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印度给了中国佛教和瑜伽,中国给了印度什么?(1) [美国网评]

五毛网 美国 2017年08月29日 来源:龙腾网

中国和印度是两个正在崛起的世界强权,两个国家都拥有着古老的文明。两国拥有2000公里的共同边界,最近几周,两国军队在边界地区持续对峙,边界问题已经成为中印关系的热点问题。这个视频节目讨论了两个国家的文化交流和人员交流,探寻两国共存共荣之道。                                       China and India are two of the world’srising global powers and both countries have centuries-old civilizations. Thetwo countries also share a border more than 2,000 kilometers long which inrecent weeks has become a hotspot, as troops from both sides continue with aweeks-long standoff. This program continues a discussion on cultural andpeople-to-people exchanges between China and India, and examines what can bedone to mend fences so that the two countries can have a relationshipcompatible with their collective standing in the world.


1.PratapGaikwad Pratap Gaikwad2周前(修改过)
India is fatherly to entire world...wegave culture..heritage..spirituality...religion...political system...and manymore...ancient India was at peak when Chinese meandering naked in living inforest...ancient Greek...Roman...Egyptian...Japanese tao,...Chinese...this all roffshoot of Indian culture....don't compare India with other...


2.Ajay Singh2周前
srikant m 
There is no doubt that indus valley wasone of the most developed settlement of it's time and is the oldest indianhistory has got .But it is not at all the oldest as you say. This is thehistorical fact.The Chinese civilization indeed pre-dates for a 1000 year gap atleastcompare to Indus valley.Indus valley was just a sub settlement from middle eastmigration.


3.中国人做个勇敢2周前india can't even built toilet..don bulland shit here..


4.RajendraKumar2周前Every civilization has given to other onein this world. In today's world its the western contribution which dominatesover all other civilizations.  Gun powderdid not come to India from China directly. It was babur who first broughtcanons to India.


Guns entered India from Europe. Tea also gotpopularized in India by the British and not the Chinese. In most of Indianvillages tea use started hardly 50-60 years back. because of geography, directtrade between India and China has always been very limited. It was indirecttrade most of the time. Materialism has never been part of Indian culture.  Materialistic world has always been lookeddown.  


5.dojean2周前(修改过)I think the system of exam mandrin fromchinese is much useful than buddhism, it's this social system support the wholehuman being today.


6.LittleBear2周前Indus River is in Pakistan, thecivilization was established by Muslims. Hindu has no civilization.   Forexample, after thousands of years, Hindu still incapable to learn to use toiletpaper after defecation and to use utensils to eat.  These are the 2 most basic civilization ofall mankind.


7.Pomomoro2周前China leads the ancient world in science,technology and inventions. 


8.FamilyTraveller2周前you Hindus never have the courage to facethe truth, India IS DOWN. The fact is, Indians are so STUPID politically, Yogaand Buddhism, singing, dancing do NOT HELP you industrialization! We Chineseare outsmart and outdone you in every aspect. Past is irrelevant to presentunless the past can contribute the the present. 


The biggest difference is  nation building. Chinese are the only peoplewhole build a build a nation in a modern sense: unified language, standardizedeverything at national level,  such asmeasurements, writing system, laws and an effective bureaucratic system.  In all, Chinese civilization is aboutmanagement skill of large population and deep understanding of politics oninternational stage. 


This management skill of large populationis the essence of modern industrialization. Indian culture on the otherhand,  nothing can contributeindustrialization. India Republic is a failing state headed for disaster.  It's overpopulation is a sittingtime-bomb.  

For those who thinks Buddhism is fromNepal:Buddha was Born in Nepal but Buddhism Started in India


10.VideshTV Videsh TV2周前
India has projected its soft power forcenturies, long before the concept was even defined by political analysts.


11.RaJeSh Ra JeSh2周前
china gave us chinese food, silk, tea,rockets, gun powder  very popular inindia


this indian guy is so ignorant and verytypical of indian, he says Nepal was non existent while his own leader narendramodi gave a speech endorsing that Lord Buddha was born in Nepal.  I really pity these ignorant people, thesepeople really have to wake in reality


13.SumanDhamala Suman Dhamala2周前
Buddha was born in Nepal not in india.chinashould attack india as soon as possible. Nepal will allow chinese to enterNepal to attract india dhoti .


14.ChiragKatwala Chirag Katwala2周前
Nepal was first in India and all SriLanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, all was in India. Then it all get separated forvarious reasons.


I think india should start interactingand appreciating the cultures of other countries. I think indian media is soarrogant and untruthful and hugely misleads it's audience


16.beautyworld beauty world2周前
Not only Buddhism and Yoga,  Sidha medicine and Shaolin kungfualso . Bodhidharma teach Indian Sidha medicine and Indian Kalari (Shaolinkungfu) for Chinese.


17.RajamaniD Rajamani D2周前
Why china not taking war on India? Why itfear for India?


Even kungfu was given to china by anIndian Bodhidharma.


19.ManogranGopalan Manogran Gopalan2周前
India gave China alot of things but Chinagave back threats and shit to India as a gratitude....


China was and is intellectual inferior toHindus. Even Gautam Buddha was a Hindu prince..


21.NeerajMishra Neeraj Mishra2周前
A lot of study material were present inNalanda and Takshila , however they were destroyed by Islamic Invaders.Buddhism did not start from Nepal, Buddha was born in Nepal but he attainmentNirvana in Bodh Gaya and from there he garnered followers of his teachingswhich spread later on specially with efforts of Ashoka. 


22.punit p 
punit p2周前(修改过)
the real china which is an ancient and agreat civilization is represented by taiwan today. india should align withtaiwan or the republic of china. not the communist thugs who themselvesdestroyed many a antiques and ancient sites of chinese civilization,burnt theshaolin monastery to the ground.


23.JEMGamingHD JEM GamingHD1周前
I would like Indians to comment on whatare the accomplishments of their citizens. The Chinese invented gunpowder,paper, paper money, seismographs, compass, and acupuncture. Can anyone name anaccomplishment of India besides inventing 0.


24.ArunBabu Arun Babu1周前
I had a Chinese boy and girl friend in myUniversity. They are really humble people. Very much similar except looks!


Its the Chinese communists that are causing tension between India and China.Culturally we dont have any problems with the Chinese.


26.LonGo Lon Go2周前
This is stupid, yoga and Buddhism lmao,china created, yes paper, gun powder... don't forget china invented everythingtoday... compass, rockets, guns, abacus calculations, first earthquake detector,silk,  kites, umbrellas, printing, boatrudder, matches, porcelain, acupuncture, hot air balloons, tea, land mines,cannons, bombs, pottery, alcohol, mechanical clocks, iron melting, bronze,tooth brush, paper money, they even have evidence of china sailing around theworld before Christopher Columbus...so idk who is the copier... Indian Buddha,yoga, lol get outta here


27.shutinglu shuting lu2周前
Chinese tea,silk,paper,gun podwer,china……………those are all necessarything sfor life.However,yoga and budasim are not so popular enough in China.Even Budaisim isdead in India and China has Taoism as well.Budaisim in China  is also different from that in ancientindia.India lost its ancient culturd but China can keep learning from differentclutures meanwhile China can keep its own tradition as the mainstream.

中国的茶,丝绸,纸张,火药,瓷器…… 这些都是生活必需品。然而,瑜伽和佛教在中国并不流行。佛教在印度已经消亡了,而在中国,还有道教的存在。中国佛教与古印度的佛教也很不一样。印度丢掉了自己的古文化,中国持续不断的从各个地方学习文化,与此同时,中国还能保持自己传统文化的主流地位。

28.shuting lu shuting lu2周前
modern india is not theancient india while China is regarded as the only ancient civilization whichlasts consistantly and never breaks.Chinese people are the only people who canread their language and culture over 4000 years ago while the ancient Indianlost their original culture beacuse of invisions.


29.BP Rimal BP Rimal2周前(修改过)
those trashing on china'sancoent culture, you guys realize that china has the most glorified historyfollowed by India, right? I know history of both nations and china was clearlySuperior. True that India was amazing too but Chinese were always on top. Frominventing paper, printing press, cash to gun powder and compass, Chinainfluenced every part of the world. China always had the biggest economy until17th century- before British took over the world.


30.Loks 漢 indian = slave of centralasian muslim and british for more than 1.200 years, what a weak india, lol.