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美国网友评论: 中国2017年增长目标大约6.5% [美国雅虎]

五毛网 美国 2017年03月10日 来源:五毛网


Beijing (AFP) - China on Sunday trimmed its 2017 GDP growth target to "around 6.5 percent" as the world's second-largest economy already expanding at the slowest pace in a quarter-century faces an array of challenges.








Go Green 1 day ago

That is a very reasonable growth target.. China with 40 years in reform free market economy and continue in self improvement in fight poverty improve people living standard China has transform 1.34 billions of Chinese citizens including all minorty ethnic groups citizens life in remote provinces out of the poverty line to a better more free and more prosperity life. Even just as a developing nation lot need to improve China walk the walk fight poverty build affordable public transportation communications systems Internet cell phone wireless communications train highway high speed rail build renewable energy and power plant. Promote education enhance culture developments for all Chinese citizens in all 56 ethnic groups. Best wish and keep up the good works


PEPE 1 day ago

China is the leader of the free trade world....


R. 13 hours ago

China has stepped up their economy very quickly in the last 50 years and continue to push forward. They have a tremendous air pollution and garbage problem they need to clean up. i think all garbage should be buried in land fill and not dumped in the ocean.


Joe Physics 18 hours ago

The US growth rate was less than 3% for each of the past 8 years. That never happened ever before - and Obama called it a recovery.



Doc W 1 day ago

With that kind of growth China's not going to be the second greatest economy in the world very long.


john 5 hours ago

If we go to war with them We would starve them into submission ! To many mouths to feed.


Freedomspeech? 7 hours ago

Likely end up having to go back to that one child only for a couple of parents or start waring to cull down their overpopulation.


Em Hann 23 hours ago

Anything around 5% growth is very good enough. Above that is too optimistic. But anything below 3% or 4% is a worrying sign especially for countries with huge population.


na 10 hours ago

why are not all in China living BIG? with all that wealth they should all be millionaires. we Americans had dream once . the evil liberals took that dream away from our children.



Kathy 1 day ago

Now the idiot Trump supporters think the u.s economy should grow that fast.


100% 3 hours ago

That would increase their standard of living from two small fish a day to three.】


Aquinno The Filipino Clown 6 hours ago

They always meet or exceed the target. Good job!



china be a good place to be a snow flake liberal


Unknownposter 18 hours ago

So now they measure 5"1 and hope for 5"2... Easier solution..Padded shoes and short pants.


charles 10 hours ago

China great place to make $$ and live if you can breathe CHINA AIR.


MM 1 day ago

The tip of a 'sinking' iceberg...



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