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军事力量对比:中国 vs 印度 [美国网评]

五毛网 美国 2017年08月28日 来源:龙腾网

Military Strength Comparison: India vs China

军事力量对比:中国 vs 印度 

【以下是评论部份】[–]apunebolatumerilailaAsia 14 points 2 years ago 
Well China is ahead of India in almost every aspect.. 


        [–]iamslimsheddy 10 points 2 years ago 
        The gap has been widened in the last three decades a lot. 


                [–]no_stone_unturned 1 point 2 years ago 
                I think it would be reasonable to say in the late 80's we were neck and neck.  It's last two decades really. 


        [–]SabashChandraBose 2 points 2 years ago 
        The last parameter is the most important.  They have a lot more land area.  Which means our targets are farther than theirs. 


        [–]nohtyp 1 point 2 years ago 
        Its also three times larger in land mass. 


[–]bansuriwala 18 points 2 years ago 
you know things are moving fine, when you start getting compared with China and not Pakistan, 


        [–]SiriusLeeSamAntarctica[S] 6 points 2 years ago 
        Was going to do that by instinct :D 


        [–]lak47 1 point 2 years ago 
        Acid burn. 


[–]Bernard_WoolleyHi there!  I am suing WhatsApp.  8 points 2 years ago 
Global Firepower is laughably simplistic.  It does not account for geography, the quality of manpower, the quality of equipment, ORBAT, and so on an so forth.  It takes a set of easy-to-measure variables (and often gets those wrong too) and calculates a meaningless "strength" figure based on those numbers. 

Global Firepower 可笑地过分简化了。它没有解释地理,人力质量,设备质量,战斗序列等等,诸如此类。这需要一套易于计量的变量(而且通常这些变量也会搞错),基于它们计算一个无意义的“力量”数字。

        [–]evereddy 5 points 2 years ago 
        Good points.  With these qualitative attributes, unfortunately China will be even further ahead 


                [–]Bernard_WoolleyHi there!  I am suing WhatsApp.  3 points 2 years ago 
                Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  For example, the Chinese have nothing in their air force that is as good as the Su-30MKI.  They do not have battle-hardened troops in their army.  You wouldn't believe the kind of difference that getting shot at in actual combat makes in war. 


                On the other hand, the survey shows roughly similar numbers of towed artillery.  What it doesn't mention is that most Indian tubes are 130mm, while the PLA has a preponderance of 152mm and 155mm artillery in its ranks. 


                        [–]evereddy 4 points 2 years ago 
                        Agree (though I don't know all the details).  Also, Indian army is low in the actual artillery, etc. 


                        Furthermore, each of their inexperienced in real war soldier will have better equipments, better provisions and better overall support, etc. 


                        Overall, if India and China were to go to war, the bottomline is, India will with its current strength and infrastructure (we don't even have the roads to keep our army well supplied at the borders), be pounded asymmetrically harder. 


        [–]mohanbhagwat -1 points 2 years ago 
        Quality of manpower - you mean superior Aryan race? 


[–]singularity_is_here 5 points 2 years ago 
We have to take into account China & Pakistan.  They on the other hand have to account for US, Japan, Vietnam, India & other assorted nations.

[–]2Boobs_Minimum 5 points 2 years ago 
One advantage we have is actual war experience. 


        [–]SabashChandraBose 4 points 2 years ago 
        The same can be said about the US.  But look at how they have floundered in their recent wars. 


        Wars are dynamic.  Each one is different from the previous.  Sometimes, the experience gleaned from one war is useless in the next.  Precisely why the jungle and desert warfare for the US is not translating into the new urban scenario. 


        [–]PM_ME_PLIS 5 points 2 years ago 
        They don't? 


                [–]2Boobs_Minimum 14 points 2 years ago 
                '62 war was very long time.  We have had Pakistan for practice all these years. 


                        [–]losthighway12 6 points 2 years ago 
                        Pakistan was a street dog, China is a beast. 


        [–]BZ_Cryers 2 points 2 years ago 
        It's a good point, but Chinese doctrine will be very more different to Pak doctrine.  Experience fighting Paks won't entirely translate. 


        The Chinese fought even the Americans to a draw, because they could just keep throwing men at them.  And now they have subs and good missile capabilities. 


[–][deleted] 2 points 2 years ago 
Hah!  We can easily take on the Brits! 


[–]badurkel 2 points 2 years ago 
No clue why China is seen as such a big threat.  Even if they have border issues with India I think they're mature enough to know that war is not an option.  Pakistan and its fragile political and military situation with nuclear bombs is much more frightening. 


[–]anon_geek 5 points 2 years ago 
The map of India does not show PoK as Indian territory.  Prepare to be arrested. 


[–]DarthTerror 1 point 2 years ago 
Their airforce might have more aircrafts... but a careful analysis will tell you that most of those aircrafts are absolute shit.  Majority of them are MiG 21s which are outdated.  The crucial point is whether India gets their Mirage upgraded and their Rafale back before a hypothetical war starts. 


[–]ikickrobots 1 point 2 years ago 
All that said - with India & China both being capable of unleashing nuclear weapons, does it not mean mutually assured destruction? 


[–]nutella4u 1 point 2 years ago 
source CIA ....hmmm 


[–]bhujia 1 point 2 years ago 
This Website do not take into account the technological factors.  This website is not very reliable. 


[–][deleted] -3 points 2 years ago 
ha!  we have modi! 


        [–]givafux 1 point 2 years ago 
        implying what.....?  whats he going to do in a war between china and india