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美国网友评论:在发布向美国国旗撒尿的视频后,艾米丽.蓝斯在网上遭到攻击 [美国媒体]

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An American woman has been receiving threats online after posting a video of herself peeing on the U.S. flag on Independence Day.


Emily Lance, whose now-dexed Facebook profile said she''s from Philadelphia, shared a video on Tuesday showing her using a funnel to stand and urinate on the American flag until it fell into a toilet, according to the BBC.

根据BBC的消息,Emily Lance据说来自费城,她的facebook账号现已删除。她在周四分享了一个视频,视频显示她用漏斗接住尿液,并淋在美国国旗上,最后美国国旗落到马桶里。

The video quickly went viral, leading many to blast Lance for disrespecting the stars and stripes.




1.这个垃圾把我惹火了。Emily Lance,如果你这么痛恨美国,那就滚到别处去。


The backlash culminated with one man saying he had seen a $3,000 bounty for Lance on Craigslist, The Sun reported — a claim that can''t be independently verified.


Lance later posted that people were targeting her father at his job. She asked them to leave her family out of it as they didn''t support her actions.


But the woman continued to hold her ground on Facebook.


"People are wishing illness, harm, and suffering upon me over a piece of fabric. People are willing to MURDER someone over a flag. It''s so sad that people don''t realize how brainwashed they are. I''m gross for peeing on a symbol? LOOK AT YOURSELVES. You people epitomize all that is foul," one of her posts said, according to the Daily Mail.


Lance''s profile appears to have been removed or dexed from Facebook, but the video is still available on other pages.


There are no American laws that protect the flag from desecration or vandalism.






Fred Packard · 1d

So 18 U.S. Code § 700 - Desecration of the flag of the United States; penalties. Whoever knowingly mutilates, defaces, physically defiles, burns, maintains on the floor or ground, or tramples upon any flag of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both

No longer exists??



Monty Simmons · 2d 

Typical Liberal Democrat.


Sasha Walker · 4d 

how vulgar


Vicki Lee Daniels @sasha Walker · 4d 


BEST TWO WORDS that I have heard about this today.



Pam Davis · 5d 

This picture will be available to post for years to come! She really did a very disrespectful and stupid thing which will follow her for life as she goes for a job, ( she may never have to know what it is like to work because she is Daddy’s Baby), when she has a child (if she is ever willing to use her body for someone else for 9 months, because God forbid she should gain a few pounds and then she would have to consider someone else’s needs other than herself) If she does have children this photo might come to their attention over the years, how embarrassing it would be if their friends and teachers saw it too! In short this simpleton will be scarred for life


John Switzer · 5d 

definitely messed up. but again  Emily is not a woman.  But don''t blame his fake gender for it. He obviously has already been drinking some kind of drain cleaner or possibly huffing. But leave it to the Huffington Post to carry this on.


Don Colby · 5d 

Emily... can I buy you a drink?  Fifty gallons of whatever you like.


Bill Thompson · 5d 

She disrespects the American flag then invokes her right to free speech? Does no one else see the irony in that? That flag is a symbol of her right to free speech. Also, the first amendment only protects speech from government interference. It can be argued that it should protect from mega corporation interference as well, but the citizens haranguing her also have that right, short of inciting violence.


Nancy Howard @bill Thompson · 2d

Well said


Franco Gallinaro @Bill Thompson · 2d

She will get hers!


Charles Knowlton · 5d

This woman just desperately needs attention. She likely couldn''t care less about the  causes she seems to espouse. She obviously didn''t get the attention from her parents and this is her way of getting some.


raspberrytoo · 5d 

This person does not respect the flag and her actions show it - however, does she realize that she has also brought disrespect to her family - maybe her father will loose his job - maybe someone in her family will be hit or spit upon - her hate has rippled into her family - so girl, stand your ground and watch your family crumble because of you


Nicky Griffin @raspberrytoo · 5d 

Every action has consequences, which is something millennials rarely pay attention to.  I''m not even American and find this disgusting in the extreme.  How naïve can she be for not even knowing that this is a legitimate fetish and a lot of people will be circulating the video for much different reasons for years and years to come. Urgh!


Trent Smith · 6d 

Strictly speaking, a flag may be just a symbol but if one is going to express such disgust for it and the entire Nation, History and culture it symbolizes, why not just video yourself purchasing an airline ticket "out" ? I could perhaps respect that, but someone posting publicly, themselves peeing on ______, whatever only serves to illustrate poor breeding devoid of basic modesty."


No Flags were harmed during the making of this pathetic ritual".


A Flag IS what it stands for and that cannot be compromised so easily.


Patrick Tee · 6d 

What did she think was going to happen? Kaepernick took a knee and look how well that went for him


(Colin Kaepernick,在奏国歌时拒绝起立的美国橄榄球员,曾遭到广泛抵制)

David Lee · 6d 

the new hero of liberals everywhere


Vicki Lee Daniels @David Lee · 4d 


Even most liberials don''t agree with her on this.


Joe man Curreri · 6d 

These liberals and their media like HuffPost, AOL, CNN and MSNBC, all junk, hateful news.


Dane Way @Joe man Curreri · 5d 

As opposed to the solid reporting you get from Fox and Friends, right Joe?




glaringindifference @Dane Way · 5d 

Of all the mainstream media outlets, Fox is the best. Now, having said that, that is not an endorsement, its light on the others and their constant banging on their highchairs.


Nancy Howard @glaringindifference · 2d

Bernie Saunders has a strange group of following. Emily witch Lance is a Bernie Saunders fan. His other fan shot people at fort hood in Alabama. Liberal

伯尼桑德斯有一群奇怪的拥护者。Emily witch Lance就是Bernie Saunders的一个粉丝。桑德斯的另一个粉丝在阿拉巴马制造了胡德堡枪击案。


Mary Lea Zimmer · 6d 

See why North America (Canada and U.S. could share) needs a place like Devil''s Island.  Send all these misfits and whack jobs there and let them try to escape on a coconut raft like  Steve McQueen.

这就是为什么北美(加拿大和美国可以共享)需要一个像魔鬼岛那样的地方。把那些的不合群的家伙和疯子全部送到那里去,让他们努力像Steve McQueen一样坐椰子筏逃跑。


Nancy Howard @Mary Lea Zimmer · 2d

Send the devils daughter to devils island. I like Iraq better


Dan Olson · 6d 

Ahh, she''s getting threats? Poor baby.


Augustus Filius · 6d

if she gets hit by a car, it will be the freedom of speech of the car...since I am not autophobic


Chuck Naugle · 6d 

She has a good point.


alan winfred @Chuck Naugle · 6d

She wasn''t trying to make a point, she was seeking attention.


Chuck Naugle @alan winfred · 6d 

Wow. You can read her mind. You must be a millionaire with those special powers.


Nancy Howar @dalan winfred · 2d

Alan you right


Leo Bat @Chuck Naugl · e6d 

No she doesn''t. She just doesn''t understand human nature, like all liberals. Groups (like nations) are vital to our survival, and thus loyalty to them is intuitively a major virtue, universally valued; by disrespecting the simbol of her "tribe" she showed a complete lack of loyalty, and obviously the tribe reacted badly to a threat to its very existence. The problem with liberals rejecting "archaic traditions and institutions", is that they fail to understand that those traditions and institutions aren''t arbitrary or the product of conspiracies, but were created to solve actual problems people face.


Nancy Howard @Chuck Naugle · 2d

You mean you like the way his peter points. You hard up

[url=]chuck naugle[/url]. Maybe you and he or it go.to Iraq

你的意思是你喜欢这个彼得的观点。chuck naugle,你是个傻缺。也许你和他(或者它)应该被丢到伊拉克。

Hillary Phillips · 6d 

Prime example of someone who is starving for attention which is why she posted this. Sorry Pee lady but here''s a news flash your "precious feelings" don''t count.  Your hatred is your problem.  If you didn''t want to cause controversy and get noticed you wouldn''t have posted your "act"


Yes you have freedom of speech BECAUSE of this country. If you hate the U.S. so much please  give up your citizenship and go live in another country that shares your beliefs. Perhaps North Korea or Syria would be more fitting for your tastes? You''d see just how lucky you are to live in this country. 


Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.


Adam Rykos @Hillary Phillips · 6d 

The fact that you equate the hating nationalism with hating america is both sad and ridiculous.


Bob Gemale @Adam Rykos · 6d 

the fact that you offer nothing but insults under the guise of free speech is sad and liberalous


Bob Gemale @Bob Gemale · 6d 

the fact that you offer nothing but insults under the guise of free speech is sad and liberalous


so its okay if we, in turn, print your face on toilet paper and sell it for profit, because we disagree with you?


Average Joe · 6d 

Emily Laincz - QuakerTown PA. Contact Buck County District Attorney about requesting an investigation on Indecent Exposure charges.

Emily Laincz,系费城夸克屯人士。我会联系巴克县地方检察官,向他指控你的暴露行为有伤风化,要求他对你展开调查。

Adam Rykos @Average Joe · 6d 



Vicki Lee Daniels @Adam Rykos · 4d

Because at any point if the video shows any part of her genitalia that''s indecent exposure.  If it went across state lines or if a minor child saw it it could be a federal offense.


First admendment doesn''t cover indecent exposure has expession or speech.


Gary Murakami · 6d

What a dummy, so sad.



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