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美国网民评论:玉林狗肉节开始,尽管有禁止传闻 [美国媒体]

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Yulin dog meat festival begins despite rumours of ban



A controversial dog meat festival has begun in the Chinese city of Yulin, despite earlier reports it had been cancelled or toned down this year.


The Lychee and Dog Meat festival takes place annually in Guangxi province.


Earlier this year, US campaigners claimed that vendors had been told by authorities not to sell dog meat.


But stall holders had told the BBC they had heard nothing about this from officials. On 15 May, city officials confirmed there was no ban.






[–]JordJJones 13 指標 20小時前
I'm not against the use of Dog meat, but definitely against the torture of these animals. As a Westerner it will always tug at heart strings knowing these wonderful animals can be seen as food, but I respect their right to do so. It's not my place to say what people should, and should not eat... That would be hypocritical of me. I mean, I love frogs, haved owned many... but I have eaten frog legs on more than one occasion.
Again, it's the torture. Even an animal used for food. If it's still living? You treat it with respect.


[–]krang123 12 指標 19小時前
I agree completely that the process should be done as quickly as possible with as little harm done to the animal as possible.
What I think a lot of posters on here fail to realize, though, is just how horrific factory farm conditions are in the West, and in particular, in the United States. So what is being compared is a relatively small time frame for torturing these animals as opposed to an entire life of pain and torture for the animals who are sold by the factory farms.
The level of ethnocentrism here gets to the point where you seriously wonder whether anybody but you had considered that a street dog who gets to roam around for a few months before ending up on someone's plate in this dogmeat festival is a lot more fortunate than a lamb tied to a post its entire life for the purpose of making some of that "extra-tender" veal.
Animal cruelty isn't just a problem in China.


[–]JordJJones 5 指標 19小時前
Completely agree. I support humane treatment of animals in all countries. Regardless if we are eating them. I think some Chinese practices are horrific, but factory and farm conditions in America are deplorable if not put in check. Unfortunately, I doubt the Trump admin. is likely to give a shit.
I think, even in these circumstances, a level of empathy needs to be present. That animal is giving you sustenance, You are taking its life... it deserves your respect. I know that sounds absurdly ritualistic, but I think it's necessary. Anything living deserves respect.


[–]FileError214 4 指標 14小時前
Once again, China cannot be criticized because bad things happen in other countries.
I'm curious, in an American factory farm do they believe that torturing animals before killing them enhances the flavor?
Live next to a dog farm for a little while, see how accepting you become. Every morning, hearing the dogs be slaughtered, crying. It's fucked up, man.


[–]zachquinones 1 指標 13小時前
Are all factory farms guilty of horrific conditions? What percentage are confirmed to be torturous?


[–]slappymcnutface 1 指標 8小時前
the difference being Americans are ignorant of factory farming; ag-gag laws and corporate efforts to keep them in the dark don't help either.
this Chinese festival is as open and blatant about it as you can be. it's completely shameless.
I've tried to get family and friends to watch videos of factory farming in the west and they start screaming like little kids "turn it off!" when I play a few seconds - willful ignorance in many ways to be sure. but at least they acknowledge its wrong in most cases. but in Yulin they fucking gather like its easter sunday and they're collecting their colored eggs.


[–]HotNaturedUnited States 3 指標 19小時前
Your last point is a good one.
Also, frogs are delicious here haha


[–]JordJJones 1 指標 19小時前
Haha, I had frog legs at Bonnaroo once, and another time in some small diner out in the NY sticks... really good meat. It's really like a combo of chicken and maybe tilapia.



[–]HotNaturedUnited States 3 指標 19小時前
Here in China, frog is a common ingredient in some dishes...like spicy dry pot (idk what it's officially called--is great with beer). They serve more than just the legs, but the torso??? usually doesn't have much meat anyway


[–]JordJJones 1 指標 19小時前
Yeah, I see it on menus all the time... I should probably give it a try at some point


[–]grackychan 1 指標 18小時前
YMMV. Some frogs have a strong taste for whatever reason. I personally like deep fried frog legs the best.


[–]drew627 1 指標 14小時前
Spain says hello. Sometimes I wish I was vegetarian but I know that will never happen..


[–]BluestarDolphin 5 指標 17小時前
I'm sorry but around the rest of the world animals are also tortured in the similar ways before they're put onto our tables, there are even videos on Youtube how they are slaughtered. Some companies push chickens into hot water to get rid of feathers easily does making them burning alive and but not dying yet. Only the places which are run by Jews and Muslims(due to the certain rules of Halal food and religious ethics.) are not likely to do these processes. They just slit the throat in an instant in both poultry and cattle farming, and be done with it.
Dogs/Wolfs especially in my country's culture have a big place and love. (Also there are cat maniacs who can't stop posting a photo with their pet anyway..) So everytime the Yulin Festival is on the news, people get engulfed with rage against China. And some people around me gives me look of "see it's your China, this China do this, this country do these to dogs, what do you have to say for yourself?" and I'm reentering an endless discussion of ethical philosophy with them. Tired.


[–]krang123 9 指標 20小時前
Slaughtering dogs is bad. Keeping pigs in cages so small they can't move their entire lives, knee-deep in their own shit and loaded with antibiotics so they don't keel over and die from the diseases acquired in those unsanitary conditions is also bad.
But because we delegate that responsibility to other, far away people, and don't have to actually watch how the pork we buy from the supermarket actually gets there, somehow we get to be sanctimonious?
How is that NOT abject hypocrisy?
You mean to tell me that killing animals and harvesting their flesh for food is a pretty seedy business!? Why, Upton Sinclair must be rolling around in his grave! Wait...
The reality is that there's often little or no difference between the animals we love and the animals we eat from a purely cognitive standpoint. If you want to believe that Rover is some sort of incomprehensible genius with no peers in the animal kingdom because he greets you at the door when you come home, then, by all means, believe that.
But just because YOU don't want to eat a dog doesn't mean that people who do are somehow lesser moral creatures because you decided to draw some completely arbitrary distinction with no basis in science.


(厄普顿?辛克莱:美国现实主义小说家。“社会丑事揭发派”(muckraker)作家。1906年发表《屠宰场》(The Jungle),描写大企业对工人的压榨和芝加哥屠宰场的不卫生情况,引起人们对肉类加工质量的愤怒,导致制订了食品卫生检查法。)

[–]JillyPollaTaiwan 15 指標 22小時前
Good, let the local Chinese people have their customs. In America we have BBQ pork festivals all the time. Why can't China have one dog meat festival? Funny how the ones leading the charge in the west are privileged Hollywood stars. I love it when rich white people tell poor Chinese food vendors that they cannot make their livelihood.



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