steel aluminium and other products for below production cost.


R03;因此,中国以低于生产成本(的价格)卖钢铁、铝,和其他商品 。

DavidHAMeron  jamesmit 19h ago

china can do what it wants that's capitalism


SecularBrit  DavidHAMeron 19h ago

And the US can also do what it wants. That's also capitalism. You dump products at below market price and your competitors slap tariffs on them (the ones with sense.)




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