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为什么台湾执政党在抛弃中国传统和文化的同时不废除中文 [美国网评]

五毛网 美国 2017年08月28日 来源:龙腾网

Why doesn't the Taiwanese ruling party abolish the Chinese language while abandoning Chinese culture


Gerry Wang Strategic FooYou Agent (2014-present)
Answered 21h ago
Most Taiwanese spaeak Mandarin or Hokkien which is a dialect of Chinese too.
Taiwanese are also sparing no effort to abolish Mandarin and establish Hokkien as standard Taiwanese language.
Actually they speak Mandarin with an odd accent which is mocked and depreciated by ordinary Chinese. Many of us also wish Taiwanese abandon Mandarin and never smear her reputation.
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Emanuel Leung lived in China (2011-2012)
Answered Thu
This is just silly as 99% of Taiwanese speak Mandarin as a native or working language. And about the “true pre-1949” Taiwanese guess what? Hokkien is Chinese too! LOL! So this is just dumb. As much as they like the Japanese Japanese is not really their native language.
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Alexander Hartdegen Lee Coder with a wicked sense of humor
Answered 23h ago
I think OP might be confused.


It is possible to establish a political entity while still embracing your ethnic culture and tradition. This has been shown repeatedly in Chinese history where you have multiple political entities but all similar if not same cultures.

(我认为)建立一个政治实体的同时又拥抱你们民族的文化和传统是行得通的. 这在中国历史上反复出现,即不同的政体同时出现并拥有类似的文化。

Politically I do not see the rationale behind abolishing the Chinese language and abandoning the Chinese culture and tradition. The kind people in Taiwan have been mostly following the cultures and traditions for years. It does not help them in any way by abandoning it.

在政治上 我看不出废除汉语和抛弃中国文化传统的背后有什么理论依据 . 台湾岛上的善良的人们大体上遵从这样的文化和传统已经有很多年了 . 抛弃这些对他们没有任何好处.

I get it people want to distance themselves from CCP’s China aka PRC. But 5000 years of Chinese history and culture belong to all the Chinese not just CCP.

(TW)人民想要与TG中国也叫做人民的共和国 保持距离 这一点我是可以理解的 . 但是5000年的中国历史和文化是同属于全体中国人的 而不只是属于TG的.


Ok let’s just say the Taiwanese ruling party wants to do so. By abandoning the Chinese language they will have to come out with a new language and a new writing system. A lot of work not to forget the amount of resources needed to re-educate the people. Even if they decide to go with existing languages what can they use? English? That still means that they need to revamp their educational system which means $$$$. Even so it is commercially not viable to abandon the Chinese language as several business entities have ties with mainland China.

好吧 我们就来说说TW执政党想要这么做的话. 要抛弃中国语言 他们就需要创造一门新的语言和书写系统. 别忘了让人们重新接受(新的语言和文字)的再教育是需要大量的工作以及极大量的资源的. 即便他们要使用现有的语言 他们又能用哪一门呢? 英语吗? 那同样也意味着他们需要更新教育系统 也就意味着需要大量的经费. 而且因为许多(TW)商业实体都和中国大陆有紧密的联系 抛弃汉语在商业上也是行不通的 .

In short it is a near impossible task. Maybe those who advocate this move can post an outline on how it can be done. I am eager to see how viable the plan is for science.

也许那些鼓吹抛弃汉语人能提出一个如何完成这一举动的大纲 但是简而言之这是个接近无法完成的工作 . 我很想看看这些怎样才能成为可行的计划 只为了科学.

Sng Kok Joon Leonard
Answered 23h ago
As far as the government of the Republic of China is concerned their constitution and by extension their legitimacy is based on them being the rightful government of China Proper and the Chinese Communist Party as usurpers.

对承袭自民国政府的宪法来说他们(TW)才是中国合法和正统的政府 而TG不过是篡位者.

Since their very existence is molded around this assumption they have neither rhyme nor reason to abandon their Chinese cultural identity.

既然他们的存在就是围绕这一假设 难么他们就没有任何理由抛弃他们中国文化的身份.

Besides they also view themselves as the cultural guardians of China a lesser known factoid about the Republic of China is that once it became clear the Kuomintang were losing they looted the most valuable historical artefacts from the Imperial palaces that they could get their hands on and carried shipped it off to Taiwan. Although they managed to ship off only one fifth of what they had originally planned that one fifth represented some of the best Imperial Chinese artefacts in existence.

除此之外 他们还视自己为中国文化的守护者. 有一个鲜为人知的似真似假的说法是中华民国在国民党就要在大陆落败时从皇宫里掠夺了他们能拿走的最有价值的一批历史文物并运到了台湾 . 尽管他们只成功的运走了原计划要运走的文物的五分之一 却也是中国皇室文物里最好的有代表性的文物.

Of course they now charge Chinese tourists a fee to enter the National Palace Museum to view the looted artefacts and the last time I was there them tourists came in droves by the thousands.

当然了 现在他们向进入国立故宫博物院(台北故宫博物院)参观那些掠夺到的文物的中国游客们收取门票   而且上一次我去那里的时候 足有数千名游客成群结队的去参观.

So yes the Republic of China’s cultural identity is defined precisely by their Chinese roots it would be inimical to their identity for them to abandon it all.

所以 是的. 中华民国的文化认同是清晰明确的根植于中国的 抛弃她是对他们自己有害的 .

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Maranda Cole
Answered 8h ago
Why would they do so? Just because Taiwan refused to reunify with China? Did British forbid its former colonies speaking English? Or any of those countries abolished the English language after they declaring independence? NO!


Don’t mix political issue with culture and other things all together! However Taiwan might switch its official language from Chinese to English like Singapore if Chinese keep pushing! You never know!


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Michel McGill Born lived and worked in China.
Answered 23h ago
Because Taiwan is part of China. Taiwanese is Chinese just like Cantonese or Hunanese or Sichuanese or Shanghainese are Chinese. Taiwanese once even claimed that Chinese tradition culture is in Taiwan not in the Mainland. The written Chinese in Taiwan is called traditional Chinese. To count Taiwanese as a different ethnic group apart from Chinese in US Census date set is a nobrainer.


Taiwanese has no language at all but Chinese! That’s why!

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Marcus Depaul Fluent speaker can write-read lived in China & Taiwan
Answered 22h ago
Writing “while abandoning Chinese culture and tradition” is quite odd given that Chinese culture and traditions are much more upheld and alive in Taiwan than in Mainland China. The reason is very simple: the ROC did not underwent the cultural revolution.

考虑到比起在大陆 台湾保留了更多的中国的文化传统 写出"抛弃中国文化和传统"是极其古怪的 .  原因很简单 民国(TW)没有经历过WG.

Taiwanese culture is itself a mix of different Chinese traditions from all over the mainland with a marked predominance of Fujianese culture.

台湾文化本身是混合了整个中国大陆上的各种传统 其中福建文化占据了显著优势.

The local dialect “Taiwanese” is itself a variation of the Fujianese dialect so if any language could substitute Mandarin in Taiwan it would be this dialect. The substitution has actually been proposed several times by local exponents the Pan-Green coalition; every time the idea has been dismissed as ludicrous my the vast majority of people. the reasons are simple:

本地方言"台湾话/闽南语"本身是福建方言的一个变种 所以如果有哪种语言在台湾可以替代国语的话 那就是闽南语了. 实际上泛绿联盟已经数次提案要用闽南语取代国语了;
这样荒唐的提案每一次都被绝大多数人驳回了. 原因很简单:

The dialect has no won writing system and relies on Chinese characters and phonic similarities
There are many people especially in the North and the younger generations that are not even able to speak it correctly.
It would have no practical or political benefits
It would still be very much part of Chinese culture anyway.

闽南语没有书写系统 而是依赖于相似发音的汉字来书写.
甚至有很多人都不会说闽南语 在北部和年轻一代里尤其如此 .
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Jeff Gruszynski I lived in Taiwan for 2 years. 我愛台灣!
Answered 4h ago
The “while abandoning Chinese culture and tradition” is bizarre. Between Taiwan and China Taiwan is the one that has preserved and practices more of traditional Chinese culture.


Robin Yan lives in China
Answered Thu
Come on! President Tsai can’t even spell “Thailand” right. How would they communicate with each other? Sign language?


Oh I see her Japanese may be perfect.
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Lance Chen System Development at Banking
Answered 22h ago
What took them so long to reach this?


The decision is good for everyone. No neeed to further explain for the pro independent. Even for the folks want to unify Taiwan it will be a lot easier to shoot someone who speaks gibberish right?


I really hate to see anyone spill any blood when day finally comes but it seems everyone is pushing for it.


Frank Lee
Answered 22h ago
On the contrary it was the communist China who abandoned Chinese traditional culture as a result the conservationism on traditional Chinese culture appears to be a way against the mainland regime.


Though practically I believe it’ll be beneficial for Taiwan to adopt English just like Singapore. Historically the Kuomintang government retreated from mainland was traditionally a conservative regime despite it’s pro-US stance the party itself was unlikely to adopt English as the official language which left the legacy we see today.


Wang Peilin
Answered 10h ago
Why doesn't you go to see a doctor to fix your silly and disgusting head?


Ji Liu works at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
Answered Thu
They are ethnic Chinese! You want George Washington to abandon the English language?