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中国和俄罗斯同意将妥善处理朝鲜核试验问题 [美国网评]

五毛网 美国 2017年09月04日 来源:龙腾网
Xi, Putin agree to appropriately deal with DPRK'snuclear test

中国和俄罗斯同意将妥善处理朝鲜核试验问题XIAMEN, Sept. 3(Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart VladimirPutin agreed Sunday to appropriately deal with the latest nuclear test conductedby the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
The two leadersagreed to stick to the goal of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula andkeep close communication and coordination to deal with the new situation.



[–]ignorethefactsplease 1355 points 13 hours ago
So they agreed to do nothing.


[–]soybeanmaster 355 points 13 hours ago
Best summary ever


[–]scoot3200 44 points 13 hours ago
I think we all know its pretty clear what they plan to do.


[–]Max_Fenig 71 points 13 hours ago
Grab some popcorn and watch Trump look stupid?


[–]feral_tit 27 points 13 hours ago
More like hurry and get married before the draft


[–]emmytee 14 points 10 hours ago
My grandad in WW2 got drafted and he was like "well,I'm really good with a camera". Map making corps in Burma, his unitpublished a yearbook after the war ended.
He got some badass pictures of the Japanese surrendering,the aftermath of big battles etc


[–]Typhon25 3 points 8 hours ago
Can you share those pictures? I'd really like to see.


[–]emmytee 12 points 8 hours ago
Thats a good idea, unfortunately the book is in my dadshouse at the other end of Britain. Maybe I'll scan it and upload it next timeI'm home.
I remember he also had pictures of some liberated comfortwomen, a Japanese planes number plate, a truck that fell off the path they weredriving on and him and his mates in the nude doing that comedy dance where theycover each other up with their hats and have canes. He turned past that pagepretty fast lol.


[–]nightvortez 60 points 12 hours ago
No, they agreed to stall until NK develops their nuclear programeven further.


[–]08mms 3 points 9 hours ago
I don't either of them have remotely any interest in anuclear NK, neither of them want to take the steps to stop it though. It's amistake, because once NK has a big nuclear stick, China is the most obviousparty they will shake down for money and supplies.


[–]ArchmageXin 14 points 12 hours ago
Instead of doing what? Invade North Korea? Nuke North Korea?Bomb the Middle East?


[–]nightvortez 35 points 12 hours ago
It's better than waiting for Un to mass produce his nukes.Potential casualties are just going to grow if we wait, hostile and irrationalforeign governments having nukes is a huge danger to the entire world.


[–]ArchmageXin 22 points 13 hours ago
Or it may never happen. China in the 1960s also had the sameissue: Obtained the nukes, threaten America with Fire and Brimstone, andsupplied Vietnam with arms and troops to attack America backed Vietnam. Chinaoften had some really bombastic declarations like "We have more people, wedon't fear American nuclear weapons" (I.E you will run out of nukes beforewe ran out of people). It was Nixon who managed to convince China to join theinternational community.
And today for better or worse, we can probably assume Chinaisn't gonna launch a nuclear holocaust because Xi Jing Ping had a bad day.


[–]SmegmataTheFirst 9 points 11 hours ago
I'm just going to say with a sample size of one, we shouldbe wary of declaring an all is well. Anything could happen.


[–]Kranec 17 points 13 hours ago
China is not North Korea


[–]RuTsui 4 points 8 hours ago
The plan that was agreed upon by pretty much everyone onearth was to wait until North Korea came to terms themselves. The idea is thateventually they'll crawl out into the sunlight of the modern world, cast offtheir hermitage ideology, and peacefully rejoin the international stage.
It's optomistic, but it's better than fighting a nation offanatics, and sinking lives, money, and resources into what would surely be ahorrific war with the DPRK. Even if they were forced into capitulation orcollapse, the massive economic drain and instability that would cause would bemore than at least the PRC is willing to deal with. Especially since the PRC isstill somewhat struggling to make themselves into the regional power of EastAsia, competing with the US and Russia.


[–]clone822 -2 points 14 hours ago
Just because they're not blasting NK on twitter doesn't meanthey'll do nothing. China has an extremely strong interest in de-escalation.People on the other side of the world, less so.


[–]MrIosity 2 points 10 hours ago
China has an extremely strong interest in de-escalation.
China wants THAAD out of their backyard. Everything else ispeanuts.


[–]Ziekr 36 points 14 hours ago
All this nuclear development by NK in the past 40 yearshappened under China's wing. If they wanted NK to not have nuclears, itwouldnt.


[–]ArchmageXin 11 points 13 hours ago
If China really wanted NK to have nukes, they could hadhanded them a dozen functioning ICBMS with nuclear ribbons on top since the1970s. Not this War vs Presideon/Kaju/Mountain thing that has been going on.
Nuclear physics isn't sorcery, if you try hard enough andwith enough R&D, you can have it.
Could China fully built an wall on the Chinese/NK border inthe same way like Trump promised for Mexico and cut everything else off?Probably yes, but all you would gotten is immense suffering for NK civilians,and if the regime imploded, a huge repair/modernization bill that China and SKwouldn't be able to stomach.
Edit: Plus, they probably would have gotten the tech viasmuggling anyway. North Korea border an ocean after all..


[–]memoryballhs176 points 16 hours ago
Well, if thatwill work out is a completely other question. Why would Kim Jong ever hand overhis bombs? These bombs are life insurance for him. You don't watch Gaddafi,Sadam and Mubarak die horribly and conclude that it is a good idea to get ridof those bombs.


[–]Mister_Tom_Foolery10 points 15 hours ago
They'replaying a dangerous game. It wasn't too long ago that we were trading blowswith Germany and Japan but now we're close allies. Works both ways. China andRussia have more to fear over the long run from a nuclear armed North Korea ontheir doorstep than we do.


[–]Bancorage5 points 15 hours ago
    It wasn't too long ago that we were tradingblows with Germany and Japan but now we're close allies.


We did occupythem for a few generations and transform their culture though. This is what wetried to do in the Middle East, but the people there kept blowing themselvesand each other up rather than let us transform their culture.


    China and Russia have more to fear over thelong run from a nuclear armed North Korea on their doorstep than we do.


Is NKthreatening China and Russia? Or threatening nations that stand in the way ofChina and Russia?


[–]Mister_Tom_Foolery7 points 14 hours ago
    Is NK threatening China and Russia? Orthreatening nations that stand in the way of China and Russia?


My point isthat what is happening today does not necessarily reflect what will behappening 20, 30, or 50 years from now and history is chock full of alliesbecoming enemies and vice versa. North Korea is a very strange hybrid ofcommunism, dynastic monarchism, and their own Juche philosophy. No one canaccurately predict what will happen when the house of cards eventually getsshuffled and I'd be pretty nervous if they were my neighbor AND held a nuclearstockpile.