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美国网民评论:警察杀人后,在法中国人表示愤怒和恐惧 [美国媒体]

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Chinese anger, fears exposed in France after police killing



PARIS (AP) — Chinese immigrants and China's government are protesting a police killing in Paris that prompted violent street clashes and exposed the fears and frustrations of France's large Asian community.


Protesters gathered Tuesday in northeast Paris for a second day of demonstrations over the fatal shooting of a Chinese man in his apartment, and police launched an internal investigation into a death that took on diplomatic implications.


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China had summoned a representative of the French embassy in Beijing Tuesday and urged French officials to "get to the bottom of the incident as soon as possible."


Chinese authorities "hope that Chinese nationals in France can express their wishes and demands in a reasonable way," Hua said.






Vegas Vic10 hours ago

scared of Chinese? They are some of the best immigrants you can have. They come to work they don't bother anybody. Tell me when you get heard of Chinese immigrants being a nuisance. Actually pretty much everybody from Asia a top-tier immigrants


BradL14 hours ago

This is what multiculturalism was intended to do, cause civil war & collapse a country


Freedom Forever9 hours ago

Hmm Chinese get executed in their home country just for speaking out against the Communist Government and where is their outrage for that.


΅҅҅΅14 hours ago

"Chinese are victims of racist attitudes in France — especially from other ethnic groups like Arabs. They are targets for crime because they often carry cash and many don't have residence permits, so can be threatened easily. They're angry with police for not protecting them enough,"

So it is the Arabs who give them troubles. Most Arabs are supposed to be religious and yet they behave like thugs. Police should go after those Arabs, not Chinese.



Genghis7 hours ago

I am Asian and I believe France should start deporting anyone, regardless of race, who is illegal. Follow Trump.


Yahoo Reader9 hours ago

funny how the Chinese govt complains to France about allowing protests but arrests its own people if they protest in China


LifeOFGuy10 hours ago

Who the hell are scared of the Chinese? They are the least physical intimidating race if all.


Douglas8 hours ago

The Chinese govt has the nerve. It treats its own citizens worse than any foreign country.


PCShogun16 hours ago

Yep, lets not wait for the facts, just draw your own conclusions and do something stupid.


Martin8 hours ago

The Chinese complain of racism, when they are some of the biggest racists on Earth's face.

What goes around comes around




Davis6 hours ago

Illegal Chinese are defrauding the U.S. daily.

Planeloads of expecting Mothers on Cathay Pacific arrive NYC on multiple flights per day, overstay their visas, and give birth in America, making the child a U.S. Citizen. It is an illegal industry & disgusting.



Hacksaw10 hours ago

There are basic, intrinsic reasons all the animals in the jungle can't be at the watering hole at the same time. These are the same reasons we cannot have a world without borders or boundaries. Get over it, snowflakes. It is not possible.


Jack8 hours ago

Perhaps everyone should live in their own country, like it or not!


chris8 hours ago

China is notoriously unwelcoming to anyone NOT chinese, but the rest of the world is supposed to be super nice and welcoming to China's out of control overpopulation spreading across the world like locusts.


Phng9 hours ago

Honestly the Chinese people are not "civilized" yet.


jjj10 hours ago

Blending cultures will never work. Ever.



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