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随着关系加深,莫迪安倍将建起印度首个子弹头列车 [美国网评]

五毛网 美国 2017年09月14日 来源:龙腾网


India's colonial-era rail network carries some 22 million passengers daily, making it one of the busiest in the world. But it is also among the most dangerous.

殖民时期建成的印度铁路每天携带2200万旅客,是世界上最繁忙的铁路之一。但是也是最危险的铁路。A government report published in 2012 said almost 15,000 people were killed every year in rail accidents, describing the deaths as an annual "massacre" due mainly to poor safety standards.


Modi has pledged to invest billions of dollars to modernise the country's crumbling railway infrastructure, which is plagued by delays, and the bullet train was one of his key election promises ahead of a landslide victory in 2014.


As New Delhi and Tokyo seek to forge closer ties to combat China's growing regional influence, the project offers a diplomatic and economic boost.



Sweeney Todd 10 hours ago
What could India and Japan have in common? The both hate China


Toyota Kawasaki 9 hours ago
It'll be interesting to see hundreds of Indians trying to hang on to the top of the cars at 200mph.


India 7 hours ago
Honestly no need for bullet trains in India. First toilets, then ordinary better trains like Amtrak of USA, also needs great roads, highways, expressways ... great highways are economic backbone, not bullet trains .. China beats India in this one area. Chinese have great roads even in the poorest areas. India needs a lot of expressways to catch up. Just check google maps on India and China. All those big yellow lines in China are expressways ..


Saman 6 hours ago
China products are known to be low quality and inferior to Japan that's why their bid is lower than Japan. Japan take pride in their products and will take responsibility if their products fail. Look at the train China built for Africa which is trash.


Denis 8 hours ago
Indians have not ability to build its own on everything from military, unclear, to high-speed rail system everything rely on foreign technology. Even India has the largest IT consultant firm and resources, but it does not have super computer or close to it. It does not have its own smart phone technology. At the same time, it constantly picks on China who is far ahead of India in every field expect it is label as the world largest democracy in which nothing can get done. So keep that way. What China has done that in harmful way to India? Why India cannot accept the rising of China but never care the superiority of the West and Japan? Can India be in good term with China only when China is poor and weak and backward?


Muhammad Musa 6 hours ago
If the deal is real, best of luck for that.


Now I See 7 hours ago
America and China dislikes each other even more, but business is business. For India to pay 3 times more for this deal, suggest obvious corruption. Modi's clan is lining their pockets for what this cost divide by 3 and multiply by two is the amount they get to keep in their Geneva account.


NOXION 6 hours ago
Congratulations! Abe and Modi. Japanese technology and the most expansive Indian market in the freeworld cannot be a better match. Indians are ready to make this a win win.


Denis 9 hours ago
This is an old picture and was taken in Japan not in India. Can we see a picture of the railway station in India?


Fisher 6 hours ago
Good, anything that can be done to push back against China is a good thing for the world.


Dilip 5 hours ago
This is one of the worst plan that will spend $19 BN (One lak 24 thousand crore of rupees) to provide bullet train to reduce travel time between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. This huge loan from Japan, as a result of good cooperation between the two countries, could have been spent to revamp all the train systems in all parts of India, by introducing more trains, employing qualified and talented people from all over India, without giving undue importance to caste, religion, political affiliations etc. in order to reduce train accident and losses. With more trains the time interval between two trains could be minimized and it would ease and increase flow of passengers. Once very most resourceful state West Bengal does not have good train system with excessive delay between two trains. Then it would have benefited the entire country instead of just two states or two cities. With such huge investment which has to be borne by the entire nation, how many people will be benefited except only a few rich business class people? Ordinary people definitely will not be able to afford such rides. When this huge sum of money could have created jobs for millions of people in different states how much will the ultimate return be, except saving time of travel for a few people? Much more time could have been saved by increasing the number of flights between the two cities. Part of this huge money could have been spent to create more high ways with multi stories.


Rick 2 hours ago
You can go to india and take a dump in the middle of the street and the locals will join you


Jay 9 hours ago
In 2015, 35,092 people died in road accidents in USA which is 11.234 per 100000 people. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li ... ths_in_U.S._by_year]. Trains are a much better means to mass transit when there are large populations. Look at China, Japan, India and many of the European nations.


None 4 hours ago
Make India great again !!!! TrUmp wants to bring back steam engine to help coal industry


UnspeedReader 5 hours ago
It's about time!


Public Eye 5 hours ago
WISE decision by India to choose Japans railway system...


Hardrock 3 hours ago
India can build a bullet train but people still have to #$%$ on the ground.


factswelcome 5 hours ago
Good. Improvement of connectivity will enhance productivity. A constructive use of resources. It beats buying weapons to make war. The America( Western) led world order dictates organizing the world into warring, antagonistic groups. Wars are waged to recruit members into one group or another.That is costing the world a lot in terms of resources and human lives. The only beneficiary is those who make and sell weapons. Is that what India needs the most.


Gary 2 hours ago
One thing China and India & Japan have in Common, They do not embrace MUSLIMS...They also Back Myanmar


Clearviewer 15 minutes ago
The World Bank report estimates that the average cost of 350KM speed Chinese High Speed Railroad is about USD19 million / KM, while the Indian's 350KM speed Railroad to be built by Japanese would cost US37.4 million / KM, which is twice of the Chinese one. No mention that the Indian is to pay the loan interests. Another bench-marking, the 1318 KM Beijing to Shanghai project took 5 years, while the India's 508 KM project would take 6 years! Congrats!


D P 1 hour ago
Not economically viable & here is why! (1)India cannot afford much infrastructure & Japanese trains costs 4x of China's. See Vietnam is currently experiencing similar Japanese subway project pain of high cost & cost overruns. (2) Quality wise,Japanese trains don't have the run hours & the scale that China has as China has the world's largest high speed rail network & largest number high speed trains in continuous operation, it is their workhorse. So China has proven performance & experience, and boot 1/4 cost of Japanese train system. Don't take my word for it, go see for yourselves.