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美国网民评论:中国给予菲律宾更多援助用于禁毒和反恐 [美国雅虎]

五毛网 美国 2017年07月01日 来源:五毛网


ForeignMinister Wang Yi (right) made the assistance pledge during a visit by hisPhilippine counterpart Alan Peter Cayetano and pledged China's help withreconstruction efforts in the war-torn southern city of Marawi.  (AFP Photo/FRED DUFOUR)

王毅外长(右)在会见菲律宾外长卡耶塔诺后做出了援助保证:会尽力帮助重建马拉维这个饱受战争摧残的南部城市。(法新社照片/FRED DUFOUR)



China vowedThursday to continue providing the Philippines with "necessaryassistance", a day after Beijing donated thousands of weapons to thecountry to help its fight against Islamist gunmen.


ForeignMinister Wang Yi made the remarks during a visit by his Philippine counterpartAlan Peter Cayetano and pledged China's help with reconstruction efforts in thewar-torn southern city of Marawi.


"Yesterdaythe first batch of emergency assistance was delivered to the Philippines,"Wang told a joint news conference in Beijing.


"In thefuture, in keeping with the Philippines' needs, we will continue to providenecessary assistance and help."


The smallshipment of assault and sniper rifles and ammunition is the first example ofChinese military aid since Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatened tomove away from Manila's traditional ally America and seek Beijing's support.


The weaponsshipment, worth some 50 million yuan ($7.35 million) "highlights the dawnof a new era in Philippine-Chinese relations", Duterte said.


The USembassy said earlier this month that special forces were also assisting thePhilippine military, although Duterte has said recently he had no knowledgeabout US technical assistance to the troops fighting in Marawi.


China'sforeign ministry on Thursday confirmed the Chinese defence ministry haddelivered a "batch of counterterrorism material" at the request ofthe Philippine government but did not elaborate on its contents.


ThePhilippines, which has a mutual defence treaty with the United States, has longrelied on US-supplied arms. But in a swipe at America -- which has criticisedhis flagship war on drugs -- Duterte has said he will seek more weapons fromChina and Russia.


Chineseambassador Zhao Jianhua, who formally handed over the weapons on Wednesday,said a "second batch" would soon be delivered. "The donation isnot big but it is big in the sense that it marks a new era in relations betweenour two militaries," Zhao said.


Philippinetroops, backed by airstrikes and artillery, have battled for over a month todrive the extremists out of Marawi but the militants have fought back.


Wang saidChina would work with the Philippines to remove the "threat of illegaldrugs and the breeding ground of terrorism".







Any help against Islamic Muslim Terrorists and against the Drugs is important!



USA kiss the Philippines good bye



J.P. Look at Japan, South Korea and Taiwan they are close to USA and they don'tkiss China but, they are way better that Philippine... If you look at the wholepicture Satanaz! Philippine will always someone else behind! why? NO Patience,NEED major DECIPLINE! Kissing with your enemy will take you and your GRAND KIDSPRIDE away! USA OPEN THE GATE for every body...A lot of countries in Asia wentin and run like a Rabbits vs Philippine who still move like a turtle and actinglike BLM in Asia. I'm Pinoy and i see Philippine will have more future problem(OVER ALL)..

J.P.童鞋,看看日本、韩国和台湾,他们是亲美的,却不会跪舔中国。他们做得远好于菲律宾……如果你看到这整张图片,Satanaz先生,菲律宾总属于落后的那一员!为什么?没有耐心,需要主修纪律!跪舔你的敌人将抹除你乃至你孙子的骄傲感。老美对每个人都打开了大门……亚洲的很多国家都进去了并习以为常,但是同在亚洲的菲律宾任然如海龟般在缓慢移动,行为就像BLM(译者注:BLM,感觉是指美国的黑人组织Black Lives Matter)。我就是一名菲律宾人,我能预见菲律宾在未来会碰到更多的问题(全部内容)……


bye-bye... make sure to not let the door hit you on your way out



Not only the Philippines Gerry, but all South East Asia......if Trump byaccident stays in power for four years, most of the countries in the world willbe alienated from the sphere of USA umbrella......


Cuisinier de Lune Flotte

a peaciful asia is good everyone in the region. But it's not for the US. Ifeveryone is peaciful to each other. who cares the border of south china sea?let alone China always say co-drill the oil down there.



The unfortunate Philippine government and its people have to deal with muslims.The muslims are nothing but trouble to any non-muslims no matter wherenon-muslims live.



two containers full of non-functioning out dated equipment and of course theusual containers filled with drugs and other supplies to the criminal Chineseunderground in the Philippines and don't forget the special package of Fentanylfor the "puppet" and load of cash for his daughter and cronies ...




Very brand new the weapons shipment, worth some 50 million yuan ($7.35 million)"highlights the dawn of a new era in Philippine-Chinese relations",Duterte said.



China just getting rid of old stock.



This isn't charity. It is all on credit at a high interest rate so that it cannever be paid back. The end result being China owning the Philippines. Duterteworked it out on his last visit. His Chinese relatives are very happy with him.There are some in the Philippines trying to stop this. But they are beingshouted down for blocking progress.



holy cow. they probably will do joint military exercises too. This country willhave thousands of different languages...


US Marine

Duterte has 2 faces working with the US & with China Dangerous game &china would love to control the Philippines.



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