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我和中国女友的关系如何才能保持稳定? [美国网评]

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Dear redditors


Quite straightforward background: fall in love 3 years ago with a Chinese girl during her experience in my university ( Europe ). Once she finished her student experience in europe and she returned to china I have immediately looked for job in Hong Kong ( seems easier ) and moved to Hong Kong. I'm working there since 2015.


My girlfriend is from far north but she moved to Shenzhen to stay closer. Here comes the problems.


She cannot really come to Hong Kong due to visa issues she is supposed to apply a tourist visa in her hometown ( quite far ). Therefore I go shenzhen every weekend to stay together.


Marriage is not an option for now I feel I'm too young (25) and not ready. Yet we are sure about the relationship and we will marry most likely in the next years. She agreed to wait ( after some arguments).


1. Do you know any agencies or way to let her apply a HK visa in Shenzhen without returning to her hometown or make any complicated paperwork? Eventually even through internet.


2. How many chances I have to land a job in China well paid and have a visa (making 35k in HK and I want to keep this rate due to expenses involved in returning to Europe 3-4 times per year). 
Currently master degree in business 3 years working experience in consulting ( tax and accounting). Didn't have much success with lixedIn.


3. How do you travel? I mean she really cannot go anywhere without applying a visa in advance and most of the times they ask for bank statements proving good financial condition. Being just graduate with some intern experience she cannot provide such statements ( parents supporting request to provide birth certificates ).

3.你是怎样旅行的? 我的意思是,如果事先不申请签证,她真的就不能去任何地方,而且大多数时候,他们要求提供银行报告,证明良好的财务状况。由于刚毕业仅仅有点实习经验,她无法提供这样那样的报告(包括需要父母的支持提供出生证明)。

4. Any chances for her to easily move Hong Kong? That would be the best option. Yet none seems available to sponsor a visa for her. She has experience as English teacher for some international school and she is master with experience in Europe. Yet everytime they find out she needs visa they reject the job application.

4.她有机会轻松地搬到香港吗? 那将是最好的选择。然而,似乎没有人能够在签证上为她提供帮助。她在一些国际学校担任英语教师,她是个硕士,有在欧洲留学的经历。然而,每当他们查明她是个需要签证的人,她的工作申请即被拒绝了。

Essentially I'm looking for some suggestions from people with similar experiences or knowledge. We feel like can't really stay together so much and cannot travel. This is so bothering as someone used to be from Europe with 0 visa problems in my life.





For 1/4 nothing can be done. Very difficult to travel to hk often and very difficult to find a job in hk.
Regarding 3) she can't get a visa till she has 100/150k in her bank and steady job etc.
Regarding your question to move to China. Well.. No. Don't do it.


Noted and thanks. May I know what could be the aim for an average salary for her in shenzhen? Just graduated master in politics related major no real working experience ( just some internships and a job as English teacher) studied 1 year in Europe.
Seems all offers are around 5k. Seems low to me I wonder if normal. I know it is hard to estimate depends on a lot of things but I wonder about the averages.


I'm going to be frank a masters in politics studied abroad sounds relevant to about zero jobs in China. It's not going to boost her up the career ladder at all so entry level positions are unfortunately going to be where she's getting the offers. And Shenzhen has a huge student population. That means huge numbers of graduates - many from out of the city like her - all competing for these jobs so they can lowball it a bit too.


3 to 6k a month. 5k sounds about right.
Her education is useless for the most part in China. Sorry to say that but its true. Dont get me wrong not completely useless but she will have to start at the bottom level - same with a girl with a degree form Shanghai Xietang University or whateve.r


1、She should talk to tour groups. Sadly if your hukou is not from a Tier 1 city travelling to HK as a Mainlander is limited to tour groups. Luckily for her there are plenty of "tour groups" out there that are mainly aimed at just getting you into HK and then leave you be.


2、No Mainland pay is lower than HK pay.


3、We are married. My wife still needs a visa for many places but once they see she is married to an EU Citizen a lot of documents are no longer required.


4、A lot of Mainlanders want a job in HK. If she has nothing to offer it will be hard. She either needs a real good degree and/or killer experience or not require a working visa which makes hiring her easier. From your situation I reckon it will be hard for her to get a job. Alternatively she could study a year in HK.


Get married and have her take up your citizenship. You're highly unlikely to get a job in China that will pay you as much as in HK but that doesn't mean your standard of living will decrease. In fact money goes further in China so it may well rise.


Re point 3 - how did she pay for her studies in Europe? Parents right? There you go. That's how you travel afterwards they seed you more money to show those things. Or you work and save it up.


1、No. Also depending of where in China her HuKou is there are different rules to enter HK.


2、It's easy to find a 10-20k RMB/month teaching job. Everything else is more difficult to find but not impossible.


3、My wife has to get a Visa. Before we married she had her parents borrowing some money to put on her account. Also there are some countries where Chinese don't need a Visa or get Visa on arrival.


4、Marriage otherwise probably no.


For travel Indonesia doesn't require a visa for Chinese tourists and a few places like Thailand where they have visa on arrival.
When my wife has maxed out her 通行证 or whatever it is she uses for Hong Kong she travels to Thailand first and then enters HK on her passport. Maybe that would work.


After a certain amount of time living in Shenzhen. (Not sure how long) She can apply for the Shenzhen Hong Kong special border pass.


give her an EU passport and the relationship will work out


Regarding points 1 & 2 is she working in Shenzhen? If so can't she move her hukou there and then apply for some special card that permits visa-free travel to HK for short periods?


Moving hukou is not that way. Especially in Shenzhen.


Could you elaborate? I'm curious because it was our plan. I would like to hear major problems in advance. Thanks!


You need to buy a house in Shenzhen in her name for her to move her hukou there without you getting married.


I don't think the guy who doesn't want to get married is going to want to spend HK$400000 + on a house for the girl in her name. Lol


Not really Shenzhen has more relaxed rules about transferring hukou. It just requires to provide proof of working for a minimum number of years (3 years I think).

You need a flat and work etc. It is not work experience only. I am 100% sure.
Work only is if you fall under certain categories which I'm sure ops gf won't