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中国人吃鳄鱼吗? [美国网评]

五毛网 美国 2017年09月07日 来源:龙腾网
Do Chinese people eat crocodiles?



William Regan, I've been living in China for seven years.
Yeah, they do — but in my seven years here I’ve only eaten crocodile on a few occasions.


In Guangzhou — there is a crocodile farm near the Changlong Resort — and at their high-end hotel restaurant you can eat crocodile. The meat is shockingly delicate and has a distinct taste.


You can also find crocodile meat at high-end supermarkets such as Ole at Tai Gu Hui 太古汇 . Go to the seafood section and you can find crocodile on ice.


FJ Shi
Yes but not that popular. For me it doesn't taste that good. Also I tried crocodile meat and kangaroo meat in Australia. A very decent restraunt, but the meat is so-so.


Some picture from my archive, in GuangXi province, Nanning City.


Peili Miao, studied at N/a
Chinese people don't eat crocodiles in general, but Thais do. As a Chinese, I traveled to Thailand many years ago on a tour and a crocodile soup was recommended by the tour guide. It didn't taste anything special or unusual, but what can you expect from a touristy place? Chinese culinary culture does encourage or promote to have delicacy or try wild stuff, at least I feel this way. People tend to make a fuss about the things they are not used to. Sometimes it makes me sick to think about some races eat worms , then think about shrimps I love which are not unacceptable to some other races or religions. Having an open mind is a good thing I think.


Susan So, studied at Hong Kong Baptist University
Traditionally, Chinese don’t eat crocodiles. But, in recent decades, the countries like Thailand and US began to export their crocodiles meat to China. So that nowadays crocodiles can be a ingredient of local cuisine.


Alexsandr Kallus, Superior Agent (2008-present)
Yes, we do but in very few occasions and perhaps even very few among the population have such experience. I haven’t tried yet, partly because it’s expensive, and partly because I personally don’t like and accept reptiles.


Chen Davis, lived in China
yes,but a few people do.Because only in the south China can the crocodiles live,like the Guangdong province,and only in there people have the chance and courage to have a try.


most Chinese have not eat crocodiles,they only see crocodiles in the zoo.


Luther Deese, former US Defense Department official, at National Security Agency (1967-1996)
Yes, alligators also. The tail and ribs are especially selected for dining. Alligator tail is served in many restaurants around Florida, and, yes, it tastes a bit like fried chicken.


Ellis Ho, Hong Konger in Mainland China
Yes, certain species are allowed to breed and sold as food.


In Chinese medicines, many parts of crocodiles have high medical values. In particular, crocodile meat is an effective medicine for asthma.


Yasola, Student (2015-present)
you can say chinese people eat anything.you also can say most chinese dont eat them.because life style of chinese in diffent place has big difference.and china is too big that you cant use one word to describe all chinese


Kevin Zheng, studied at Harrow International School Hong Kong
Do Americans eat crocodiles? Yes, some Chinese (very few) do get the opportunities to eat some rare food like crocodiles. I guess it is the same in many other countries where hunting laws are not so strict.


Fabrizio De Bożyszkowski, studied at Miskatonic University, Arkham
Some do, in some supermarkets in China you can buy whole crocodiles, although - they would take up a lot of storage space, & most domestic kitchens aren’t big enough to cook such a large animal all at once - maybe slowly, piece by piece, unless for a big party or family gathering.


Derrek Yang
I have been living in China for 20years and never heard of anywhere to eat crocodiles.


But when I arrived in Australia, I have tasted local food: kangaroo, crocodile tail, emu…


Ming Chan
Yes, but not as part of everyday diet. Crocodiles are considered exotic food, general sold in some mid-high end restaurants.


Lulu Lin, Volunteer at Www.fuzzylulu.com (2017-present)
Are u crazy . Of course not


Mulin Zhang
In the past, no, because there’s no crocodiles in China. But recently there’s a surge of import of crocodile meats to China, mostly from Florida. I guess the Chinese people who buy crocodile meats don’t just enjoy admire their natural beauty.


Patrick Tan
For your info:


chinese people eat anything that moves.


Jason Ma
i never eat it.Actually,you can get it in the market.i heard my friend who tasted it like pork.


Rafal Maleski, Manager
Yes, they do. I lived in China two years and had a chance to eat crocodile in Dalian restaurant.


Marvin Mei, works at China
Yes,many people in Guangdong province eat crocodiles.


Ken Fletcher, lives in China (1996-present)
Yes, but not often. I have eaten it twice and seen it on sale in a supermarket.