你更喜欢中国大陆还是台湾,为什么? [美国网评]



Which do you like better between Mainland China and Taiwan? And what's your reason?




Leung Kwan Pang 23 years in Nanjing 12 years in HK
upxed May 13 2014
I like Taiwan better
I love China better.


1. People. I like Taiwan people very much they are the warmest Chinese speaking people I ever met. Imagine this: when you cycling around Taiwan every two minutes there are someone along the road to cheer you up:"Jiayou! (加油)".
Usually the people I met from China are not very likable when you first met them some of them are arrogant and seems ignorant and their ideology is kind of messed up. But they are adorable to me the silly naive dreaming miserable incredibly enduring Chinese I understood them perfectly there's no other feeling more proper than love could be feeled towards them.


2. Country. Taiwan is an amazing country. Full of surprises! I like all the places I've been to almost all the sports I like I could find a perfect spot for it in Taiwan. Hiking trekking cycling mountain biking swimming diving all has world class destinations in Taiwan.

Taiwan's like a fun park and China the real life. For China it's wildness is beyond describable. It's far more dangerous to go on a hike in China than Taiwan but in the same time far more challenging and mind blowing. The mountains rivers lakes deserts glaciers forests are much vaster and diverse and should be devoted by one's life. I can only describe my feeling towards all these in the country as love.


3. Culture. Taiwan preserved a good deal of culture from china they are delicate beautiful and more integrated. In the same time there are also a lot more newly developed and mixed culture there. It's very interesting to study and observe the daily life in Taiwan. Everyone likes Taiwan for its culture.


China although the tradition is not well protected and in numerous areas it's heart-breakingly lost forever but the vastness and profoundness of the culture runs very deeply. Take an example of architecture no matter how badly they were preserved when you stand in front of a wooden temple of a thousand years you could easily fall for its richness and ancientness. And for me I could feel the DNA of those wooden brackets is the same as mine. How could you not to love the one runs the same blood?


And only love can prevent it from extinction.


Taiwan is like a beautiful school girl everyone wants to date. But China on the other hand more like the lady sits in the back you will go wild after a long night talk.


Kuan Lin Born in Taiwan raised in Dominican Rep married to a chinese woman.
Answered Aug 19 2016
Originally Answered: Which is better China or Taiwan?
“Better” in what aspect? Im going to try be obxtive and give an answer based on the Human Development Index.


Taiwan. Population: 23.5 million. HDI: 0.882


China. Population: 1382 million. HDI: 0.727


Short answer:


Taiwan is better. With a very high Human Development Index (0.882) its population will likely have a better education health wealth environmental awareness manners enjoy latest technology and many things that comes with said development.


Long answer:

长篇的答案 :

It is unfair to put all of China in the same bag. China has mega cities that would rival world’s best. But also has poorly developed areas that drag down the index.

把偌大的中国一概而论是不恰当的 . 中国的一些大城市可以跟世界上最发达的城市相比拟 . 但是同时也存在拖发展指数后腿的欠发达地区 .

Some chinese districts are over 0.80 like Beijing Shanghai and HK. Some are as low as 0.60 like Yunnan and Guizhou. List of administrative divisions of Greater China by Human Development Index.

根据人类发展指数发布的大中华区各行政区的数据清单. 中国的北京上海香港这样的行政区的发展指数可以达到0.80以上 而像云南和贵州这样的地区则低至0.60  

If we compare Taiwan with Shanghai municipality (24 million population) then things even out. Actually Shanghai would come on top on many many aspects.

如果我们拿台湾和上海直辖市(2400万人口)相比较 那就更明显了 . 实际上上海在很多方面都处于领先地位 .

PS: Anyway based on HDI small countries like Denmark (0.923) are “better” than the USA (0.915). HDI does not measure the greatness of a country. Just take it as is.

PS:  无论如何 以人类发展指数(HDI)而论 像是丹麦这样的小国家(0.923)比美国(0.915)更"发达" . HDI并不能衡量一个国家的伟大与否 . HDI就只是人类发展指数而已.

Paul Denlinger Have lived in China Taiwan and Hong Kong; fluent in Mandarin (written spoken)
Answered Jun 15 2014
If you want to live with dignity as a human being enjoy good books meet interesting people eat delicious and safe food and say what you want without anyone caring then choose Taiwan.


If you want the buzz of an exciting environment and a chance to make tons of money and then to leave for someplace better to live with your family choose China.
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Lejing Hu Educated here
Answered Jun 4 2014
As a mainlander I 've never been to Taiwan but I have friends who went there and sent back beautiful photos. I think Taiwan is more developed and delicate like some European countries I have been to. However China is bigger and wilder and yes I would say full of problems. As a man in his 20s I would like to challenge these problems and make it a better place. More problems means more opportunities and innovations.

作为一个大陆人 我从未去过台湾 . 但是我有朋友去过 带回来了很多漂亮的照片. 我想(比起大陆) 台湾更发达 更精致 就像是我去过的一些欧洲国家一样 . 然而中国却是更大 也更加的粗犷 而且我会说中国的问题多多 . 作为一个20多岁的男人 我愿意挑战这些问题并且努力使她变的更加美好 . 更多的问题也意味着更多的机遇和创新 .

Gordon Hsu Financial Professional at a major International Firm
Answered Nov 24 2015
I was born in Taiwan before immigrating to the US at a young age. I have since been to both places many times since and I have to admit that I prefer China more at this point. It's not that I dislike Taiwan or anything but China just feels more exciting and interesting to me. Life in Taiwan is fairly mellow and aren't filled with many surprises and some people definitely prefer that. In terms of China however it is constantly changing from year to year and every trip involves learning something new even if it is my 10th or 20th trip. I have to admit that I haven't settled down and started a family yet (though I came close a few times) so maybe my perspective is influenced by the still-able-to-take-on-adventures spirit. It is entirely possible that once I have a family I will prefer Taiwan due to its quality of life although I am still skeptical of Taiwan's economic prospect as far as earning enough to sustain my preferred lifestyle for my (future) family.


I suppose we shall see.


Francis Chen I'm Chinese-American.
Answered May 7 2014
For an American Born Chinese it has been a lot easier for me to adjust to Taiwan than Mainland China.


Elements of traditional Chinese culture are greatly preserved the most in Taiwan. I felt very close to my own identity despite the fact that my extended family is mostly from Mainland China.


Life feels so rushed in the Mainland compared to Taiwan: I feel that in China because of the rapid economic development taking place people are so busy trying to make money in China and it can feel very materialistic cut-throat at times. I never felt that in Taiwan; whether it be through the bookstores the coffee shops or the night markets people seem to be really laid back here.


Taiwan feels like a very developed Chinese society whereas Mainland China is still growing and hard to take in at first. I think this is key. China is a lot to take in for somebody new to Asia; the pollution; the constant construction of new high-rises and subways; the amount of money and wealth in China; the huge inequality gap; capitalism with Chinese characteristics. It was a lot easier for me to take my time to enjoy Taiwan compared to Mainland China.


Granted many Taiwanese feel forced to leave Taiwan to go to the Mainland for better career opportunities so there still are limitations to living/working in Taiwan.


It's a complicated relationship for me honestly. This is not to deny Mainland China's rich history culture music food and diversity. However China's complexity and its problems make it difficult for an outsider to truly appreciate all of those things.


Marisa Alvarado I lived in Taipei
Answered Nov 14 2015
Originally Answered: Which is better China or Taiwan?
My answer is gonna be biased considering I've never been to China. However I lived in Taiwan for around 10 months and I had a lovely time. So my answer is Taiwan but that's because I've never been to the Mainland.
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Jake Lin lives in Taiwan
Answered Aug 30 2016
Originally Answered: Which is better China or Taiwan?
Taiwan is rated the friendliest country in the world. A recent study by Inter-nations also places it #1 in the world for expats ahead of Hong Kong Singapore and China. China is actually very low ranked on the list.


Matthew Sutton worked at Hypothetical Scenarios
Answered May 12 2014
I've never visited Taiwan so I can't speak personally on the matter but many Americanized Chinese I know prefer Taiwan. The reasons they give is that Taiwanese people are better-mannered cleaner and the the island is more developed. These Americanized Chinese will typically have family ties to Taiwan and sympathize with Taiwan politically.


Now some Chinese who recently arrived from the mainland will probably prefer their hometown/region on the mainland. It's all a matter of personal circumstance.


Ryan Burke Teacher Film and Politics Junky
Answered Aug 19 2016
Originally Answered: Which is better China or Taiwan?
Taiwan. It's a modern (developing) liberal democracy that is very very pro western who are extremely friendly and generous. The air is clean. The cities are clean. There is almost no crime. It's a beautiful tropical island that is also the only economy to average 5% GDP every decade since the war. They speak multiple languages including English. They have beautiful weather. The prices remain low.


Jeremy Markeith Thompson lived in Taiwan
Answered Jan 24 2016
I have visited and lived in China and Taiwan. Taiwan was the first place that I ever lived by myself after graduating from university in the USA. She welcomed me with open arms and completely accepted me for me. I loved going to the numerous night markets and day markets. I enjoyed being able to take my scooter to the beach and hang out on the pier. I  hung out with my friends at hot springs. I never left the island my whole year of teaching English.


On the other hand I enjoyed living in China. I met so many friends that constantly kept me busy after work. When I broke my toe grandmothers would pat me on the shoulder lovingly with sincere concern in their eyes. I thoroughly loved getting to know China.


I have to say that I love both places equally. However Taiwan has the best day and night markets compared to China.


Sean Yang
Answered Aug 31 2016
Originally Answered: Which is better China or Taiwan?
this question is similar to these questions.
which is better US or NY city?
which is better earth or Asia?
which is better you or your liver?
So far Taiwan is still an area it is not a country yet the most country and UN officially announced agree Taiwan belong to China so this question is stupid.


Answered May 14 2014
hm some mentions above re PRC has much better mass media (i.e. news reporting). I'm just curious via the various CCTV/ CNTV channels what have you heard with regard to Chen Guangcheng? Did the events leading up to his fleeing the PRC get accurately / widely reported?


Harry Yang Thinker and Philosopher
Answered Oct 18 2015
Originally Answered: Which is better China or Taiwan?
Taiwan is better.  Taiwan has freedom democracy human rights. Taiwan doesn't have CCP third world pollution and poverty organ removal from live prisoners spitting talking loud...etc. Taiwan does not occupy Tibet. Taiwanese don't eat dogs. As a matter fact Taiwanese are half-Japanese. They are extremely civilized.