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印度撤出有争议边境地区,中国表示高兴 [美国网评]

五毛网 美国 2017年08月31日 来源:龙腾网

星期一,经过长达数月的对峙后,印度同意从喜马拉雅有争议的边境地区撤军, 中国对此表示“高兴”。美国网友:  


China said Monday it was "pleased" that India had agreed to withdraw troops from a disputed border area in the Himalayas following a months-long stand-off.

星期一,经过长达数月的对峙后,印度同意从喜马拉雅有争议的边境地区撤军, 中国对此表示“高兴”。

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Chinese personnel on the ground verified that Indian troops and equipment had pulled back in the morning from the area which is disputed between China and Bhutan.


India's foreign ministry announced earlier an "expeditious disengagement" in the Doklam area after reaching an "understanding" with Beijing on the confrontation that began on June 16.


"I am pleased to confirm that trespassing Indian personnel have all pulled back to the Indian side of the boundary" Hua told a regular news briefing.



Sean19 hours ago
India just made itself look stupid why initiate the standoff in the first place if you're just going to end up withdrawing.


MUHAMMAD18 hours ago
The coward Indians were all set to retreat. I statde this here couple of weeks back.


kai18 hours ago
India just had shown the world how immature it is.
It is a big dent for India's international image.


ryan18 hours ago
tell India not to rape anyone on their way back


evereachyu13 hours ago
I'm glad this is over and India come to its senses but too bad China didn't get the chance to test out their shiny hardware.There is a few takes away from this.1. Chinese foreign policy is being very cautious and methodical and they are not run by trigger happy armatures this shows to the rest of the world that China is a responsible power and it does not act base on emotions.2. Indians are not to be trusted China never really spend too much of their focus on India in the past it always sees India as this annoying country with a loud mouth India on the other hand always trying to gain China's attention now they have it and I hope China makes India regret they did this in the first place. Further enhance relations with India's neighbors further pull them out of India's orbit.3. The Chinese civilian leadership is fully in control of the their military I have no doubt during this dispute there were very strong voices in the PLA calling for war this demonstrates a very healthily civilian/military leadership relations. 4. During this dispute no nation in the world officially came to India's side despite the very heavy lobbying of India leaders this shows that no one wants to #$%$ off China not even the country that hates China and wants to contain it (US Japan Vietnam etc...).5. No nation came to China's side either so this also means China has not YET reach its full potential and became world #1 there is still room to go.I hope China send a open message to its border troops and rest of the world that any further incursion will be dealt accordingly on the spot they have the right to shoot at the intruders as any nations has the right to do so. If India tries this again there won't be stand out there will just be dead bodies.



D16 hours ago
Conflict does not serve India or China or Asia well. There are so many outside of Asia that want to see Asia remain weak & underdeveloped so that it can become a vassal at other nations drum beat. This is why BRICS was created to dance to BRICS own drum beat.


lee6 hours ago
Thanks God both China and India came to their senses. It is a great future if both great civilization can work together for the future.


factswelcome4 hours ago
China and Bhutan have been in negotiation to settle border dispute for a long time. They have succeeded to reduce the disputed area from ~1100 sq m to ~260 sq m. If India had not intervened the two sides would have settled the border issues by now. As the head of the Chamber of Commerce in Bhutan has remarked having conducted many negotiation sessions over the years the Bhutanese and Chinese have developed channels of communications to settle their own disputes. They don't need a third party.


CHIU KWAN16 hours ago
A happy ending to both two great nations in Asia.


factswelcome4 hours ago
India sent soldiers and bulldozers into an area that is under Chinese control on June 16th 2017. Now these Indian soldiers and bulldozers ARE GONE. They have RETREATED back where they belong in the Sikkim province of India. The Chinese soldiers are staying where they have always been. No retreat.
Since the purpose of the Indian invasion stunt was to obstruct road construction by the Chinese and it is too cold to do such work now I will give the score to India for this round.


The fireworks to watch in how Bhutan views the whole affair. The Indian invasion stunt almost brought war to their door steps. The Bhutanese are not pleased. They are starting to review whether it is wise to let a foreign nation( India) control their foreign policy. They are questioning whether they should be forced to choose between India and China both are neighbors of Bhutan.


Alex5 hours ago
India better withdraw or it will be crushed by China.
Next is Kashmir.


How We Got Here11 hours ago
I sincerely hope that both China and India make some of these comments public or at least show them to their own governments. In these comments many people seem very unhappy that these two countries did not annihilate each other. On one side people who habitually comment only about China are sad that India did not put themselves (and their own futures) at risk for the benefit of (I would guess based on their comments) Japan Vietnam and the USA. On the other side people who habitually comment only about India are sad that China did not put themselves (and their own futures) at risk for the benefit of (I would guess based on their comments) Pakistan and the USA.


In BOTH cases it is obvious and overwhelmingly clear that there are some very malicious people in the world who would like everyone else to make sacrifices on their behalf. Luckily neither China nor India allowed them to play this game.


This world needs more peace...and far less of the cowardly and manipulative savages that would like others to fight on their behalf.


Shyerrylittle18 hours ago
Coward Indians went back to daily rapes and street squatting.


William19 hours ago
timid India withdrew its troop finally but it is not the end. China must teach India a lesson by war. The rape-loved nation must be destroyed and taken apart.


kai17 hours ago
India is just as immature as it was in 1962.


pspox5 hours ago
China will sign agreement but be on guard India for they might not pull back. China government have reneged signed agreement before and took over the area once the other side pulled out. You can't trust communism.


greg6 hours ago
China is trying to spin this as a victory saying india pulled back completely failing to mention that india pulled back because china did. This is a victory for india and china has lost face


United We Stand3 hours ago
This article comment section is funny. The Chinese trolls are out in force.


Karl4 hours ago
South China sea Tibet and the Indian border yeah keep encouraging china to think that youre all push overs it wont end well for both sides.


g4 hours ago
We have an Indian stand off. Everyone backs down. Everyone claims victory.


Tony16 hours ago
The territory belongs to Bhutan and the Chinese had been negotiating for 10 years with Bhutan to build a road in that territory. Apparently Bhutan was not up to the idea so out of frustration the Chinese attempted to build a road anyway and hoped that no one would notice. Obviously it was noticed and Bhutan asked India to intervene. The fact that the Chinese were negotiating with Bhutan means the territory is indeed not Chinese. Those sketchy Chinese always spreading like a roach infestation and you need to break out the RAID spray to hold them back before they get out of control.


CornWhiskey5 hours ago
Coward Indians. Hopefully the other nations that China is bullying won't bend the knee.


Ballay5 hours ago
It was test case for USA ally; Enough to bewilder and to scratch heads.