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为什么中国担心印度? [美国网评]

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Why China is worried about India?



Barun Mohanty
There are 2 things China is worried about …


India has good relations with two other super powers,Russia,US。


As far as I’m concerned we have 4 super-powers in the world. (US, Russia, China and India)


2. India’s location is strategic. India can take advantage of to dominate China in Asia.


Apart from that ….


India is the team leader for SAARC nations.


India’s economy is one of the fastest growing economy.


India is a major importer of Chinese products


India has established good relations with nations like Israel which have the best weapon technology.


Sudheer Che, Engineer at COWI A/S (2016-present) 
I am an Indian and travelled china, there by I have an idea of Chinese common man/women also their infrastructure.


First things first, I don't think Chinese politicians or people are worried about India in any sense. I don't see any reason for them to be worried about India. Chinese infrastructure, industry, development, military, human development index is far better than India in many folds.


India media is portraiting as our milatry can withstand or even out beat against China, but logically why should India compete China in terms of defence development. Instead India has to be more worried by looking at our infrastructure, industry and poverty.


People argued about the rate at which we are developing @ 7–8% growth. This growth rate is not enough to out compete China, my rough estimate is that India should has 15-20% growth. With that growth rate, China has a reason to be worried, until then China have no point to be worried.


Finally instead of being in false impression of India being next super power, we should focus more on becoming better country with no poverty and education for all and better relations with every other country. Also we should realise media is foolish way to get information, common sense gives more information than media.


Sunny, Have been reading a lot about China(一直在进行很多关于中国的阅读)
This worrisome applies to both countries. They are mutually wary of each other in some way or other.


Now as far as China is concern-


China has ambitions to be a GLOBAL SUPERPOWER economically, financially and of course militarily. For all these years India has been reluctant to engage effectively in its neighborhood which gave inroads to China in every sphere. But, with India's Act East Policy and increasingly growing interest to play a greater role in it's neighborhood is disturbing the Chinese regional hegemony which had been built over decades. Moreover India is being viewed as an alternative to assertive China, by the smaller nations.


India's renewed emphasis to create INFRASTRUCTURE on eastern borders with increase vigor has made China wary as they both share a long disputed border. And this may disturb the traditional advantage China had been enjoying this long.


Enemy’s enemy is a friend and India's increasingly growing MILITARY TILT towards US, Japan, Australia has made China wary.

India's ECONOMIC RISE is another concern. Indian economy has been projected to be growing fastest. And good economy certainly creates more money which could be used to build further military infrastructure that can be used against China.


Saurabh Dwevedi
The real architect of modern China Deng Xiaoping in 1978, said the people of China to wait and watch until China is increasing its military and economic power. Now, it is almost 40 years passed since then and the wait is over. It has been unofficially declared by the the President Xi Jinping that the wait is over and they are going to be a superpower in upcoming few years. But unfortunately, this is just the dream of Jinping who thought that the wait is over and this is the high time to show the world what the real China is. when he awoke from his dream, he found that the competitor America is far beyond their reach but the real competitor is their neighbour India that they have underestimated in the past.


Now they have frustrated by seing a neck to neck competition with India. India is giving answer to China on each and every vivid issues pending between them. It is a very bold step taken by India to boycott their One Road One Belt Scheme. Every country sent its representative for that purpose. However, most of the countries sent only bureaucrats of lower level. But India opposed the same based on its upcoming repercussion to its sovereignty. India has already showed its objection to China’s CPEC.


Now, India with the help of Japan is launching its own project to connect India with African countries which would be more liberal in nature in comparison to China’s.


China is trying to encircle India by investing in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India is trying the same by way of exploring business in Vietnam, Myanmar, Mongolia, Afghanistan and also India has shown its presence in South China Sea. India also got succeed in giving message to China by a joint statement of Modi & Trump.


By way of Satellite launch, India has provided lots of benefits to its neighbouring countries which results in establishing good relations with these countries.


Most of the countries have given their consent for India’s membership in NSG without signing NPT.


These are the current issues from which the China is worried about India and also there are lot of issues which are now history and everyone is aware of the same.


Ashok Kumar, works at Studying
Because both countries are way too much similar, they both have the largest population which means large workforce implies to cheaper products although the manufacturing base in India is not as big as China,India’s growth rate is 7.6%(2015–2016) which is very huge this brings a lot of competition for cheap Chinese goods and in-turn its export based economy.


And also they are in need of same natural resources whether it be Oil, gas or raw materials for industries such as Cotton Where China is the biggest importer in the world.


At any world market both require the same things or both selling same things. As we studied in school “Like forces repel” .


If India gives a tough competition to chines goods the economy of Chinese gets effected which a grater threat to Communist Party of China. since; Economic development is the only thing that helped them to be in power for a long time.


Ashutosh Raj, studies Civil Engineering (2018)


China has more enemies than India.


Neighbouring countries of China except Russia and Pakistan are hostile to China.


Joint Naval Exercise of India,U.S and Japan in South China Sea.


India’s economy is fastest growing economy in the world.


India is increasing no. of investors through Make in India compaign.

通过印度制造(Make in India)运动,印度投资者的数量正在增加。

India is establishing herself as a global power.


India has more or less same strength in defence.


India opts out of One Belt One Road initiative of China which is a major setback to them.



I’m saying this because China’s military strength looks stronger on paper but actually it’s not that much strong as we think.


Have a look on equipments they are having.


50% of the chinese aircrafts & submarines are not modern.Most of the aircrafts & submarines are of around 1960s and even before that period.


Even India has latest and better aircraft i.e.,Su-30 MKi.

而印度有最新的最好的飞机,比如Su-30 MKi

Chinese Submarines are also considered inferior as compared to INS Arihant and the Upcoming submarines Made in India.


India has aircraft carrier which I think chinese don’t have still.


There were many incidences in history in which the winning side had won the war with less troops and equipments.


Most importantly,Indian Military has experience of fighting so many wars.


Edit:- China has 1 aircraft carrier.


Even China has Sukhoi-30,Even China has an aircraft carrier. I request to kindly read before stating things out rightly. In India we definitely have more number of patriotic people for sure as compared to China as China has a lot of internal issues like Hongkong ,Tibet which has become a ulcer for them in realizing the one china dream.


India’s Su30 Mki is more advance and better aircraft than Chinese Su30 Mkk.
印度的 Su30 Mki 比中国的 Su30 Mkk强太多了。
I was not updated about chinese aircraft carrier.


Rajagopalan K Suryanarayan, works at Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
China is worried about India for the simple reason that India have friends through natural attachments. Whereas China have bought friendship by showering largesse to them as in the case of Philipines or Mangolia or Pakistan etc. Anytime these states may dissociate themselves from China if China become economically weak.


China is worried about India because India has cordial relationships with all its neighbors except Pakistan and China. Whereas China has disputes with every state bordering its country. It has disputes with 14 countries.


Diplomatically India is far ahead of China establishing good relationship on equal footing with one and all. Whereas China's diplomacy is not proactive. China is dominating Turkmenistan and Tajikistan using their predicament. Similar situation developing in Latin American countries too particularly Venezuela. In Sri Lanka Hambantota port is taken over since it could not repay the costs of construction. Many countries affected similarly have developed distrust and suspicion towards China. Hence it's diplomacy is wanting.


India establishing good bilateral relationship with US, Russia, Isreal, Western European Nations and is using their technology to its advantage. India has developed trust and do not violate the same. Hence is able get cutting edge technology in all fields including defence. China is very poor in trust. It had earlier breached trust by copying through reverse engineering of Russian equipments. Hence developed countries are wary of giving cutting edge technology to China or selling latest defence equipments.


China bis also worried many foreign as well as local businessmen are showing interest in opening shops in India. Many businesses may be moved to India because of cost benefit , availability of manpower and craw material. This will reduce job opportunities to locals.


Arvind Bhargava, Production Engineer(产品工程师)
Reasons for China to be worried are numerous but few most importants are -


1.Growing clout of India in world diplomacy-


India is a member of MTCR,SCO,East Asia Summit etc. and talks are on membership of APEC and NSG.


Increased quota in IMF.


Support of many countries for permanent membership of UNSC.


2. Growing Manufacturing Capability -


India will soon match the production capability of China.India is now looking toward revamping Industry and Service sectors.


3.Bonhomie in neighbourhood -


Except Pakistan each and every country in the region is looking with postive notes toward India.


Now we have our friends every where say Malaysia , UAE , Kajakhstan , Afghanistan etc.


“Ek myaan me do talwaare nhi rh skti “
In a similar way two powerful nations can live peacefully in their neighborhood if and if they maintains peace.
China has had a tendency to assert itself on the weak


But now India is giving a clear cut message to China that


“ Hindi - Chini bhaai bhaai aankh dikhaai toh be ready to be Die”.


India was a world leader and still is .


Now it is responsibility of each of us to give strength to the the arms of Bharat Maata.

现在,我们每一个人都有责任给印度母亲(Bharat Maata女神)贡献力量。

Anil Kumar Rao, Software Technologist(软件工程师)
China has been busy in writing a Glorious story- think of the majesty of Beijing Olympics. With this mindset they have gone on an Expansion spree, both within and outside of China.


The investments need to pay off - but market dynamics are oblivious to the greatness of countries like USA and China - the Dynamics in the long run is based on reality and not hype - remember the “.com” and realty crash in USA? So China is not worried so much of India, as much as they are worried of themselves.


Xi Jinping has become the most popular leader, out powering his predecessors due to the sudden raise in Chinese economy. If the economy crashes, how does the communist party respond? By giving focus to nationalism.


Post Iraq invasion, President Bush ran a propaganda through media creating apprehension about security in people's mind. One of the worst Presidents of USA, he managed to get a second term. Now Xi Jinping is expected to rewrite the rule book to get an unprecedented 3rd time to Presidency. To achieve it he needs to build up nationalism born out of apprehension or expansionism.


Both India and China are world leaders in copy cat work. China leads this in manufacturing, the backbone of its economic raise. With Western World slowly embracing India as the alternative, like a male cat killing male kittens, China wants to derail India.


China doesn't specialize in R&D, if it does, then it is limited to Thaiwan autonomous region. If the world gets the manufacturing in India, though the labor cost advantage in a Democratic country needs to be worked out, China's economy just gets wiped out.


So worry comes from their own insane expansionism and the fear of their factories getting shut. A man who has food to eat will be content. But if he doesn't then he will not worry about bullets or bulldozers, he will get violent. So China is worried about the repeat of fall of USSR Communism that split the Unity of member states and gave raise to Democracy.


Babu Priyavrat, works at Amdocs
China is not worried about India. Chinese leadership is trying to divert attention from domestic issues by engaging in rhetoric. It is done to keep feeding the nationalistic hunger and never-ending demand of restoration of old glory. There is too much nationalism in young chinese people and they are hardly ready for debate. They are bit impatient but at the same time, it’s not their fault as they are usually good natured and doesn’t want to engage in violence. The propaganda that China is not being treated fairly which drives their anger.


Let’s say it: Xi Ping is next Mao for China. Only time will tell that it is a thing to rejoice or cry!


If Chinese leadership is threatening militarily weak countries like Bhutan, Mongolia, etc., it simply means that they have myopic and expansionist vision. Such an approach is not good for long-term economic cooperation on which modern chinese economy is built.


Sravya Vemuri, studied at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
India's increasing participation in the global affairs and the growth of its economy have always been pestering China.


China wants to be the controller of south Asia and with magnificent India , China cannot scive this aim.


Also , as seen in the recent standoff at doklam , China wants to connect with all the countries , and Asia in particular. India , by boycotting the Belt and Road Initiative, has shown its opposition to it.


There are many other areas of contention like India wanting the designation of Masood Azhar as the terrorist by united nation which is presently blocked by China , China's opposition to India's entry into the nuclear suppliers group , etc.


Siva Kumar, works at Self-Employment(自主创业)
The oven-fresh reason for China’s worry is, Modi’s personal meeting with Trump. If you recall, Trump had made clear his intentions to obstruct China in its hegemonic schemes in South East Asia. Now, it appears clear that Trump has not dropped his plans and he is seriously teaming up with India in realizing these plans.


Now, China can not say anything outright against USA but it can do something against India. That something is its brand new assertions and border incursion in Sikkim. Add this to the list - PoK, Aruna and now Sikkim. Soon, China will make a Tibet of Nepal and claim lands from that direction too. China is truly piqued with India that it is no longer submissive & timid but growing more assertive and confident in its dealings with China.


Ram Kushwah, B.sc from Pg College, Dhar (2017)
The growing relationship with America and India is becoming a regional power in asia.the recent exercise among India, USA and Japan