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17起由小孩犯下的谋杀案这会把你吓疯了 [美国网评]

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1. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson


These 10-year-olds lured a 2-year-old boyaway from his mom in an Englandshopping mall in 1993, leading him to nearby train tracks. There, theymutilated the boy so badly, his autopsy couldn't reveal his actual cause ofdeath.

—bridgets41 and foxygrandpa93

2. Sandra and Beth Andersen

安德森姐妹"Sandra," 16, and"Beth," 15, were names given to the Canadian girls for protectionsince they were so young at the time of their crime. Also known as the BathtubGirls, they got their mom drunk in 2003, gave her Tylenol tablets, and drownedher in the tub.


3. Brenda Spencer

布兰达·斯潘塞In 1979, 16-year-old Brenda Spencer openedfire with a .22-caliber semiautomatic rifle on an elementary school playgroundoutside her home, her reason simply being, "I don't like Mondays."The school's principal and janitor died. She's said that she feels partiallyresponsible for every school shooting that has happened since.


4. Daniel Bartlam

丹尼尔·巴特兰姆Bartlam admitted to the manslaughter of hisown mom when he was 15 years old in 2011. He beat her with a hammer in theirhome in England,and then he set her body on fire. Apparently, Bartlam was a huge horror fan,which police believe led to his incredibly violent crime.

5. Mary Bell

玛丽·贝尔Bell was 10 years old when she committed her first murder in 1968,strangling a 4-year-old boy. The following year, she strangled a 3-year-oldboy. For the second murder, she had an accomplice and they carved theirinitials on the boy's body, as well as cut off his private parts. She now livesin Englandunder a new name.


6. Joshua Phillips

约书亚·菲利普斯In 1998, 14-year-old Phillips murdered his8-year-old neighbor, Maddie Clifton, and hid her body under his bed. He hit herwith a baseball bat and stabbed her 11 times, and her body was found whenPhillips's mom noticed a strange smell coming from his room.

—Roxanne Marie, Facebook

7. Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme

波林·帕克和朱丽叶·休默These New Zealand girls had a dangerouslyco-dependent relationship, in which they spent most of their time in a fantasyworld of their creation. When their parents tried to separate them in 1954 bysending Juliet to live in South  Africa, the girls murdered Pauline’s mother.The movie Heavenly Creatures is based on their story.


8. Barry Dale Loukaitis

巴里·戴尔·卢凯缇Loukaitis was a 14-year-old student at Frontier Middle Schoolin Washingtonin February 1996 when he shot and killed his algebra teacher and two students.He then held the class hostage for an hour until a gym teacher showed up,tackled Loukaitis to the ground, and helped students escape.


9. Lionel Tate

莱昂内尔·泰特Tate was 13 when he was convicted ofkilling a 6-year-old girl while playing in his basement. They were supposedlywrestling, and he went down too hard on the girl, lacerating her liver andfracturing her skull. He was the youngest person in US history at the time to be givenlife imprisonment.


10. Jesse Pomeroy

杰西·波默罗伊Pomeroy often mutilated other kids withknives and belts. However, in April 1874, he took his beatings too far, killeda girl named Katie Curran, and threw her body in the basement of his mom'sdress shop where it was later found. At 14, he was the youngest person ever inthe Commonwealth of Massachusetts to beconvicted of first-degree murder.


11. Eric Smith

艾瑞克·史密斯In 1993, 13-year-old Smith convinced a4-year-old boy to follow him into the woods of Steuben County, New York,where Smith strangled him and smashed his head in. He's been denied parole 11times and is up for it again in 2018.


12. Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolf

辛蒂·科利尔和雪莉·沃尔夫Shirley Wolf was 14 and Cindy Collier was15 when they decided to stab an 87-year-old Auburn, California,woman to death in 1983. When they got arrested that same night, Wolf's calmresponse was, "Yeah, we did it."


13. Catherine and Curtis Jones

凯瑟琳和柯蒂斯·琼斯姐弟The siblings were 13 and 12, respectively,when they shot their dad's girlfriend to death with a handgun in 1999. However,their motive was heartbreaking: Their dad and his friend had supposedly beensexually abusing them, and they'd had enough.

14. Carl Newton Mahan

卡尔·牛顿·马汉In 1929, 6-year-old Mahan had a fight withan 8-year-old girl over a piece of scrap metal they both wanted to sell to makesome money. She used the metal to hit him in the face, and he reacted byshooting her to death with a shotgun. He served 15 years.


15. Craig Price

克雷格·普赖斯Price was 13 years old when he killed forthe first time, and then killed three more people before he was arrested in1989 at the age of 15. He was chillingly calm when confessing to his murders,where he revealed that his weapons of choice were kitchen knives.


16. Alyssa Bustamante

艾丽莎·布斯塔曼特In October 2009, 15-year-old AlyssaBustamante stabbed and strangled a 9-year-old girl in Missouri, because "she wanted to knowhow it felt to kill someone." She then threw the girl's body under a pileof leaves in a nearby forest.

2009年10月密苏里州,15岁的艾丽莎·布斯塔曼特捅并勒死了一名9岁的女孩,只因 “她想知道杀人是什么样的感觉”。她随后将女孩的尸体丢弃至附近森林的一堆落叶下。

17. David Brom

大卫·布洛姆On February 18, 1988, the family of16-year-old Brom was found axed to death in their Minnesota home. The day before, he'dsupposedly been telling classmates that he was planning on killing his familythat night. He was arrested and could possibly get parole in 2041.



Sara Newton · Cedar Springs, Michigan· 3 hrs 
Someone explain how that kid got life inprison for doing a wresting move, and these others can be offered parole forbrutal murders.


Laura Kathleen · 3 hrs 
Look at the picture and you'll know the answer:(


Michaela King · Esthetician at Massage Envy- North Attleboro · 2 hrs
I don't understand how some of these kidswere let of so easily. Lionel was actually offered a plea deal to serve 3 yearson a second degree murder charge and then 10 years probation. Unfortunately,his mother and defense team turned it down thinking he would be acquitted. Thecourt ended up overturning the sentence in 2004 for it being too harsh, butsadly the system had gotten the best of him. He's now serving another 30 yearsfor an armed robbery he commited. This case has always been so devestating tome. Life was over before he realy had a chance to live.


Harvey Dodd · 1 hr 
No question they racial bias is a problemin the court system but this article is grossing underestimating the events ofthe Lionel Tate case. This girl suffered a fractured skull, swollen brain, andbroken ribs. You can explain away the skull fracture as playful wrestling onits own. But throw in a fractured rib and it quickly starts to look like anintentional beating. This is not the case I'd use to prove racial bias. Thisjust sounds like a deeply violent, psychotic 13 year old boy.


Marisa D. Richmond · Lenexa, Kansas· 1 hr 
I was just pointing that out to my husband.Makes me SO mad. -_-


Michaela King · Esthetician at Massage Envy- North Attleboro · 1 hr
True. I know I read that the injuries weresimilar to what it would have looked like if she had fallen out of a 3 storywindow. But still-life in prison for a 13 year old...


David Rein · Atlanta, Georgia· 1 hr
The writer may be making a politicalstatement. But, I asked the very same question.


Ash Hewitt · 3 hrs 
Lovely how a white woman can purposelystrangle and mutilate two toddlers and live freely in England to thisday, but a black boy can accidentally kill a young girl and be sentenced tolife. Hmm.


Jim Gong · Works at Apple farmer · 2 hrs 
Becauss in the u.s.a we lunish murderers incanada and england they rename them give themmoney and arrest anyone who exposes who they used to be.


So basically kill someone you hate in england or canada and after ten years you geta new life and new name and got rid od an enemy


Harvey Dodd · 1 hr 
The medical examiner described the girl'sinjuries as being consistent with falling out a three story window and landingon her head. There was nothing accidental about that girl's murder. She hadthree separate severe injuries as a result of their wrestling.


Julia Berry · 1 hr 
Jim Gong I guess you've never heard of PaulBernardo. We punish our murderers in Canada. Maybe you should worryabout your own country- the one with an estimated 2,700 hundred serial killerswhile we've barely cracked 100 in the great white north.

网友Jim Gong,我想你可能没听说过保罗·伯纳德吧。在加拿大我们会严惩罪犯。你应该担心的是你自己的国家吧——一个有约2700名连环杀人犯的地方,而我们加拿大勉勉强强才只有100名。

Laurel Green · 2 hrs 
Catherine and Curtis's case was extremelysad. They had no trail or any testimony, and both were sentence to 18+ years atthe age of 12. The fathers friend ( they were planning to shoot, because of thesexual abuse) was convicted in 1993 for sexually abusing his girlfriendsdaughter. There was proof these children suffered abuse and was visited bychild protection services, but yet nothing was done. They had no mother, and novoice. Our system is completely broken.


Stephanie Combs · Florida Christian · 3 hrs 
I danced with Maddie (little girl who waskilled in #6) and even though I was a few years older, people asked if we weresisters. I'll never forget hearing she had gone missing. My mom and I evenjoined the search parties to help find her. Another thing I'll never forget wasthe sheriff announcing they had found her. It's still heartbreaking to thisday!


Kay Koskela · Branch OperationsAdministrator at VermontFederal Credit Union · 2 hrs 
Another case that fascinates me is theSkylar Neese one where her two 'best friends' killed her- highly recommendreading 'Pretty Little Killers' if you're interested!

另一个让我记忆犹新的是SkylarNeese(斯凯拉·尼斯)案例,因为杀害她的竟是她生前两个“好友”。如果你感兴趣的话,强烈推荐去看“Pretty Little Killers”这本书。

Britney Hose · Hagerstown, Maryland· 1 hr 
Same here. It's eerily similar to the MissyAvila case as well.


Sarah Cooke · Caregiver at Homecare · 1 hr
#14 is wrong. Carl Newton Mahon wasconvicted and sentanced to 15 years in a reformatory but it was thrown out. Hewas sent home with his parents on a $500 bail. He died at the age of 35 in 1958of a self inflicted gun shot wound.


Monika Porch · Jewelry Department at Kohl's· 1 hr
If anyone is interested look up Rod Ferrel.I remember there was a big special on him a couple years ago about how when hewas a teenager, he led a "vampire cult" that killed a bunch of peopleand it was just utterly bizarre.

如果有人感兴趣的话可以去查下RodFerrel。我记得几年前还有一篇报道说当他还是青少年时,他是怎样带领邪教组织“vampire cult”杀了一堆人这样的怪事。

Billy Bookman · 3 hrs
Remember this shit the next time you freakput about a cop tackling some little shit in a classroom.


Kids can be fucking insane too.


Stacy Vasholz Gall · 3 hrs 
Right, because disrupting the classroom isthe same as murder.


Pamela Tobolowsky · Miami, Florida· 1 hr
I would say you forgot the Menendezbrothers but one was 18 and the other 21 when they murdered their parents sonot children.


EM Schmidt · 3 hrs 
#7 Hume grew up to be best selling authorAnne Perry

案例中的休默长大后成为畅销作家Anne Perry了。

Emily Holland · Chandler, Arizona· 3 hrs 
Oh man, it fucked me up when I found thatout. She writes murder mysteries for a living now. WTF.


Sinead Buckley · San Diego, California· 2 hrs 
That sister and brother from #13 didn'tdeserve those sentences.


Megan Elmer Patel · 3 hrs 
#3 is the reason for the Boomtown Rat'ssong, "I Don't Like Mondays."