Tensions over the South China Sea are setto escalate after it was reported China has set up weapons on its artificialislands that are still being constructed i

Tensions over the South China Sea are setto escalate after it was reported China has set up weapons on its artificialislands that are still being constructed in the much-disputed region.


It is understood high-level military personnel of countries that are alliedwith Australia are leaning on the nation's navy and air force to conduct'freedom of navigation' missions in a retaliation push to show it did notapprove of China's latest gains.


It comes just days after the superpowerplayed down reports their army was building in the South China Sea, likeningthe controversial island-building with ordinary construction such asroad-building, trying to deflect criticism over an issue seen as inflamingtensions in the region.


t the same venue, however, the Chinese Defense Ministry issued a reportreaffirming the country's more assertive approach to national defense that hasput its neighbors on guard.


The document on China's military strategysaid the navy would be adding 'open seas protection' to traditional remit of'offshore waters defense,' while boosting its ability to counterattack andconduct joint operations at sea.



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RaymondJ Johnson, Marijuannaville, United States, 6 hours ago
The West grew this Communist nation into asuper power by shipping manufacturing there, now deal with the consequences.


TheCanadian 87, Toronto, Canada, 7 hours ago
I dread the day that China and America goto war. It is not going to be pretty.. Neither side will ever back down. Chinais a sleeping giant which I dare not poke. I will always stand behind theAmericans but I think they should choose their battles wisely. This will mostcertainly not end well..


fybliss,Singapore, Singapore, 1 hour ago
AND so the alternative is just to sit backand let china do whatever they want?


STARFALL,San Diego, United States, 26 minutes ago
China still does not have air refuelingcapability. Huge liability for them.


Tamarindo,Tamarindo, Costa Rica, 6 hours ago
The US is supporting this military buildup. It's time to quit buying cheap, slave wage products from China. We're doingbusiness with the devil!


StandardDM Bogeyman, D ick Cheneys Cave Complex, Afghanistan, 6 hours ago
Chinese technology is US technologytransferred to it by the US eIite and corporations, just as US technology wastransferred to the USSR. See the Corbett report video "China and the NewWorld Order". And the google "lsrael Passes U.S. Military Technologyto China"


DWalla,Salt Lake City, United States, 7 hours ago
I'm sure the environmentalists are happyabout these islands.


theendofamerica,Texas, United States, 5 hours ago
My country of idiots, ship Americans jobsto China, borrow money from China, everything we buy, is made in China. WEbuilt the new China and you think WE can trust them? If you do, you are allfools... They are communists and always will be. They hate US, but love ourmoney and stupidity.


FinancialMile,Philly, United States, 5 hours ago
No country trust another country mate. Backin WWII we said the same about Japan and Germany. The world is not zero sum.China's growth had helped the US elite.


MaximusAugustus, Boston, United States, 5 hours ago
if we stop buying Chinese crap we wouldhave shut them up


BillyHerman45,New York, United States, 2 hours ago
It's hard to avoid Chinese products. Theyare cheaper, and Americans just want the latest iphone. I even had Chinese foodfor lunch.


Thanadon,Yonder, United States, 6 hours ago
This isn't the first time China has seizedterritory in that area. Back in the 80s there was the battle between Vietnamand China over one of the Islands. Vietnam lost, China stayed and is now fullycommitted to the area.


simon25,Houston, United States, 4 hours ago
China, just like Russia, knows the U.S. andthe West are too scared and weak to do anything. It's 1938 Germany all overagain. We learned nothing.


null,6 hours ago
Well said. ... China are slowly learningthat to be the super power they have to build up their defences before they arechallenged.. ...Whilst Russia Ukraine, N.Korea and ISIS take the lime light.They will take Taiwan back soon. .... Beware of the wounded tiger. .....


Fullsupport, Portsmouth, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago
Doesn't The US have weapons in nearly everycountry worldwide??


Assbook,Boston, United States, 3 hours ago
LOL, 99% American think we can do whateverwe want to others but not the other way around.


sonofpluto,Aberdeen, 6 hours ago
So America can have military bases in mostcountries around the world but China aren't allowed a few islands, yep thatseems fair


Raptor75,Chicago, United States, 2 hours ago
Ummmm....I don't believe the US is buildingthose bases in international waters then claiming the territory. Little bit ofa difference here my feeble minded friend.


ImperialTrooper, Plymouth, 4 hours ago
Just like Putin, China is giving the fingerto the emasculated west. To sum up the political situation in one sentence,'And just what are you gonna do about it?'