美国: 中国在南中国海发动攻势

Beijingcontinues to consolidate its maritime ambitions in theSouth China Sea, detailing a new plan to boost its "open seasprotection" in disputed regional ter

Beijingcontinues to consolidate its maritime ambitions in theSouth China Sea, detailing a new plan to boost its "open seasprotection" in disputed regional territory on the same day it held agroundbreaking ceremony for two lighthouses it built in the area. 


The 25-page military report, which was unveiled at a rare press conference,detailed China's new strategy to advance its ability to counterattack andexecute joint-operations at sea. The country's air force will also "shiftits focus from territorial air defense to both defense and offense," thereport said.


"China faces many complex maritime security threats and challenges andrequires a navy that can carry out multifaceted missions and protect itssovereignty," Wang Jin, a senior colonel, told reporters at theconference.

"中国正面临着许多复杂的海上安全威胁和挑战,需要一个可以进行多方面任务和保护其主权的海军部队," 大校王晋在会议上对记者这样说道。

Thereport came just a few days after Beijing accused Washington of sending a spyplane to fly over territory China claims in the area. Though China has declaredthat most of the South China Sea falls under its jurisdiction, the region isfiercely contested by neighboring Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei,and Vietnam.



Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told reporters Tuesdaythat the country's reclamation project in the South China Sea amounted tonothing more than routine construction taking place elsewhere in China.


"Every day all around China, there are all kinds of construction projectsbeing started [such as] building homes, paving roads, building bridges, openingnew farm land, etc.," Yang said, according to a translation by theAssociated Press.


"Looking from the angle of sovereignty, China's development ofconstruction on its islands is no different at all from all the other types ofconstruction going on around the country that I just mentioned."



tipoo2 • 19hours ago
See, when youhave disputes with literally every neighbor you touch by land or sea, maybeyou're the issue.
Their neighborsshould continue to buddy up even more. Indias PMs visit to Japan was a goodmove for instance.


SeanLawrence luckyo • 3 hours ago
The problem isthey made an artificial island in a giant trade lane in international watersthen claimed said area for themselves. They keep threatening internationalcivilian flights as well. Next they might start seizing civilian cargo ships.This laize faire attitude with China needs to stop. And yes most of the smallerAsian countries who use that trade route are pissed.


violet mist Sean Lawrence • 3 hours ago
And they pressedKerry into making an emergency visit to Beijing
Looks like US ismanipulated by Brunei


Theo Mawia WookieInHeat • 16 hours ago
China andVietnam fought a skirmish for the islands in the early 1980s but no-one gave adamn then. Don't you think Obama's pivot to the pacific may be seen as a tadbit threatening to the Chinese who still remember what the colonial powers andthe Japanese did to their country during the last century?


TheonetrueLee Theo Mawia • 16 hours ago
So now it isokay for China to do the same thing Japan did prior to WW2?


WookieInHeat Theo Mawia • 16 hours ago
the chinesedidn't have the capacity to assert themselves in the 80s, they do now.
as you say, theconflict predates obama's "pivot". wouldn't china's apparentwillingness to use its new power to resolve those old grudges rightly be seenas the threat to peace, rather than the american response to it?


Kofths Robert Paulson • 10 hours ago
USA has notsigned and does not recognise the Law of the Sea last time i checked.


RobertPaulson Kofths • 10 hours ago
The US hasagreed with UNCLOS as international law, except for Part XI. In either case,China, along with its neighbors in the South Sea, have all ratified theagreement. China is in violation of its own agreements. I don't understand whatyour point is other than to distract from the core issue: the provocation isChina's, not the rest of the world.


HKW Robert Paulson • 10 hours ago
Your hypocrisyand lack of self awareness is breathtaking.
The manycompeting claims in the South China Sea, which pit pretty much every countryagainst every other, need local resolution. The US is in no position to act asarbiter, enforcer, moral or ethical guardian.


SeanLawrence HKW • 3 hours ago
Yes, yes we are.Most of those smaller countries being bullied are our allies. And we are at astanding agreement with Japan to protect it against military threat.


HKW Sean Lawrence • 3 hours ago
I understand youhave treaties and agreements but lecturing other countries about theirbehaviour when you selectively choose which parts of international law toadhere to and which to ignore, see comments re UNCLOS earlier in this thread,is a bit rich.


violet mist Robert Paulson • 4 hours ago
Why, the Chinesenoble efforts to reclaim their sovereignty of the Chinese seas is getting fullsupport from one nation spanning to the North


CJWJ12 • 19hours ago
But who willprotect ships traveling through from these protectors?


violet mist CJWJ12 • 19 hours ago
Indeed, and thatis not good once they start operating together


FailedEvolution• 26 minutes ago
Cold War 2.0:Clouds of war above the Asia-Pacific


mautak • 10hours ago
China will endup fighting a lonely war with enemies on all sides. hahaha

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