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HONG KONG (AP) — A teenage leader of HongKong's pro-democracy protests was turned away at the airport Tuesday when hetried to enter Malaysia, which said he has been blacklisted.

The 18-year-old was scheduled to speak atseminars in four Malaysian cities on the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kongand about the Chinese government's bloody crackdown on student protesters inTiananmen Square on June 4, 1989.


He wrote on the Facebook page for hisstudent activist group, Scholarism, that when he tried to call the localorganizers after he was denied entry, immigration officials grabbed him by thearms.
He was then put on a Dragonair flight backto Hong Kong.



[url=]7783[/url] • 23 hours ago ReportAbuse
Well I see that every country seems to havetheir own version of Amos Yee....Some celebrate them as "heroes"while others think they are nothing more than trouble makers.
I am sad that these people have forgotten how tough lives were in the past.Just because we are better off and have a bit more money now, they seem to thinkthat this will go on forever.
It is OK to disagree but to resort to mischief - which includes vulgarities,road blockades, making fraudulent statements, etc is wrong. To fight the government(China, HK or Singapore) - get your facts right and make a watertight argument.You will win more fans that way. Do not resort to cheap tactics like Amos orJoshua. It will never work.


[url=]Redeemed[/url] • 1 day 0 hours ago ReportAbuse
Hey Joshua Wong take Amos Yee with you,both of you can migrate to US and complain all you want..there's anotherSingapore blogger (forgot his name) can join you guys..three of you can wearpink and speak till your hearts content in the land of the free. Just don'tcome here, M'sia and S'pore don't need more pink dorks.


[url=]Alex[/url] • 1 day 4 hours ago ReportAbuse
Undesirable element .


A Yahoo User • 1 day3 hours ago ReportAbuse
Yeah, Malaysia doesn't need youngidealistic people committed to improving the lives of others. However, we doneed more radical clerics.


[url=]CHEE KEONG[/url] • 23 hours ago ReportAbuse
Singapore don't welcome trouble makers likeu too...Hope you get slap like Amos yee when u come to Singapore... before ourauthorities rightfully deport u back to HK.


[url=]Singapura[/url] • 21 hours ago ReportAbuse
it says much of a country when it's afraidof a teen.



[url=]Aahoo[/url] • 18 hours ago ReportAbuse
malaysia become dog of china.....they getinstructions from china, who is their master; he should have went toindia......india welcomes democratic people


[url=]Kids For What[/url] • 20 hours ago ReportAbuse
Democracy for some are merely just anexcuse for them to act on something that favours them .But when they areattacked , they will say this is not democracy , no human rights . So democracyhave 2 sides , you can talk whatever rubbish , but be prepared to be attackedas well.


[url=]SGhunter[/url] • 21 hours ago ReportAbuse
And don't come here to Singapore! 


[url=]Azathoth[/url] • 1 day 0 hours ago ReportAbuse
wah, m'sian govt so "efficient"ah? good job!


[url=]Richard[/url] • 1 day 9 hours ago ReportAbuse
Trouble makers not welcome.


[url=]Angelynn[/url] • 1 day 0 hours ago ReportAbuse
I hope Singapore will impose a ban on thistrouble maker.


[url=]Bill[/url] • 20 hours ago ReportAbuse
Get a China passport Malaysia sure welcomeyou.


[url=]David[/url] • 8 hours ago ReportAbuse
Hello! Don't compare Amos Yee with him asthere is a vast different. Joseph Wong is truly a democratic young leader whois more intelligent, gut & courage and highly respected for his freedom andfair election agenda.


[url=]Zhang[/url] • 16 hours ago ReportAbuse
Only fools believe in democracy. America isa great advocate of democracy and yet going to wars and killing thousands ofinnocent human beings. Most probably a puppet of the USA Zionist colourmovement.